"Ava, Ava!"

I moaned into my pillow. I currently had about fifty fans going in my room, lying around on my hammock. A small town in the south of Africa, low key and undetectable is my current home . I spent most of my days cruising along around the world with nothing to do.

"Hassan?" I answered the child.

My little shack was on the outside of the little village that was so small it was just a few miles on a mule from East London. A, previously undiscovered by Americans, little village. It had one well that the people drank from and stoves were for rich people. Mostly they wore Western clothing, if not old fashioned and shabby but some wore traditional robes. My skin made me stick out here, but that was okay. The people were very trusting if you passed their initiation rites and they generally let you be.

"Daar is 'n man hier vir jou." He spoke, using his native tongue. Little Hassan was a skinny young thing, but he was curious to learn and enjoyed playing chess with me. He had a sort of problem with his food, so he limped but he was a wonderful person and always loved to do things for me if I was feeling particularly lazy that day.

"Alright." I told him, ruffling his hair and smiling. With a heave I rose from my hammock and clicked my vertebrae together. That was going to hurt a lot later. There was not much to do but go to see this man that wanted to meet me.

As I moved aside the curtain that I was using for a door, in this village where there was really no need for locked doors, I eyed the people outside. Not many of them were out today. Two old men were outside near another little shack of tin. They were huddled around a washing bowl, a big medal bowl supplied just for anything they could think to do with it really. A little group of kids, younger then Hassan was playing with a beat up volleyball that had been patched for the rough desert ground with white bandage tape.

Hassan ran off, presumably for his mother. He didn't need to tell me where the man looking for me waited. Hassan was a mother's boy and he was adorable following her around all over the place and doing whatever she was doing at the time.

My walk began at my tin house, and passed through the entire town to get to the post office. It was the place all outsiders went to. It was the only building with a sign on it written in English. The market place was the only place with any sense of crowding. People were walking around looking for something there to eat, and it did have exotic food for those not native to the land.

My tin house was actually quite far away from the post office, if it can be called far away. Since the village was maybe a quarter of a mile from the ocean we didn't really have faraway places. There were only a few people to do everything, including provide for the village. I was about as odd to them as a Giant octopus eye was to Americans. I worked in a tin house, larger than theirs but still made by my own two hands so that wasn't that magnificent if you can get the materials at the edge of the city. What was amazing to them was the things inside.

"Agent Howlett, good to see you again."

Arriving at the post office the man was outside of it. A jeep was standing beside him, still going but I recognized the symbol on the side of it. A bird with a logo around it, S.H.I.E.L.D. There was a man behind the wheel of the black jeep. The rickety building made of wood and tin made them all seem out of place. The man was in a black suit with a black tie. He looked like an Agent, where I did not.

"Agent Coulson. The last time I saw you I remember having to fight off a war of teddy bears." I sauntered over to Coulson. He was no longer the little teenager wanna-be Agent intern. He was a completely different person. Definitely no longer a wanna-be, I could tell by the new confidence about him.

"I've grown." He remarked. I chuckled and grasped his hand, and shook it.

"It's been a few years since I've been called Agent, so I take it you aren't just stopping by for a chat." I licked my lips, nodding to a native coming out of the post office in greeting. He nodded back, folding his hands together in greeting. I did so as well before turning my attention back to the Agent in front of me.

"It's about your work." He said, reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket and taking out a small manila envelope that he handed to me. I took the folder, sighing and turning around.

"Why don't you follow me then, leave your buddy there." I waved the guy away as he meant to get out of the car. "I've got to say, aging has really hit you." I told Coulson as he walked in step with me back to my tin house. "I'm seeing a receding hairline there." I noted, giggling when Hassan walked away with his mother badgering him about his lack of breakfast that morning.

"You've done rather well yourself, Agent Howlett." Coulson said. I ran a hand through my long black hair and smiled. I was young, the young that could pass for not teenager but not over thirty. It's very strange but I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure the dirt on my face and hands wasn't attractive, nor the clothes of the people around here.

"Whatever you say. How is Fury?" I questioned, scratching at the back of a starving dog's ear. "Is he settled in well?"

