It was Wednesday afternoon and six year old Harry Potter was desperately trying to scrounge up some courage. It was a small thing. It should have been easy, but as Harry stood in the kitchen as Aunt Petunia flipped the channel on the tv to a tourist show he found himself loosing courage. The Dursley's hated when he asked for things even if it was as small as signing off on a school form so that he could go to a petting zoo with his class. It was the first field trip that Harry would ever go on….if he could convince his aunt that he wouldn't shame the Dursley's if they let him go. Harry always had better luck convincing his aunt to let him do things than his uncle. Petunia was more willing to let him out of her sight.

"Um, Aunty Petunia?" The woman in question didn't turn away from the tv though she heard him clearly. The views of Paris interested her far more than whatever he had to say. Harry took a deep breath and repeated the question louder.

"What is it?" She snapped, unhappy that her nephew, the worthless one in her mind, was bothering her during an afternoon where Dudley dearest was at another's woman house playing with friends and she was allowed to relax on the couch.

"Wouldyousignmyfieldtripform?" Harry blurted out, hoping if he rush she would immediately say yes.

"What are you talking about?" Harry walked forward and held out the piece of paper and a pen.

"My class is going on a field trip. I need you to sign the form to go." Aunt Petunia glanced at him, he could see that she wasn't eager to do it. "Everyone else is going including the teacher. It's during school time and everything so you won't have to do anything you don't' normally do."

Aunt Petunia pursed her lips. On the one hand she didn't want the nuisance of a boy out somewhere where his freakishness would show itself, but on the other hand their neighbors would start gossiping about why they didn't let Harry go especially if the school had to hire a temp to watch him.

"Give it." She said, snatching the paper and pen from his hand. With a flourish, he signed it and then shoved it back into Harry's hand. "Get out of my sight." Harry clutched the paper tightly and disappeared into the cupboard under the stairs. Safe there he smiled at the paper and tucked it into his shirt. He was going to spend a whole school day away from Dudley and his friends and get food that wasn't lazily thrown together since the paper said the school would provide lunch. It wouldn't matter that the other kids wouldn't talk to him just those two things were going to make Friday a good day.


Harry stood to the side as he waited for the other kids to be done petting the bunnies so that he could have a turn. He didn't mind waiting, he was use to it and if he was patient then he wouldn't get pushed around by the others. The petting zoo wasn't that big just a few rooms filled with bunnies, puppies, cats, lizards, snakes, gerbils, mice, snails, starfish, and other animals that little kids could touch without the adults worrying about one of them getting hurt. Harry had already gotten to play with the cats and was hoping to see the snakes once he got a chance to pet the bunnies.

Waiting for the other kids to get bored, Harry stared at a poster on the wall. It reminded him of the tv show that Aunty Petunia watched about different cities. It was for a place called Turkey with big sweeping buildings with a lot of arches and domes on top. Harry wondered why anyone would want to name a city after such a bird when a loud screeching alarm went off. He jumped as the other kids started to panic at the noise. The teachers swooped in and corralled the kids, trying to assure them that there was nothing wrong. It worked until they were in the hall and there was smoke everywhere. A boy a few feet from Harry started to scream and all the other kids joined it. Soon people were pushing and shoving and Harry got knocked down to the ground. Someone then stepped on his hand trying to get outside causing Harry to curl up in a ball and wish desperately he was someplace else.

Anywhere, some place nice, some place calm.

An image of Paris, from the tv show that Aunt Petunia watched popped into his head and with a crack Harry was gone. It would take twenty minutes for the teachers to realize he was missing and by that time it would be far too late.


Harry felt hard, hot something underneath him that definitely wasn't the wood floor he had been lying on a moment ago. At least he didn't think so. It was hard to tell with the world spinning around him like an out of control merry-go-round . Harry opened his eyes and immediately the saw the fountain he had just envisioned a second ago, but that was impossible. The fountain was in Paris and he was in England. A glance down told him that he was in the middle of the road.


Harry bolted up terrified as a car, two cars, more cars than he could look at came barreling towards him, their horns honking and breaks screaming.

No, no, no! Take me away!

Harry begged whatever had gotten him here in the first place as he scrambled to get out of the way. His magic, though he didn't know it, obeyed its terrified user and Harry vanished with another crack.


Harry coughed, chocking on the dust in the air. He was in a collapsing building. He didn't know how or why but there was broken glass, pottery, furniture all around and the ground was moving. Or maybe that was him. He felt so sick that he could just die. Maybe he was dying, maybe all this pain was really how your life ended and all Harry was seeing in front of him was illusions made up by his freakish head to deal with the fact that he was back at the petting zoo chocking on smoke. Uncle Vernon had always told him that imagination was a bad thing and now Harry could see why. He didn't want to imagine such terrible things like dying in a collapsing building or the sounds of screaming that were coming from out side it, or maybe that was his own voice. Harry couldn't tell the difference. He felt so sick…..

An arm grabbed him around the middle as angry voices shouted. Harry thought they were coming from inside the building but his eyes were closed tight so he couldn't be sure. Suddenly, the six year old was being hauled through a tight space, spinning faster and faster, without stopping. The sensation was too much for him and he blacked out before the portkey had finished transporting Harry and his savoir.

Suzuki Katsu dropped the spindled that was their portkey and whirled on his wife, Suzuki Miyako, who clutched an unconscious Harry in the one arm not holding onto the portkey.

"You fool!" He shouted at her. Miyako wasn't use to traveling by portkey and fell to the ground when she landed.

"What now husband?" Miyako asked with a groan. The Japanese woman sat up awkwardly, her jet black hair flying everywhere and her robes in tatters.

"Everything! From your idiotic choice of a vacation spot to nearly dying a moment ago!"

"It's not my fault rebels attack our hotel." The wife retorted, shifting so that she could look at the young, bleeding boy that she rescued. He appeared to be European thought Suzuki Miyako couldn't figure out from which country he was from. It didn't help that he was covered in ash and dirt. She knew he was a wizard from the way he had suddenly appeared in their collapsing hotel room, which was something at least.

"No," Katsu snapped back at her. "But why in the name of the Emperor did you risk your life like that?! Do you even know this boy?"

"No, but I wasn't about to let him die there." Miyako struggled to her feet. Katsu took her free hand pulled her up. Once standing, Miyako was able to hold Harry with both arms.

"You nearly died!" Katsu reminded her. "A second slower and you would have been left behind in that cursed building!"

"But I wasn't so stop fussing. You are worse than a mother hen." Ping placed her head on his shoulder. "I'm fine kuro-chan." Katsu moved and held her head in his hands. Their black eyes met and Miyako could see that his anger was just a front for his worry.

"That was too close." Miyako sighed.

"Yes, it was but I don't regret it." This time it was Katsu's turn to sigh.

"I did not think so. Let us get inside before the boy bleeds to death." Miyako nodded and they started turned and entered the grounds of their traditional Japanese home. The stone tigers that guarded it looked at the Wei's unconscious guest with interest but did not move from their posts. Harry Potter was in for a big surprise when he woke up.