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A sick feeling suddenly exploded in Karkats stomach when he heard his friend say those words. He gulped and stood, quickly walking over and pulling him into a hug. Sollux had to lean down to hug him right, he began to tremble and he held close to his shorter friend.

"...2-2orry..." he huccuped quietly. Karkat bit his lip and shook his head. "ITS FINE, SOLLUX. DO YOU WANT TO GET IN THE BATHTUB? ILL GO GET YOU SOME CLOTHES AND A TOWEL.. " Karkat said, rubbing his head. Sollux gulped dryly and nodded, rubbing his eyes as he sat up. Karkat took his glasses off and put them on the sink counter.

Sollux pulled his underwear off as Karkat went outside and grabbed the things. He sighed. Sollux was so skinny. Too skinny. It was unnatural. He could clearly see his ribs and the bones in his arms and neck sticking out at him when Sollux had taken his clothes off. He furrowed his eyebros when he thought about it. It...hurt him.

"SOLLUX, IM COMING IN..." karkat said as he opened the door. Sollux was sitting in the bathtub, wet and still crying. Karkat bit his lip and quickly went over, setting the landry on the tiolet. Karkat rubbed his head softly. "HEY...COME ON...DONT CRY ANYMORE..." He said softly. Sollux burried his face into his arms. "Iit hurt2..." he said sadly.

Karkat sighed and stood. He pulled his clothes off and stepped into the water, sitting opossite of him. Sollux kept sitting there, tears still falling from his face. "HEY...HEY, SOLLUX..." He said quietly, grabbing Sollux by the arm and pulled him close.

Sollux choked on a sob and let his face press againts Karkats neck. Karkat rubbed his back gently and began to hum, then sang,







To Karkats sirprise, Sollux began to relax in his arms, his crying stopped and his breathing calmed. Karkat leaned his face against Solluxs and hummed gently to him.