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Chapter 1: Unfamiliar Allies 1

"Sanctuary huh?" the blonde whiskered boy who was called Naruto asked, more to himself than anyone else as he surveyed the place. "I can see where it gets its name from, it's a very beautiful place."

"Yes, it is, and no major twists and turns either," a long black haired man said as he walked up to Naruto. "Even I couldn't get lost here, regardless of what the rest of us say."

"Heh, Laguna was it?" Naruto asked as he held his fist out and the man called Laguna bumped it. "Yeah, I heard that guy, I think it was Zidane say that you would get lost in your own house if it were around…"

"Ha, he likes insulting me a little bit, especially after I yanked his tail, because I was curious as to whether it was real, and the thing is."

"Wait, you yanked it?" Naruto asked. "I just asked him whether it was real, and he told me yes. Huh, guess that explains why he backed up suddenly when I asked and made motions to protect it."

"Yeah, not one of my smarter moments, I freely admit that," Laguna said sheepishly. "So, what is your take on the whole being summoned to fight thing?"

Naruto crossed his arms and thought deeply for a second. "I really don't know. I mean, I wonder whether there were things that I left behind wherever the hell I came from, but I couldn't even remember my name until Cosmos told me. What kind of soldier am I supposed to be anyway, if I can't remember anything? I don't even know my own abilities anymore, that's the problem."

"Yeah, I had the same concern, but everything I could do came back to me when I needed it to, I think that our bodies remember our hard earned fighting abilities. Don't worry about it, you'll be kicking Chaos goon butt before you know it, and the more you fight, the more you remember your past."

"Thanks for reassuring me. But back to your question, I do not entirely like the idea of having abandoned things that may need me back home, but there is not much I can do about that. But what I can do something about is the war this world is in the grip of. This place, it is one of the few that has so far escaped the grip of war. It's worth protecting, so that is what I will do until I can get home."

"Good answer, but how well will your resolve hold out when push comes to shove I wonder?" Naruto heard, the mysterious voice resounding through his mind.

"What the, who said that?" Naruto demanded, looking around frantically.

"Who said what?" Laguna asked. "You hearin' things?"

Naruto calmed down and said, "Maybe… I probably imagined it."

"Hmm, maybe something about our conversation triggered a memory?"

"I don't know, that is not what it felt like, but I wouldn't know what it would feel like yet, so maybe…"

"Ah, good, I'm glad that some of us are trying to get to know each other," the man with long black hair tied in a ponytail, and a black cloak with red clouds said as he walked up.

"Ah, there's Itachi, my main man, how you been pal?" Laguna asked as he put an arm around Itachi's shoulders.

Itachi stoically ignored the gesture and continued, "Some of us have been a little anti-social towards one another, so it is heartening to see others making an effort to get along."

"Let me guess, the chick Lightning right? Or is it that Byakuya Kuchiki?" Laguna asked.

"Both actually," itachi said. "Warrior of Light tried to get acquainted with Lightning, saying that as allies, we should trust each other, but she only seems to trust her own abilities, saying that she knows nothing about the rest of us, and we should not rely on people we know nothing about."

"Well, that sounds a little hypocritical," Naruto said. "I mean, she herself knew squat about what she could do when she first came here right?"

"True," Itachi said. "Which is just one of the reasons she should give the others a chance to reveal their strength. Byakuya simply keeps his distance, and sticks close to Cosmos, fully aware that if she falls, the rest of us do, so knows that her protection is the most important task. Some of us see the fact that he chooses to share that role with Warrior of Light as arrogance, and he does not bother to correct them."

"Yeah, but he backs it up most of the time at least from the few times I have seen him fight. There is no denying his competence," Laguna said.

"Well, I think that it's a cool thing that Cosmos trusts him that much, along with Warrior of Light, even if he does come off as a little arrogant," Naruto said. "I'm going to go talk to Lightning and try to get her to change her mind."

"Perhaps I should join in that endeavor," Itachi said as he followed the blonde.

"Well good luck with that guys, Lightning can be more than a little hard headed…" Laguna said.

As Naruto and Itachi set out in Lighting's direction, Naruto looked at the scratched headband on Itachi's forehead and said, "Hey, do you remember enough to tell me if we are from the same world?"

"No, I have not been fighting for as long as some of our other comrades," Itachi said. "Only a few of my memories have returned so far, and those are jumbled enough to keep me from making sense of any of them, at least without any more pieces for the time being. But I can easily understand why you would ask me that. Minus the scratch in mine, our headbands are identical with the leaf symbols on them, so it is a logical conclusion. I wonder what that scratch means."