"He's been a wonderful Director." Coulson told me, nodding.

"Wow, how long has it been?" I mused. "Let's see it's been about twenty years for you, and what thirty for him?" I questioned, stopping in front of my tin housing. "Come on in." I moved the curtain aside so he could enter.

"I see you've settled in here." The Agent told me, eyeing the machines around. True. Besides the hammock inside the place nothing seemed to be right. I was a little bit of a nut when it came to paranoia. I had seven different screens up on a large desk that curved around the chair so that I could see all of them at the same time. Other than that it looked like I'd placed modern products in the place. A floor of large rocks placed flat, and cemented together was what I walked on where they walked on dirt. I had a refrigerator, washer, sink, dryer, and even a small T.V. screen from Stark & Vinci.

"Yeah, it's small but it'll do for now." I nodded to a small table and chair next to the hammock, while I fell back into the hammock. "You interrupted my afternoon break. I was supposed to break into the pentagon's system today for them, see if it works." I pulled the folder out, and flipped it open. Inside was a picture of a brown haired woman, plain really. "What has Jane Foster done to get me reassigned?" I flipped through. Her blood type A, with a slight allergy to shell fish, Foster looked no different than the rest of the world. Looks could always be deceiving though.

"She's currently studying astrophysics." Coulson told me and turning to the page on it, a brief crash course on the subject made me sigh. "You will be an interested party, willing to fund her work as long as she brings you along for the ride."

"What happened to the words 'you have to retire' that came out of the Director's mouth?" I questioned, skimming through the objectives. Find out how to work it, and help her along. I was basically going to be shadowing her. Not something a hacker and top spy does. More of a grunt level thing.

"Well it has been about fifty years since you've been an actual Agent. Guidelines say we have to start you out on at least one low level directive before we can put you back in the field." Coulson told me. I grinned, snapping the folder shut.

"All right, all right. I see what you're doing here. I'll do it, but remember my deal with S.H.I.E.L.D." I warned him, looking to my computers and sighing. "I'll have to move my computer's, they've got the full ride on them so, you'll be able to analyze my progress for the next sucker to be sent here." I groaned, swinging on my hammock.

"I'll tell Director Fury. You have fifteen minutes to be ready to leave for headquarters." Coulson got his phone out. I raised an eyebrow at him, not moving. He stopped, and sent a rare smile. His smiles used to many and now they were few. "Please."

"Does this mean I have to wear normal clothes now?" I pouted. He only walked out of the door in answer. I sighed, getting to work packing up and closing everything. I wouldn't need the refrigerator and things, but I would need my computer system, and I was partial to my hammock.

"You ready?" Coulson came back in at the exact moment that it passed fifteen minutes.

"Yeah, carry this for me, lad." I told him, heaving the box of computer things into his hands, and then thrusting more into the man's hand that came with Coulson. "Don't drop these." I picked up the hammock that I'd just taken down and rolled it up to carry it by the string. The weight didn't even register in my mind, though it would probably look strange to others. A twenty year old girl with a laptop and a huge, tied-up hammock slung over her shoulder.

Break _The _Page

The town was small, the people knew each other. There was a diner, where all the old men gathered, and a place where a couple of the younger groups gathered. A high school was the largest building, besides the old movie theatre. There was very little excitement here and few people didn't know someone else somehow.

So when a woman drove into town with a car the styles of which none of the middle class families could afford, they were a bit cautious. She was black haired and tan, but that's almost all they could see of her. She didn't speak to anyone when she got out of her car. The car itself, a black Porsche, almost seemed unimportant to her as she had driven it all along the town, to look for something she knew.

The mystery woman was beautiful in the face, with high cheekbones and a pouty, naturally red mouth. Her eyes were covered by sunshades darker then her black shirt. The shirt itself was a black tank top and over it the same colored button up shirt, but with some kind of S.H.I.E.L.D. logo spread across the back of her shoulders. She wore black tight pants made out of some stretchy material and a belt with a gun holster, along with a pouch that held her money. Dog tags clinked around her neck.

