Okay, so a lot has changed since I first published this.

One, it has been years. Seven. Years. That's all my fault for forgetting I had this account, so I'm sorry for that.

Two. I'm now an adult. I'm 18 years or older now. I published this when I was around 13 or 14. Dear lord I was a child.

Three, my writing style has matured along with me over the year. I've learned more about English and proper writing, what sucks and what doesn't suck.

So imagine my face when I went back to read what I thought was pure gold. Dear lord. It was good for 13 or 14 year old me, but now that about seven years have passed…yeah no.

This isn't gonna fly.

So I want to completely overhaul this. Keep the general idea for the story, but dear lord I plan on re-writing this raging dumpster fire to at least a dumpster that's not on fire.

If you guys are interested, that is.

Let me know if anyone is interested in a new and improved version of this story!