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Karkat jerked up when a sob hit his eardrums. He had already dried and clothed Sollux and now he was asleep in his bed. It was a long night, since after the game ended everyone went to earth. There was no sopor suply and many of the trolls couldnt sleep because of it. Gamzee was the only known suplier of sopor, but he hardly ever gave any of it away. He usually saved it for his pies. That greedy little-

Karkat sat up as another sob came from Sollux. He hated it when Sollux had nightmares. He had a horrible past. All of them did. But somehow Sollux's nightmares were worse then anyones. Karkat sighed and rubbed Sollux's side, hushing him gently. He was sitting on thr computer chair, not wanting to crowd Sollux by sleeping in the bed.

Sollux jerked suddenly and screamed, gasping for air as he stared in horror at the wall in front of him. It wasnt until Sollux began to cry that Karkat quickly climbed in next to him and held him close, hushing him softly. "ITS OKAY, SOLLUX...CALM DOWN.." He whispered.

"I-I-Ii 2aw her...2he wa2 cryiing cau2e of me!" he sobbed. Karkat bit his lip and rubbed away some more of his friends tears. "ITS OKAY...JUST BREATH..." He said softly as he noticed how heavily Sollux was breathing.

He obayed and tried calming down, tears still slipping down his face, dripping off his trembling lips. "Iim afraiid 2he wont forgiive me..." he hiccuped. Karkat gripped his shoulders and held him closer, pressing his head into the crook of his neck. "SHE DOES THOUGH...SHE FORGIVES YOU, SOLLUX..."

Dollux clung to Karlats oversized sweatshirt and sobbed, crying his heart out. "Ii'm 2o 2orry...Iim 2-2o 2orry..."

Suddenly, Sollux was silents as a pressure was forced against jis lips gently, his trembling stopped amd he was still. Karkat was kissing him? He was. He was gently pressing his lips against his, pulling away when Sollux was completely still. He stared at Sollux, who stared back. Both did so until Sollux gripped Karkat and pulled him closer, gently repressing his lips against his friends.

Karkat brushed away some stray tears and smiled gently through the kiss, feeling Sollux touch his face as well. He pulled away slightly and smiled a toothy, tearful smiled. "H-Hey, kk...?" he asked.

Karkat smiled softly. "YEAH?" He replied. Sollux hugged him and snuggled against him.

"Ii love you."