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Sollux glared at Karkat and mumbled something under his breath like, "That wa2 an onliine game Ii cant beliieve you get out now weh." or some crap like that. Karkats smirk mearly incresed and he continued to stand there with his arms folding.


Sollux growled more and jerked up from his seat, standing much taller then Karkat was. "At lea2t Iim not a 2horty..." he said, holding his stomach. Karkat scoffed and watched a little nervious as Sollux began to sway. "YEAH RIGHT. AND HOWS THE WEATHER UP THERE?"

Suddenly Sollux's face twisted into an expression of pure pain and he lurched, spewing the contents of his meals (which wasnt much) onto the ground that seperated him from Karkat. Karkat gritted his teeth and noted that the vomit clearly smelled almost identical to Sollux.

He pulled himself away from those thoughts as Sollux fell to the ground and heaved once again, but ended up not throwing up anything. Karkat jumped into action, kneeling down next Sollux's trembling body and quickly begab to pap his head, gripping his shoulder in case he desided to faint or something.

Karkat looked down at his friend, and way, were those tears rolling down his face. Of course. This must be so painful and tast so aweful. Karkat admited to himself that he too would be sobbing if he was throwing up.

"ITS OKAY. JUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH, SOLLUX...THERE YOU GO." Karkat said in Sollux's ear gently as he hiccuped and held to his stomach. Soon he was calm enough to be helped up and walked to the bathroom. Karkat peered back and sighed. Hed clean that vomit up later.

Karkat sat him on the tiolet and grabbed a paper cup out of the cabinet. He quickly filled it with water and handed it to Sollux, making sure he swished it thoraly and spat it out.

"NOW GET YOUR CLOTHES OFF AND GET IN THE BATHTUB." He said, a little gentler then he was planning. Sollux moaned quietly and rubbed away stray tears, then, without complant or annoyance, took his shirt and pants off.

"...gah...KK..." he said almost sleepily. Karkat looked up from testing the bath water and looked at Sollux. "WHAT." he asked. Sollux started crying again and in a very sad, high, pitifal voice he said,

"Ii-iit hurt2..."