As soon as they stepped foot in the park, Haruhi rounded on a still-comatose Harry with a fire in her eyes. The girl didn't like wasting time. "Tell me about anything weird you've noticed around here," she demanded immediately, eager to get started hunting down supernatural beings, but of course Harry just gurgled a bit more.

Haruhi sighed and slapped him.

"That happens a lot," she complained, then restated, "Tell me about weird things that happened to you!"

"I already told you! I'm not allowed to talk about anything weird or freakish," Harry told her irritably, rubbing his stinging cheek, "My relatives are afraid I'll inf…infl…make someone sick with it."

Haruhi's brow furrowed at this odd point of view, but simply shrugged it off and replied, "I have a very strong immune system. Spill!"

Harry blinked at her, then glared and turned away with a sniff. Haruhi furrowed her brow; it was to be that kind of game then?

She grinned. So be it.

She stood up, drawing a glance from Harry as she stood in front of him. Clasping her hands behind her back, she let her lower lip tremble a bit as she took a deep breath, fixed her gaze on harry and drew out a very whiny, "Come oooooooooooooooooon!"

When this didn't work, she did it again.

And again.

And again.

Haruhi Suzumiya wanted something, and when Haruhi Suzumiya wanted something she always got it, be it candy or toys or even a new computer. The Goddess powers probably helped a bit, too, but it was mostly just pure talent. Even with the powers and talent, though, it took Harry almost ten straight minutes to break, which was incredibly impressive. He tried to distract himself by swinging on the swing and sliding down the slide, but his gaze was always invariably drawn back to the eight-year-old.

When she began tugging on his sleeve pitifully, the last of his resolve and patience finally crumbled.

"Fine!" he shouted, throwing his hands up and stalking back over to the swings. Haruhi followed on his heels like an excited puppy, sitting and waiting until he got himself situated before looking at him expectantly.

"Well…" he began with a sigh, and Haruhi scooted forward slightly, "You know that I once turned my teacher's hair blue without doing anything. I was sitting there, and she was yelling at me for something Dudley did, and then… it was blue."

Haruhi's eyes widened in excitement at the same time her brow furrowed, but she remained patient. It wouldn't do to flip out and scare away her source. "And the other things?" she pressed with barely-restrained glee and manic fire, and Harry recalled the other things Dudley had told her.

"Whenever Aunt Petunia goes to chop at my hair with her scissors, it always grows back overnight, no matter how bad or short she made it," he told her, wincing back a she let out an excited noise.

"And?!" she demanded excitedly.

"Um…well, he told you about the roof thing already. I was running away from Dudley and his gang at school, hiding behind a dumpster, when I felt like someone was squeezing me into a little ball. When I opened my eyes I was on the roof," he said, and Haruhi's eyes widened even further; color changing, hair growth, and teleportation?!

"Show me," Haruhi commanded, and Harry blinked in surprise. Someone wanted him to be freakish? This was a new concept to him, but alas, he couldn't.

"I can't," Harry said truthfully, "Like I told you before, I don't know how. It just sorta…happens."

Haruhi deflated somewhat, but there was no time for disappointment; there was a challenge afoot!

"Hmmm…" Haruhi hummed as she thought, closing her eyes with her hand on her chin, "You were prob'ly scared of Dudley and his friends, and angry at the teacher. It must only happen when you're emotional."

"Maybe," Harry agreed in surprise, because that actually made a lot of sense.

Haruhi's eyes snapped open with determination, and she pointed at Harry dramatically as she declared, "Okay then, new mission! Scare Harry to the point of ripping the universe asunder with his god-like powers!"

Three beats of silence.

"I'm scared now . Does that count?" Harry whimpered.

"No," she replied, grinning again. This was going to be fun.