Avalon Howlett was her name. She looked young, but there was no way she was young. She'd seen years even the eldest people couldn't remember. There were legends pasted down in different places of her.

Ava always was a bit strange, in every society. It never failed. She'd been alive for years. No matter how hard she tried, she could never forget how long she had been alive. It was just how it was, and she couldn't change it. Some of the memories weren't so bad, but quite a few bad memories were worse than the rest and therefore overshadowed them.

Ava shook her head, as if to shake away the memories as she stepped away from her car. The building in front of her was a reinvented building. It looked as if it might have been a restaurant in the 50s. Its outside walls were windows and some of the inside as well. It was a nice enough place, a little strange. All that could be seen on the inside was machines, most of which no one could name the meaning of. The building was far from the rest, at least it seemed so once you stepped onto the sidewalk along it.

Inside movement could be seen, a woman was working on the floor with a wrench and a machine. Another man and woman were watching her, one scribbling away at a notebook and the other clicking on a computer.

Avalon walked forward, knocking on the glass, one hand holding the strap of her computer bag. It was decorated with different movie quotes and iron on badges. Even a few old symbols were around on it. To mention symbols, one just happened to be on her necklace, an odd trident like thing, a stick with three tips at the top.

The woman on the floor jumped up, dusting herself off before hurrying over to the stranger one. "May I help you?" She spoke, the other two watching on.

"Hi, I'm Avalon Howlett, and I was hoping that I could speak with Jane Foster." She piped up, holding out her hand. Odd. She seemed to know that this was Jane Foster she spoke to, with the brown longer hair and plain dull green eyes.

"Um, that's me. What can I help you with? If it's about that bill, I swear I can pay it." Jane stuttered out.

"Oh, no. I'm actually here for something else. I have some money lying around and I'm really wanting to learn hands-on research experience with astrophysics. I've heard through some channels that you needed some protection." Ava smiled, speaking to her. Jane's eyes roved over her in evaluation and she noted the gun strapped to the side. "Relax, the gun's got a permit with it." Ava had noticed Jane's roving eyes and dipped her hand into her wallet pouch, holding up the permit she fished out of it.

"Oh, sorry I don't mean to stereotype." Jane sheepishly laughed.

"Nah, it's alright." Ava almost carelessly threw the wallet into her pouch. "As I was saying. I'm the owner of a company, S.H.I.E.L.D. and I am acting to extend a hand. In exchange for allowing me to learn from you, I'll not only protect your work, but I was hoping to also fund it." Ava smiled, taping her gun absentmindedly.

"Oh, really? No one's ever wanted to actually fund it." Jane flushed. "Come in, come in." She ushered her in.

Jane didn't notice Ava's smug expression or the way she flexed her fingers unusually. A bit away a black shiny car, also an oddity in this town, turned on and drove on, out of the town and off to a hotel where he would be working from for the time being.

Six months later…

"This, is chaos." I muttered as I pushed buttons on my Nintendo DS. Currently I was playing some kind of fighting game of Darcy's. It had been six months since my assignment was changed. It was almost a relief. At first it had been hard. I had literally no contact with anyone but the people in the village when I was on assignment. For an entire month I was walking around clueless, and had to spend my nights catching up on the new technology. Helpfully S.H.I.E.L.D. had compiled a folder full of information that I would need.

So here I was stuck in a new cut off place. Seriously, the people in this little town in New Mexico couldn't be any blander. They did the same thing every day, for no explainable reason. The only comfort I get is being an outsider who gladly mixes up their day to day lives. I haven't seen people so obsessive about being normal since I read about the Dursley's in Harry Potter.

"Can I turn on the radio?" Darcy complained, as she usually did. Sassy Darcy, but always pessimistic, there was literally no happiness inside her. It reminds me of me before my operation some days.

I sighed, pausing the game to rub at my aching knuckles. Just a few moments ago, when Jane and Erik had been assembling the van to try and catch the aurora, my claws had come out. For centuries I've been alive, and yet every time the two claws came out of my fists it hurts like the first time.

