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Chapter 1 - Coming back

Spirit's POV

„He shouldn't be here… He can't be here! It must be a kind of mistake…", I whispered to myself sitting in a corner of the infirmary of the Shibusen. It's the only place where I am save. I can't go anywhere else. If he comes here, he will dissect me. Again. In the same way he has done while we were partners. This thought sent shivers down my spine although I can't remember because I had slept every time he had done it and had not recognized where these scars came from.

Actually, I don't know why I was hiding. It's already nearly 20 years ago when he cut me open. He may have a new weapon and don't need me anymore. But his madness? Did he overcome it?

… WHY did I even care about him!?

I stayed in my not very comfortable position and hoped that this new nurse come back to the infirmary. I don't even know her name but who cares. She looks fucking hot and I don't miss a chance. Never! "I'm so sorry, my little Maka-Girl. Daddy loves you and loves your mom, but you can't understand me", I said to myself.

When someone knocked at the door and came in without waiting for an answer, I jumped up, embraced the person tightly and screamed nearly: "I've been waiting for you, my beloved angel! My heart's waiting for your love medicine to heal its wounds!"

Then I recognized: The person I hugged was certainly not a woman an sh… he, I mean… didn't even smell like the expensive perfume . More like medicine, hospital, germicide and lab. "Well… I'm not your angel… You haven't change, Spirit"

I didn't even looked up but jumped back in the corner (there were no other places except under that lit in the middle of the room. I didn't really wanted to get near there. And HE stood in the doorway!)

"Go away! Leave me alone! What do you even want?! The scars from the past are healed!" I could not see him from here but I felt he was looking right into my soul. He was frightening me… I… I couldn't endure!

"I guess, I'm here because Shimigani-Sama told me come back to the Shibusen as a teacher." – "But why are you here!?" – "Because I'm a doctor and have to look after my patients until we found another good doctor to work here?"

Damn it! Why?! I didn't even think about the possibility that Stein could come to the infirmary. He was a sardistic, dissecting doctor but still, he was one. I didn't want to look up because I had the feeling that when I see in his eyes again after 20 years, I'll be dissected in some seconds.

"Spirit? Are you ok?" Stein asked. His voice hat changed a bit. Of course, he has become older, just like me… When I saw him the last time, he was 17 or something like that. "DON'T CALL ME SPIRIT! I'm Death Scythe! Things have changed since you were gone! And I'm not your weapon anymore so DON'T dare to use me again for your disgusting experiments!"

I heard Stein laughing and it made me even more frightened. "I went away? You're kidding me. I'm sure you still know what happened. You were the one who went away at first. Oh… no, sorry, I've made a mistake: You were the one who was carried away first. Do you remember? When Sid and Kami carried you out of my lab, bleeding, opened cuts. And all because SHE made this trouble you should stop being my weapon and so on…" – "Don't talk about her in this way", I said quietly. "You are divorced, so why do you care much about this?" – "I don't know…" He started to add insult to injury. It was hard enough for me to stand all the pressure from Kami and my lovely daughter. "Anyway, I left Death City a bit later… for personal reasons."

He was right! He was so goddamn right! I was the one who woke up in Kami's house, covered with patches all over my body, unable to remember what happened that night.

A long time of silence grew between us and I wasn't even sure if he was still in the same room.

"Well then, Deathscythe" He was still here… "Is everything alright?" - "Yeah..." – "Then turn around and say it again, face to face."

I turned around. He stood in the doorway, grinning at me with his nearly lifeless green eyes which were as fascinating as back then when we were partners.

I screamed, my own eyes opened in fear. "STEIN!" A diabolic smile appearsed in his face. "What is it?" I almost forgot how to speak. "This… this thing in your head… You didn't have it when we were partners, did you?!" – "Things have changed since you were gone.", he commented while turning the screw in his head with metallic clicks.

Stein's POV

"You didn't have it when we were partners, did you?!" I grinned and turned the big screw in my head a few clicks. He noticed it at last. Spirit looked at me frightened, unsure what to do or to think.

