Chapter 12 - Stitched home

It was on the evening of the next day when Nyges told me that I was now fit enough to leave the infirmary. Joy! Sometimes it was pretty good to have to body of a weapon because it seemed like the wounds had healed faster than they would if I was a human. Sure, they still hurt like hell but I was allowed to move around and well, leave that stupid room.

I had called Marie yesterday to inform her about Stein's status – although it was already known it the whole world that one of their best Meister was going to be insane – and she had promised to come to the Shibusen tomorrow to help me with anything that would be necessary. She has always been such a loyal Weapon towards her Meister and I was glad that she had taken care of Stein for such a long time.

Now that I have received my freedom again I decided to pay Stein's lab a visit. Marie could help me tomorrow but I had time and the Cabret-Club Chupa Cabras didn't seem to be an intelligent idea if you considered what had happened last time.

The lab still was as terrifying as ever: the cube-like parts of the buildings were covered in stitches and the trees around it had probably never seen water once in their life. All in all, it was grey and dead, everything. But it was just so Stein-like, it made me smile melancholically. I had been here so many times, mostly when I'd been his partner, I had even seen it when it was built but what kind of person liked it to live in such a dreary place?

The door was open. When outside was dead, then the inside was the death itself. It was cold, my breath froze in the air, dark and it felt like all colors had been sucked out of it. It may sound stupid but sometimes I was sure that Stein himself was a part of the building, like the heart that kept it alive although Stein himself was a part of the gray surrounding.

I walked into through the different rooms of the building. I knew that his study room was somewhere in the back but it's been some time I had walked here around freely and I don't know if he had ever changed something. I passed the room every normal human would probably call "dark corner with something that could have been a sofa" but I knew that this was his living room. The… kitchen was actually tidy but not everyone would love to have test tubes, flasks and scalpels next to the plates in the sink. We won't even try to find out what he had mixed in there.

The next room was one of the few rooms where I knew that he was trying out his experiments. This one had a cage in its middle with a lot of cables around it. I gulped when I thought what could have happened in there. Or what had died in there.

I acutually screamed when something ran over my feet and I stumbled backwards against the light switch, coloring the room black. "Ok, Spirit. It's all right. It was just a mouse. Just one of these stitched mice that run around here sometimes. Nothing dangerous", I whispered to no one and hit the switch again. Better.

Then I found some more of these strange rooms which Stein would probably call "nice" but looked horrible. How had I even survived in this madhouse? But still, it was awefully familiar and I wouldn't mind moving back in. If Stein was ok with that. If .. no… When Stein was back to his normal self again.

Finally I found the study room with the all the electronic equipment he used. It wasn't really a desk where his computer and two smaller netbooks were placed. It was more like a long table with a printer, scanner, some… scary looking things I wouldn't touch…, and other stuff along with the PCs. On the other side of the room, I found a huge (REGAL) filled with () and books.

Now, should I start with the electronic or printed and handwritten notes? I decided to look over the labels of the things on the (REGAL) at first. Most of them were filled with notes of the results of various tests and I wanted to give up but then I noticed one thick notebook that looked especially well-used and it was covered with stitches like he had used Soul Sewing to make sure that nobody else found out what was in it. But when I pulled lightly on the strings they kind of were pulled back into the book and I could open it without problems. Strange… shouldn't exactly that not happen? Or had Stein done something special this time.

The book was completely hand written and not even half-full and it seemed to be a diary but with calculations and small sketches of experiments. I started at the first page:

November, 19th

Got a new book ("Secrets of a Witch") about the cure of madness, although I think it won't deliver much information but will read it.
Experiment on page 8397 of "Science of the Soul" ended unsuccessfully. Heat killed test subject. Results in the notebook XII.

November, 27th

Endurance scale of the endurance of a soul towards madness waves on page 947 in "The Chemistry of Today" is not correct. Trying to figure out how to fix it without too much loss.
First half of "Secrets of a Witch" didn't bring any new information except from the note on page 483. Should be minded in new experiments.

It really was a diary. Not in the typical style but it was all Stein had written down what had happened in his experiments. I sat down and began to read the whole notebook because I guessed that if there was anything to help him, it would be there. I thanked any existent gods or spirits in this world for Stein's foreseeing. I could do it. I could help him.

The next few hours were spend on reading, I found much that I didn't know by then and much that I didn't even understand. Stein had really only written down what was necessary, any explanation other people would need were not included but still. It would be much easier if I could just ask him about all the abbreviations he used and that made it difficult to understand what he meant. And apart from that: I didn't understand much about science, all the formulas he mentioned were completely useless to me.

Finally I even looked up some things on his PC. Believe me, usually, you don't need a password for your computer when you're living in the nowhere in a freak house. There I found even more statistics and charts

I had a plan. I didn't know if it would work but now after reading all the information, especially on the last experiments, I knew that Stein had worked on how to save a soul when possessed by the Madness. I knew that he was close to a solution. If he only finished it.

I printed out the few interesting things I had found in his PC and stuffed all the other books in my bag before I left the lab again and went back to the Shibusen to talk with Shinigami-sama and some scientists there.