Mai stomped impatiently by the SPR door. A sudden knock pulled her out of her thoughts and she opened it to find no one standing there but a delivery box sitting there.

Mai grinned happily and took the box with her and plopped down on the couch. Mai received several boxes of pocky (Japanese's biscuits sticks with certain flavors on it

like strawberry or chocolate) from one of her friends who leaves very far away and she is happily walking around the office while slaving over for Naru with a pocky in her mouth and the

box in her pocket. Naru calls for tea she already finishes her first pocky and pops another one in her mouth while she opens the door to Naru's office to give him his tea.

He looks up and sees it in her mouth and asks "Mai... What is in your mouth?" Mai tries to say "it's a pocky" but she can't since she has one in her mouth so it sounds all

jumbled up. Naru looks at her, sighing and then smirking says" Mai do you really expect me to understand you when you have food in your mouth"? Mai fumes and takes

the pocky out of her mouth "It's a pocky Naru! I'm sure you have heard of it before" Naru responds by getting up from his desk and holding out his hand for one she

hands him one but not before he grabs her wrist and pulls her close. He pops the pocky in his mouth and inches closer to her pulling her closes "You have played this

game right Mai" he asked coolly. Mai blushing furiously shakes her head no and then Naru takes the pocky out of his mouth to explain it to her "well, we both basically

have to take the pocky and bite on opposite sides of the pocky". As Naru explained he did what he said putting the pocky back in his mouth and lean closer to Mai waiting

for her to bit it. She hesitated but surprisingly took the pocky in her mouth. "Then we kiss until someone pulls away then they loses which in this case if you lose we will

play this game until you win and as I recall you brought several boxes of pocky with you" he smirked as he inched forward making their lips touch. Mai flipped and jerked

away blushing deeply. "I win" Naru pulled the boxes from Mai's pocket "let's go again shall we Mai"? Several hours later Lin noticed that the office seemed surprisingly

quiet... Way to quiet. So he got up from his chair and when to Naru's office and opened the door. There were several empty boxes of pocky scattered across the floor. Mai

was sitting on Naru's desk holding on to Naru as he kissed her deeply and furiously with a pocky in his mouth. Then he would tease Mai as she reached for his lips and

then he would pull away from the closeness. Neither of the blushing teens noticed the older assistant presences and Lin silently slipped out the door closing it softly.

Not before hearing a little yelp and moan inside the office did Lin take the hint that he should leave since it was obvious that work was not going to get done any time

soon. He sent Madoka a quick email describing what has happened and he left the office quickly as he heard more noises coming from inside Naru's office.