"No." Jane cut Darcy down. I giggled, looking back at the two who were speaking with each other, before I looked to Darcy.

"I was thinking we could get some food at the diner before we turn in tonight. What do you think?" I asked Darcy. There wasn't much to talk about really. With the amount of tension in the van I could think of little more than food. Jane had for last three months been working on a breakthrough she had about this aurora. If I had known how committed she was to astrophysics I might have taken a different approach to this job, so that I wouldn't have to pretend to be interested. Generally I grasp on to stuff very easily, and this was no exception. The only thing was I found it much more boring than per say, hacking into government facilities like a boss.

"Sounds wonderful." Darcy answered, taking the phone from my left hand. I had a camera in my lap, a Stark & Vinci model of course. It's amazing how much had happened in the amount of time I'd been in that village. I'd barely realized that something had happened to the two major celebrities. It was a shock to read up on the mess that they had gotten in. Or well, it was hard to think that about Annabella Vinci; after all she did own the company. I've never met her, but it was strange to read about her being kidnapped and not hear S.H.I.E.L.D. call in their best agents to find her. Some trick of Fury's I'll bet. You can never really trust that man with anything.

"-predictable to the second." Jane told Selvig as both of them got back into the van. They'd been standing up through the sun roof and gazing out trying to catch the aurora. I wasn't impressed. The calculations that we had made were very unstable and based mostly on theory, not fact. I knew about things being based on theories. After all, I was based mostly on theory; my claws were a side effect of that.

"Jane, it's not your fault, it's all theory, mostly so there was a lot against us." I piped up, watching between Darcy and I's seats as Jane ruffled through her trusty journal. She took that thing everywhere, and wrote every theory she's ever had about anything in there. I wouldn't be surprised if she slept with it. I shifted in my seat, the pair of boots I had on squeaking. I was still a bit uncomfortable in normal clothes, but that could have been because of all the plaid they wear in this place. I was used to wearing worn out clothes in the first place.

Tonight I wore a bright red shirt with a black sports bra under it, showing off the lines of a tattoo, a symbol from a different village in a different world it seemed. My black pants were skinny jeans, and they tucked carefully into my combat boots, which were just big enough to hide a silver pistol. The pistol was a comfort, even if in the six months that I had been here, I didn't have to use any kind of violence.

"I'm telling you there is a connection between these atmospheric disturbances and my research." Jane's frustrated voice answered me and I watched her click around on her almost outdated computer. It wasn't even a Stark & Vinci model, rather some cheaper knock off. I'd tried to use the funds for this mission which I admit I'm taking advantage of, to buy her a new one but she had insisted that it was fine for her. She was just too proud to take it, even if I was supposed to be her benefactor. "I wouldn't have asked you to fund my research if there wasn't." Jane clicked on the computer, sending pictures cycling on it.

"Jane? I think you want to see this." Darcy suddenly announced, looking back to us. I frowned and looked out the windows, my eyes widening. My hands pressed the window down, using the button but for all I was paying attention to it I could have pushed the actual window down.

Outside my window was something much more important. Leaning outside I looked up to the magical storm happening in the sky. It was not what we originally were looking for. No doubt it would still excite Jane, but this was definitely something other worldly. Had I not had the experiences I have had, or more the things I've had done to me, I would have been scared. As of right now I was cautiously shocked. This low level entry assignment just got a lot worse.

And if you weren't a scientist currently bent on discovering something new, you coud figure out that something was very wrong here. The aurora was not what we were looking for. It seemed to just blend out of the sky, metal like rings in it, not lights. Though beautiful it was, lights were in it. An almost rainbow of colors, some I had never seen before and couldn't describe.

"What is that?" Jane asked, moving to see it as well, but I watched, grimly as the thing got larger, and more chaotic.

"I thought you said it was a sudden aurora!" Erik's eyes were frightened and surprised as he too moved to a van window. My knuckles burned and I gripped them. Now was not the time to let my silver claws out. Even with them having been used recently, the situation now held all of my interest, and my claws as well. Sometimes it was as if these things had a mind of their own.

