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Things weren't necessarily normal after stitch little brother came into the picture. After the eventful arrival of Naruto and unlocking a power called chakra, lets just say stitch's brother Is a sadist.

He ask for nothing but the best and if you couldn't meet his expectation then you better damn well run. The dog-fox was a fucking taskmaster, if you lacked in any area he would drill everything possible before you pass out from sheer exhaustion. It was quite disturbing to find him happy and care-free family loving person to harden war veteran drilling his students till they couldn't hold their own weight, what made it worst was he would heal Lilo and stitches muscles for the next day so that there were never any rest days for three whole months!

He seemed to drill his older brother the hardest not cause he hated stitch no, quite the opposite he love his Ohana but because stitch was an experiment his body could take more punishment with his denser bone structure and enhanced muscle fibers it required a whole lot more to wear at his muscles. Both of Naruto's students were always pushed to their limits always learning and always improving.

He had both running 5 laps around the clearing, this didn't seem like much but let me put this into perspective Naruto had made seals for both of them to use while training. The seals themselves consisted of a automatic gravity seal that would always adjust to be at their limit, seal also had a built in chakra siphon that sapped their chakra and refilled their reserves at night forcing their chakra pools to expand.

Stitch's training

Naruto had made a clone so that both Lilo and stitch would have equal amount of attention and not neglecting one student/family member over the other.

First Naruto wanted to find out stitches affinity before he did anything but unfortunately he didn't have any chakra paper so he had to fashion one with a chakra sensitive seal but it could only detect main affinity. The main chakra affinity are wind, water, fire, earth, and lighting.

Naruto had stitch pump chakra into the paper to have half of the paper burn while the other half crumbled up. It was rare for Someone with equally strong affinities, usually people would have one strong affinity and a secondary weaker one. But the fact that stitches chakra elements were equal? he pondered if he had a bloodline, though he didn't dwell on the topic very long as he was just too excited of the prospect of torture-I mean training his older brother (eye smile).

Naruto's plan was to get his family to Chunin and let them branch out from there. And he had a great plan and it only took three months!

Naruto had both Lilo and stitch do the same chakra control excursise in the morning and then separating them for individual training.

At first they had to stick rocks to their bodies via chakra. The rocks grew bigger and more numerous as they went on. Soon after they mastered the first chakra control excrsise he had them do tree walking, tree hopping, and water walking. Later he had them combine the excersise to further improve their control.

Naruto was confident saying that stitch was a ninjutsu prodigy. He was able to master the justu he was given within hours of practice. His retractable arms gave an edge in that field of shinobi arts. Sadly stitch had no talent in genjutsu what so ever he could at least dispel a low-Chunin rank illusion though.

His taijustu was very skilled to say the least combined with his already experiment super strength and gravity seals training his strength was on par with might guy and his speed was a little short in being rock lee level. But stitch had one major flaw even with Hitomi teaching him kitsune claw he would sometimes go back to his feral brawler style. Stitch may be a great fighter but when faced with an experienced shinobi could easily predict what he was going to do with him fully cocking back a swing trying to strike at any part so as long as he hits something. Sadly that is what hold him back in that field.

Stitch maybe great with manipulating external chakra but he sucked at internal the most he could do was reinforce a body part or slightly dull pain.

Lilo's training

Lilo went through a similar process as stitch but instead of fire and lightning she had earth and water affinity,this also made Naruto question if she had wood release. Turns out she did…


"Okay Lilo to get a better feel for your chakra your going to have to meditate."
Naruto said as he was making a tea that calmed the nerves and handing it to Lilo.

She pouted " why do I have to meditate?" She asked "I wanna be able to breathe fire like Hitomi does or make wind!" She said nearly bouncing in excitement.

Naruto had a small smile 'she is so much like me and my mom it's kinda funny.' Naruto thought.

"You need to be able to recognize your chakra and get a feel for it before your able to do any jutsu Lilo." He said chuckling slightly. Lilo relented and did as Naruto instructed.

Time past seconds, minutes, hours Lilo didn't really know, all she knew was that this was boring and almost dozed of at times.

Two hours past and Lilo managed to get a hold of her chakra and much to Naruto surprise chakra seeped out of her becoming slightly visible. Flowers, grass and small trees grew in a small circle around her.

He couldn't believe it!… Lilo was equivalent of a senju in this world and just needed chakra to activate the recessive senju DNA.

Wood release was no longer an extinct bloodline.


Unlike stitch she did average in ninjutsu but went above average when she used her wood style bloodline.

Lilo excelled in genjutsu with her perfect chakra control because of her senju DNA . She even can do some of them without seals.

Though her taijustu isn't bad, but not as great as stitches. This didn't mean she was bad but she just prefers to fight at a distance or close with a weapon.

She was amazing at kenjustu, she was quick to learn and precise in her movement so much they flowed together into the next swing. And to Naruto dismay she gain a weapon fetish much like her friend Tenten, she just loved anything sharp and pointy.

Naruto gave her a red mechanical scythe he got from the land of iron that was in development they gave him a copy of the scythe after he saved the neutral country by pushing Tobi back when he wanted to taunt the shinobi alliance showing how futile there efforts were by destroying land of iron completely.

The scythe it self retracts turning into a chakra cannon and back into a scythe that uses chakra bullets for momentum. The chakra bullets really didn't cost a lot of chakra because the scythe compress it giving it monster recoil to propel the blade slicing through enemy's while firing from a distance. ( look up rwby and look at red trailer on YouTube that scythe is sick. And the fight scene is amazing)

!Bingo book!

Name: Stitch

Age: 16

Race: experiment

Hair color: he doesn't have hair but fur an it's a short dark blue color

Eye color: black but changes when using night vision, inferred, etc...

Occupation: earth's ambassadors body guard.

Clothing: does not wear clothes. But does wear full body shinobi cloak with hood, blank hunter-nin mask(like haku) on the job (bodyguard). Bandage wrap over legs and arms.

Relationship: older brother of Naruto Uzumaki

Taijustu: mid-jonin. Mid-Chunin when going back to brawler style.

Ninjutsu: high-jonin

Genjutsu: no talent low gennin for dispeling Chunin level illusions

Kenjustu: n/a

Fuinjustu: not yet started

Sage jutsu:n/a

Alias: experiment 626

Bloodline: suspected bloodline. Also experiment bonuses denser skeleton, night vision, extreme flexibility, fire proof(non-chakra fires) durable skin very hard to cut (non chakra powered cuts) etc.

Chakra capacity:mid-jonin
Chakra control: mid Chunin

Conclusion: Rank high Chunin. Nuker(expert ninjutsu). Muscle(lsuper strength), close to mid range fighter

Lilo pelkai

Age: 16

Race: Human

Hair color black

Occupation: Earths ambassador

Clothing: wears full body blood red cloak with a hood. Black long sleeve dress that ended in a skirt with red tip frills. Combat boots and tights for mobility. ( ruby rose from rwby)

Relationship: Surrogate older sister of Naruto Uzumaki.

Taijustu: mid chunin

Ninjutsu mid Chunin to low jonin with wood release.

Genjutsu: high jonin can use illusions without hand seals.

Kenjustu: high jonin

Fuinjustu: n/a

Sage jutsu: wood release has a passive calming effect.

Alias: Earths ambassador

Bloodline: senju bloodline-wood release and perfect control

Chakra: low Chunin

Control: perfect

Conclusion: close to long range. Rank high Chunin. Speed demon (fast) expert scythe user.


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