i woke up on the beach and found myself lying on a pile of trash. i looked all around me, wow i think our plane just crashed. i spotted brady and my band mate so i got up wiped the sand off my dress and ran towards them. " were are we?" stella said as she woke up. " our plane crashed!" mo said as she got up with scott. "this tour is not going so well" charlie said. when everyone got up we went to look around. " i don't know why but this place looks familiar to me." brady said. suddenly i took another look around. " wait." i said " where's wen!" everyone started searching around for that strawberry blonde haired boy.


in the castle of kinkow boz and his brother boomer were sitting around with nothing to do. " I AM SO BORED!" king boz said. " i don't get it boz we defeated kitada the bat rider, and stopped darkness form overtaking the island. and yet this day is gloomy!" boomer said as he sat down on the throne. just then a brown haired girl walked in the throne room with her machete at wrist. " ok my kings i'm off on my patrol." mikayla said as she was heading out the door. " why are you leaving? the island is fine." boz asked. " ok my kings some of the villagers saw a plane crashed on the far side of the beach and with my daddy gone on a special mission it's my duty to go and check it out." mikayla said. " oh let us come!" boz said as he jumped up from the couch. " ok we'll go but only because there's nothing to do." boomer said as he got up too. " i don't know my kings it could be dangerous for you." mikayla said but the kings wouldn't listen so mikayla and the kings went to the beach to see the weird plane that crashed on their island.


we've been searching for wen for about a couple of hours now and i'm really getting worried. hey i'm his girlfriend i should be worried. " what if i never see him again?" i said as i picked up a piece of plane. "olivia i'm sure we'll find him don't worry." mo said trying to cheer me up. it worked for a little while. " ok guys i bet wen just went for a stroll so you stay here and i'll go look." brady said. i felt really glad that he went looking maybe the sooner we find wen the sooner we can get home.


what a great way to start our tour i thought to my self while cleaning up. first our plane has crashed on a island i don't even know exists and now one of our band members plus my closest friend has gone missing! how could this day get any worse! i thought? suddenly it did a giant bug came out of the bushes and flew over towards us. everybody expect charlie ( who the bug was behind) gasped at the horrible creature. " whats wrong?" charlie said as he looked at us. i pointed my finger up at the bug, charlie turned around , screamed and ran behind me.


i was cleaning up some trash in the area when everyone stopped at stared at me with their mouth's wide open. i asked them whats wrong, then stella pointed at the thing behind me. i squealed and hid behind stella. hey don't judge me if you saw that thing face-to-face you'll be screaming too! scott was now faced up to the creature," kill it scott!" the girls yelled. scott picked the guitar and started wacking the beast in the head. man this day just gets badder by the minute!


the kings followed me all the way to where the villagers said the plane crashed. at these times i wished king brady was here, i know hes back in chicago becoming a man. oh why do you have to leave brady why! " wow trash everywhere!" boz said as we kept on walking. " mikayla who would do such a thing?-mikayla?" boomer said. i was looking beyond to bushes and i heard voices so i went to get a closer look. i can see 5 teens wearing different clothing then on kinkow. one of the teens had spikey hair and was waving a guitar in the air. when i moved some branches i saw that the kid was fighting a wacka wacka bug." why is that kid fighting a wacka wacka bug?" boomer asked. " oh is that what it was it looked bigger than in the great book." boz said but i wasn't really paying attention. so got out my machete a prepared to attack the giant bug, but it flew away after the spikey haired kid knocked him down. i could see that the teens were scared to death. " what was that!" the girl with the short hair with blonde strands in it. " i don't know but scott kicked some giant bug butt!" the boy with the long brown hair said. i was going to keep hidden until i cam see if these people are friendly but boz accidentally made some noise in the bushes causing the 5 teens to panic.

OLIVIA'S POV: scott just defeated the giant bug but i was still shocked that the bug was real i mean i only saw them in movies. suddenly noises came out of the bushes. i was really scared now. we all got behind scott and scott raised his guitar ready to fight, that is when a teenage boy came out of the bushes. " please don't shoot!" he said then a girl with brown hair got out of the bushes, then what i thought was wen! " wen your alive!" i said as i came over to hug him. " woah hands off fan girl, i'm not this wen you speak of." he said. "oh sorry." i said sadly. " who are you people?" the brown haired girl asked. " thats what we should be asking you." charlie said. " i'm mikayla makoola and these are my kings boz and boomer." mikayla said as she pointed at the kings. " i'm olivia white and these are my friends stella yamada , charlie delgado , mohini banjaree , and scott pickett. i said pointing at my friend. " how did you get here." boz asked us. " well we were heading to paris but the storm broke one of our wings so we crashed here." stella said. " and who is this wen?" mikayla asked. " well wen is our friend... my boyfriend ... and hes missing so our pilot went to go find him but... he hasn't returned yet." i said. " well let my kings take you guys back to the castle while i go sent out some guards to find your friends." mikayla said. " ok great! well wen looks much king boz and our pilot brady is wearing a blue suit." i said once again. " ok got it now lets go." mikayla said. so we went off to the castle and i hope king boz and boomer's guards find wen and brady soon.

A/N: well that chapter turned out better than expected. don't worry guys the next chapter is about wen and just a little f.y.i. brady finding wen is going to be funny! or at least i'll try to make to funny. keep on reading!