"Go!" Jane shouted and I steadied myself, and the camera as Darcy slammed on the gas pedal, sending us out and toward the raging tornado that was starting to form. Even I was a little cautious going into that storm. When I'm hurt, or in pain, I regenerate but it's painful, and my companions do not regenerate.

"Jane!" I shouted, even as I shot the mystical tornado with the camera. "This is not a good idea!" I gasped as something, with a lot of blue on the heat scale in the camera, hit the ground, blowing around dust everywhere, so we couldn't see anything.

"Get closer!" Jane ignored my logic, looking out of the window beside Erik and I puffed air, coughing when I got a mouth full of sand for my effort.

"Right, Good one.' Darcy muttered in fear, clutching onto the large black wheel of the van. A pair of lucky pink dice, a joke of mine, knocked into each other vigorously as we hit large bump after large bump. I gritted my teeth, keeping a hand on the ceiling so that I don't hit it. Jane didn't even look phased, to concentrated on her research to care that we were all going straight into a tornado of unknown origin.

I've seen things working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and before it. I did not want to know if there was some mythical monster coming to earth. Well, I don't want to be there when it comes out. An involuntary scream left my mouth as Darcy suddenly jerked the wheel to the left, trying to avoid the gigantic cloud of dust we were headed towards, and that was heading toward us.

"What are you doing?" Jane yelled in surprised anger. Sometimes I really think that she believes we all share her 'die for the research' approach at life.

"I am not dying for six college credits!" Darcy fumed, her eyes wide and scared. I can't blame her, this wasn't the best situation in the world, I just wish I could say it was the worst that I've been in. Ah, those who dream.

I grunted in surprise when Jane reached her hand through the seats and grabbed the wheel, turning the van sharply back towards the center of the dust tornado. We went straight into it, and when I looked up from the camera's view I saw literal blue, the color of the white and blue lightning, shot through the tornado and hit the ground, causing our van to go even more crazy. I held tightly to the ceiling, forgetting my strength all together and I prayed that later no one would notice the finger shaped rips in the ceiling.

As of right now though I cursed loudly as Darcy suddenly screamed and hit the breaks, only to hit something. Shocked I looked at the broken window. Had that been a human body that we just hit?

"What did you two do?" I exclaimed, fumbling to open my door, throwing the camera down on the seat as I grabbed onto a flashlight. No matter that I got up and ran to the side of the man, I was still surprised by just what happened. I mean, what was he doing here anyways? It is almost literally the middle of nowhere, with nothing but our town a few miles away. He could not have possibly come from there because I would have heard about him if he did.

I dropped to my knees next to the male, and my breath almost left me. I'd seen a lot of men in my life, but this was amazing. He was blonde headed, slightly long and his beard was one of the brightest blondes that I had ever seen, matching his amazing hair. Not only that, but as he moved I could see the rippling muscles moving in his arms, neck, everywhere really.

"Where did he come from?" Jane questioned, now in shock. I think they all were because they were just staring at me. I pointed to Erik.

"Go try and find the first aid kit." I ordered, looking back down, blinking furiously when I met bright blue eyes, beautiful really. I'd seen attractive men before, but I've never hit one with my van before. He truly was attractive, but I truly was worried that he had a concussion.

"Whoa, does he need CPR? I totally know CPR." Darcy muttered but I heard her and scowled.

"Now isn't the time for jokes Darcy, you hit him with the van." I scolded, putting a hand to the man's forehead. "Sir, are you all right?" I questioned, taking my hand away when I didn't feel a fever from him. He groaned and rolled onto his back. I blinked and watched him carefully as he got up, nearly stumbling back down as he walked a few steps away from us. I suppose it would be strange, to get hit and then wake up with me standing over him. But this seemed a little more than just panic over strangers surrounding him.

"Where did he come from?" Jane questioned, looking around us. I kept my eyes on the stumbling man.

"Hammer? Hammer?" The man spoke and his voice was rather deep. I stood up, cautiously keeping a hand on the gun at my waist. If he was a risk, I would take him out, attractive or not.