"We'll probably figure it out later, once more of our memories return," Naruto said.

"An entire world turned into nothing more than a battlefield for the gods… Harmony, Discord, two armies of hand-chosen soldiers, summoned to this universe to fight as their tools. We arrive in this place with no memories of our past, and no means of returning home- helpless servants of the powers that brought us here. That's what I found myself, when the Goddess of Harmony called on me.

"Fighting is the only
thing that this world knows. The only hope that any of us have lies in finding a way to win. So that's what I meant to do. That's why I kept fighting, even though it wasn't my battle to begin with."
–From the thoughts of Lighting.


Lightning walked slowly across the very shallow water of Sanctuary, and eventually came to the orange haired teenager named Ichigo, and a rather tall and muscular man with his left hand on the handle of a massive blade that was resting on the ground by its point. Lightning recognized the man as Jecht.

"Hey, uh, Lightning was it?" Jecht asked as the pinkette stopped.

Lightning sighed before looking at Jecht and asked, "What?"

"No need to get your belts in a bunch," Jecht said as he rubbed the back of his head. "None of us are here 'cause we wanna be."

"None of us are here 'cause we wanna be?" Lighting echoed with her arms crossed. "No really, so you'd say that's a good enough reason for some stranger to go putting their nose in my business?"

"Well, you know, it's not really wrong what he's saying."

Ichigo nodded in agreement with the older man, but Lighting just seemed to get more annoyed. "Jecht, wasn't it? So you want to say that I'm wrong, is that it Jecht?"

"And there she goes, putting words in other people's mouths," Ichigo said.

"And who asked you?" Lightning demanded of Ichigo.

"Well hey now, let's not go throwing folks onto the fire, right er…" Jecht said as he looked towards the purple armored man who had just walked up to the scene crossing his arms.

"Kain," the man said as he let his arms hang by his sides.

"Right, I mean, tell her Kain, we can't be getting off to a start like this, can we?"

"Lightning, I agree with what you said, to a point," Kain said to Lightning.

"I hope the key words in that statement are the last three," Ichigo said with a look at Kain.

"We do not yet know each other's strengths How then could we trust one another enough to join sides?" Kain asked, as if Ichigo had not interrupted, much to the teen's irritation.

"Hey come on, we shouldn't be asking that question," Ichigo said. "We are allies right? That means that we need to trust one another, or we can't beat Chaos's forces."

"And I also agree with Ichigo," Kain said. "While trust should not be given blindly, it is still important to trust our allies. So how is this? We travel alongside him, and judge his abilities with our own eyes?"

"What?" Lightning asked.

"That's, well, I mean that's an interesting idea and all, but uh…" Jecht started to say.

"Should anything happen, we'll be there to intervene," Kain said. "If that proves to be the decisive battle, well, the victor will be decided then."

"Sounds good to me," Ichigo said.

"This "we" of yours, I take it you're including me?" Jecht asked.

"Don't be getting ahead of yourself," Lightning said. "I don't remember anyone putting you in charge."

"You fear to face the challenge, is that it?" Kain challenged, causing Lightning to sigh and lower her gaze for a moment. "I've seen nothing to tell me that you've the skill to match that arrogance, or if it's simply a bluff."

"That should go without saying," Ichigo said. "Cosmos would not have summoned any of us if we did not have the skills to hold our own. Which is just another reason Lighting should not be so slow to trust our abilities."

"A fair point," Kain conceded. "But Lighting should still give us a reason to believe in her abilities if she wants the same from us."

Before anyone could respond, they heard the heavy footsteps of Warrior of Light. They turned to the approaching fighter, who stopped in front of them and said, "Be on your guard, the enemy comes!"

"What, already?" Naruto shouted as he and Itachi arrived. "Sweet, I get to show off already!"

"Let's go," Lightning sighed. "Light, I am willing to partner up with you, and I expect you to watch my back for me, and I will do the same."

"Very well," Warrior of Light said.

"I will also tag along with you two, and guard your backs," Itachi volunteered, and Lighting reluctantly nodded, and they set off.

"We'll follow from a distance and be ready to aid them, should they run into trouble," Kain said to Jecht and Ichigo, before turning to Naruto. "Naruto right? I need you to back up Byakuya, since Cosmos is likely going to be the first one Chaos's forces will try to attack, and some may slip through our attempts to stop them."

"You can count on me, just try and let a few past so I can fight a little, alright?" Naruto asked as he ran towards Cosmos's throne.

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