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The package sitting on his current meatsuit's front porch was wrapped in simple brown paper, a hand written tag hanging from a twine bow across its width.

'Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I think you've been looking for this.

Your Devoted Daughter'

Azazel raised a brow but brought it inside, nevertheless. He carefully unwrapped it, then smiled as soon as he saw what was inside. It was a heavy, ancient book, bound in human skin, inked with human blood. Azazel had always wondered what had happened to his copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.

His little girl knew him too well.


It was a sniveling hovel of black goo and sharp puppy teeth, blind eyes still closed from birth, a short snake-like tail whipped around its back legs. Worst of all, it was mewling like a bloody kitten in short, panicked bursts, its tiny maul open and searching for its mother. Crowley sneered down at it before raising one eye at the crossroads demon currently acting as his supervisor.

"Do I really need one of these?"

She smiled, flashing her red gaze at him. "It's your hellhound, little demon. If you're working the crossroads, you need one to collect your dues."


Sam was still far from reaching his full potential, but over the past few months, Ruby had been able to carefully steer him in the right direction. It was slow work, playing the part of the white hat, but Sam was almost battle ready…If he'd quit wasting time. Example?

She looked over her shoulder, huffing at his spread-eagle form, hogging the bed. She eased down onto the sofa and grabbed the remote.

"Oh!" Ruby smiled, turning up the volume just as a Jim Crow began to sing to little Dumbo. Maybe she could let Sam sleep just a bit longer.


It had been a rotten day from the start, so he'd aimed for an easy job, attending a horrid family reunion. There was potato salad, snot-nosed brats, feuding uncles, and kissing cousins. It should have been ripe with opportunity.

Crowley pretended to be a cousin to get close to the old bird who seemed the most desperate amongst them. He laid out a deal to save the family estate, only to look up and find she'd nodded off during his pitch. And died.

What did he get for his trouble? Food poisoning from Aunt Bertha's casserole. What a bloody day.


Abaddon walked down the street, catching surprisingly few stares considering her newly sewn-on hands and that she was inside a corpse. Ignorance was an advantage to this age, and when she'd first arrived, she'd been delighted by the change in dress—so sinfully liberating—and societal norms. Then, of course, everything had quickly gone downhill.

A filthy salesman held her King's throne.

Demons no longer worshiped Lucifer.

The Apocalypse was ruined thanks to two pretty boy hunters...

"FML!" a teenage girl snapped, a phone against one ear. Abaddon didn't know what that meant, but she was certain it applied here.


He'd made a promise of vengeance, one of many he'd made throughout the generations, and every few months one of his children would bring it up…

"The hunters, Father…"

"Yes, I know, my child," he'd reply, with a slow sigh. "We'll kill the Winchesters in due time."

Then, of course, he'd received word from a reputable source that one of the boys was currently in Purgatory and the other retired…A good enough excuse not to bother with them. After all, they were only humans, and he had forever to hunt them down. He'd get to that…in another decade or so.


The tiny metal lattice chair beneath her gave a threatening creak. Her knees hit the equally small table, and she held her breath as she watched her tea cup teeter on the edge of its saucer, then roll. The demon snatched up just before it hit the patio's cement floor, holding its minuscule handle between two fingers, her pinky sticking out awkwardly.

"Well?" the little girl across from her asked.
Ruby frowned, then raised the empty cup to her lips. "Mmm," she hummed, forcing a tight smile.

The girl grinned in response.

Ruby really hated these secret meetings with Lilith.