"Yeah, we can tell you're pretty hammered. It's kind of obvious." Darcy widened her eyes as the man turned in circles looking up at the sky. Why would he be doing that? He didn't so much look drunk, but more kind of concussion like.

"I think we should take him to the hospital." I announced, looking to Erik as he came back with nothing in his hands. Great, no supplies. These people really didn't understand how to be prepared for all possibilities.

"Oh my God, look at this!" Jane suddenly said, and I flashed my flashlight down to the ground and indeed there was a large circle on the ground. In the circle there were many symbols, all twirling in the dirt and very delicate. "We have to move quickly before this all changes."

"Jane, there's a man who has an obvious concussion and you're worried more about the symbol on the ground?" I questioned her, staring at the circling man.

"Father!" The man yelled to the sky. So much for being handsome, and a deep voice come to think of it. I rubbed my eyebrow with my aching hand. It was starting to go down, as my adrenaline was siphoned out. A man I can deal with, a large cloud of magical energy, I cannot do without some kind of strain on my claws.

"He's fine." Jane waved him away, picking the camera out of the car and began snapping pictures. I sighed in exasperation, and took her shoulder and made her pay attention to the man.

"Hiemdall! I know you can hear me! Open the bifrost!" The man of bulk was yelling still to the sky.

"Does that look fine to you?" I questioned. "He is screaming at the sky. I'm almost positive he has a concussion." I dipped down to kneel so that I could talk to her without grabbing the attention of the man.

"Well you take him to the hospital, and I'll do this stuff." Jane said, still taking pictures, even as the man walked around in the hospital. I opened my mouth to answer but suddenly the man looked down from the sky and to me again. Standing up I cautiously put a hand on my gun again, so that I wouldn't be caught off guard if he came at one of us.

"You." He met my eyes and I was startled with how blue they were, marvelous. "What realm is this?" My eyebrows knitted together as I didn't understand what he was talking about. Realm? Why was that familiar? It seems like I should remember that. "Alfheim? Nornheim?" He started listing off, still kind of out of it seeming.

"New Mexico?" I answered, almost a more question than answer really. It didn't matter because now he had sighted Darcy. I saw the red little dot on his chest and realized she was holding, beside her flashlight, a taser. "Darcy!" I shouted.

"You dare threaten me? Thor? With so puny a weapon? " The 'Thor' man asked. I scowled and walked to Darcy instead.

"This man probably has a concussion, shooting him with a taser will only-" He took a step forward while I was trying to convince Darcy. Either she got scared, or her finger slipped because she tasered him. I watched his body fall and twitch on the ground, groaning. "Fine, if he sues you I'll have no part in it. It's your fault that he even got hit in the first place." I threw my hands up, taking two steps to the man.

I picked his eyelid up but his pupils were blown and he was gone. He'd passed out from being electrocuted and I'd bet she had that thing on full blast. That would have sent someone my size to the ground as well. I turned from kneeling, sighing in exasperation. "Congratulations, if he's concussed he's probably going to be in a coma now." I picked up his arm, heaving him over my shoulder to drag him from the car. Erik hurried to get his other arm but there was no need really. My strength had enhanced far beyond the strength of men.

Together the straining Erik and I dropped the man into the back of the van, with Darcy and Jane hovering beside us. Once he was in I pulled out Jane's laptop and a few pieces of equipment, dumping it on the ground.

"Here, I'll take him to the hospital and look after him." Anything to get out of working through the stuff I'm going to have to because Jane thinks that this pertains to her work. I don't know if it does, I haven't had time, or the want to. I care about what's going on in the universe, I really do but I don't enjoy the actual research of it. I like computers, hacking and being a spy. That's almost it when it comes to work, and so far that's been fine. "You just stay here and research. I'll send Darcy back with the van to pick you up."

The orders just spilt out of my mouth with ease, even though it had been a long time sense I had actually given any one any serious orders. I slammed the back van doors, after letting Darcy, muttering under her breath, climb inside.

So tell me what you think. I've finally got it out. If there are mistakes I apologize for that but this was really hard. This is also the first time that I've ever written this kind of POV (The first part). So, here Ava is and I hope you like her the way she is!