Like a little test object waiting to be dissected. Come on, Stein, why don't you do it again? Why don't you make him scream, cry and bleed again?, a voice in my head whispered. I shook my head a little bit. Shut up, we're here in the Shibusen!, I told it and turned the screw again. The voice went away in a dark part of my mind.

"Your memory back then was better, hm? However, yes, I didn't have this thing when you left me. It was the reason why I left Death City. And now, I'm back, right here where I went to school. Isn't that nostalgic?" I took a step into the room. Spirits blue eyes were not wide opened anymore. They were still big, but I guess this was their normal state. He looked older, but that's what humans do when years pass by. Because he sat on the floor in this corner, he seemed to be smaller than me and he was a bit thin.

"Do you want to stand up or will you stay happy with your corner?", I asked Spirit friendly. "I'll stay." I don't know why, but he was cute… in a special way… for a human… who doesn't lie on my labtable.

I went closer to him and with every step he jerked a little bit. "Hey, we're in the Shibusen. If I do anything to you, Shingami-Sama would kill me, you understand? Don't you remember I always cut you open when we were at home? So would you please stand up and walk with me to the Death Room? He wants to see us because of a new mission." The Death Scythe turned his head away. "I'm not your partner anymore", he mumbled and I just sighed. "Geeeez, Spi… Death Scythe. Do you hate me so much? Now come on, Shinigami-Sama wants to see us. If you don't want to be on a mission with me, tell him, not me." Amicable I hold my hand in his direction to help him up, but he just pushed my hand away and stood up himself. "I don't need your help."

Now, when he stood right next to me, I could see it clearly: He has become smaller than me. "Senpai, time has changed more than I thought", I said smiling. "Shut up!"

We went through the building of the Shibusen in silence. So many weapons and meisters. When Spirit and I got here, we were much less. By passing young students I saw many of them looking to my screw in fear. Having this huge thing in one's heads isn't the best way to make friends. However it wasn't my aim. It's just a job because Shinigami-Sama can't leave the school to end the life of some wanna-be-kishins. And being teacher without dissecting pupils…. This will be boring.

In the end we reached the room of the Death God and Shinigami-Sama was already waiting for us. "Death Scythe-kun and Stein-kun! I'm so glad to see you! How do you do?! Do you like it here, Stein-kun? I happy you can be with us!" Shinigami-Sama… He hasn't changed a bit. Still too childish. "I'm fine, thank you. The school has grown, hasn't it?" – "Of course it has! We found many weapons and meisters all over the world in the last years and we can say that our pupils get the best education to eliminate the kishins in this world!" He jumped around in the Deathroom. Then he clapped in his absurd tall hands and turned towards us. "I have a mission for you. Our best teams are all out at the moment and the other ones need more practice for this. Therefore I want you two to do this job", he explained seriously. "But why do I have to do this with HIM?!", Spirit exclaimed. I think he really hates me. He never acted like this, even when we were younger. "Death Scythe-Kun, I'm sorry. I know your past but you two are the only ones we have and it's really desperately." His mask didn't change but you could hear a bit of worries. "I don't want to…", Spirit complained.

*SHINIGAMI-CHOP* "Death Scythe Spirit Albarn! We do need you for this mission!" The weapon lied on the floor, holding his head in pain. "So would you please listen now what you got to do!?"

I grinned. Spirit and me. Away from the Shibusen. Shinigami-Sama will not be able to control me. You and me, the madness, inside of you. And Spirit is too stupid to notice what you will do to him. He didn't even noticed the scars from the past. I turned the screw in my head fast to get rid of what I thought. But I turned it way too fast and too often. An awful pain shot through my head. I suppressed a scream, didn't want the others to know what had gone through my mind. It felt good in some ways… Just me and the pain that I love to give other people.

Shinigami-Sama explained some details to us: A group of guys who collected souls by killing the inhabitants of a small village. 10 killings in one week wasn't a bad result for humans. After half an hour of getting instructions he allowed us to go home to pack our bags for this journey.

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