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Breakfast was finished in silence and then Mr. Suzuki took Harry's hand and led him outside. Harry could make out three buildings. One was really tall, with swooping roofs, and blue and white. The other was a one story that was mostly brown to his blurry vision. It was still a big building, easily the size of the Dursleys' house.

"That is my workshop," Mr. Suzuki pointed to the tall, blue and white building. "And that is my wife's." He waved to the brown one.

"What do you do in there?" Harry couldn't image what you would be doing that would need all that space.

"I make special paper that one creates shikigami with." Harry looked up at him.

"You can make shikigami?"

"Yes, my family has specialized in making the paper necessary to bind the shikigami and give it form for generations." Mr. Suzuki walked past the buildings onto a stone path that went in beteween the trees that seem to surround the workshops and the building they had just left that Harry guessed was the Suzukis actual home. The trees were evenly spaced and were pink and white leaves and black bark.

"Um, what exactly our shikigami?"

"They are spirits made up of magic and will bound to a slip of paper to be called forth by an onmyoji when it is needed."

"What's an omy…..omiji?"

"Onmyoji." Mr. Suzuki corrected. "They are magic users who specialize in summoning shikigami and divination."

"There are different kinds of meijins?"

"Magic users." Katsu corrected again. "Yes, there are many kinds from many different places. Meijin are ones that rely on their wands to preform many different kinds of magic." Mr. Suzuki didn't seem eager to continue discussing magic so Harry dropped it. Looking ahead, Harry saw a big wooden gate with something curled up in front of it. "Do not leave my side."

"Yes Mr. Suzuki." The thing uncurled itself and stood up on four legs. They kept walking towards it, but Harry could already tell that it wasn't a normal animal. The head was like a big rectangular with two long whiskers and a giant black antler that curved backwards on its head. The body kind of reminded Harry of a small horse or maybe a deer, but it was shiny and a mix of blues and greens with a long and its tail was long with a tuff of hair at the end. As it approached them, Harry realized that its shoulder was taller than him.

"Ohayogozaimasu Okina Kirin." Mr. Suzuki said with a small bow, stopping in the path. He nudged Harry who mimicked him as best he could. Wondering if he should straighten or not, Harry missed what Mr. Suzuki said next. The thing came closer and the English boy began to wonder if he was doing something wrong. "You can straighten Harry."

When he did, Harry saw that the magical animal was barely an inch from him looking down. Its mouth was open and breathing on him. Harry was too nervous to fidget. He had a feeling if he did he would fail whatever test was going on here and that was one thing that he didn't want to do was fail in front of Mr. Suzuki. The animal moved around him and Mr. Suzuki let go of his hand so that the beast could look him all over. Harry stayed still, only daring to follow it with his eyes. Eventually it came back in front of him, nodded its head once and then went back to lying in front of the gate. Katsu let out a sigh of relief.

"Mr. Suzuki…..what just happened?"

"Okina Kirin agreed to protect you while you stayed here. Kirins are wise and powerful magical animals. Four have graciously protected our land and animal for the last seven generations. It would have been difficult to keep you here if they disliked your presence." Harry gulped.

"There are more of them?"

"Three. Do not worry. Okina Kirin is the pickiest when it comes to people being here. If he agrees to protect you the others surely will." Mr. Suzuki put his hand on Harry's shoulder and guided the relieved boy towards the other Kirins. The process was repeated three times with a purple, red Kirin called Samayo Kirin, a pale yellow and white one called Gekko Kirin, and a yellow, blue one who went by Tsumetai Mizumi Kirin. Each time went faster as Samayo Kirin and Gekko Kirin only needed to glance at Harry and Tsumetai Mizumi just took one sniff and then went back to his post. They each guarded the only door along one of the walls that formed a square around Mrs. and Mr. Suzuki's home. By the time they were done, Harry was in awe of how big the place was. Most of the grounds were covered with rows and rows of trees and it was still tiring for an six year old boy to make a whole trip around. Mr. Suzuki offered to carry him back, but Harry declined. He could still walk and it felt wrong to inconvenience him like that.

Mrs. Suzuki was waiting for them when they returned. She waved from the doorway of the house. Harry waved back.

"Dodeshita ka?" Mr. Suzuki responded to her in Japanese and whatever he said put a smile on her face. They talked for a bit and Mrs. Suzuki beckoned them into the house and back to the room Harry had been staying in.

"Hari-kun o yoko ni shite kudasai." Harry looked at Mr. Suzuki.

"My wife wants you to lie on the bed." Harry nodded and did as he was told. It was nice to be off his feet and he was so tired he had to fight to keep awake. From that point Miyako had Harry look at different things and answer the questions that Katsu translated for him. All of it seemed to have to do with his sight, but Mrs. Suzuki didn't give him time to ask questions about what was going on. When she was done, she nudged him back under the covers and placed a piece of paper over his eyes. He felt her write something on the piece of paper. He reached up his hands to touch it when Mr. Suzuki spoke.

"Leave that alone." Harry dropped his hands back down. It was hard to obey when a paper had suddenly started to make his eyes unbearably itchy. He closed them and wished the itchy away and before he knew it was fast asleep. Miyako tucked the end of the healing paper under the sleeping child's head and quietly left the room.

"Do you think that will work?" Katsu followed her.

"I hope so. He is very nearsighted, but I think I might be able to fix it."

"Should we get Hari-kun a pair of glasses as well?" Miyako pursed her lips.

"Give me some time to see if it will heal. If it does not then we should start looking for some place that makes them."

"Very well." Miyako stretched her arms upwards.

"A good way to start the day, hmm?"

"It was interesting." Miyako grinned at Katsu's perfectly bland tone. She knew him well enough to know that when he used that voice he was teasing. She summoned her shikigami and had it split into two to aid her in her workshop. The healing paper that she had placed on Harry was weak. She would be spending the rest of the day in her workroom to make him one that would hopefully be strong enough to fix his eyes. Katsu went to his own workroom to pick up the tools he would need to do the regular check up on the cherry trees.

Translations Note:

Kin no Hikari Chiku: Gold Light district. I forgot to put in the translation section last chapter. My apologies.

Ohayogozaimasu Okina Kirin: Goodmorning Great Kirin

Samayo Kirin: Wandering Kirin

Gekko Kirin: Moonlight Kirin

Tsumetai Mizumi: Cold Lake Kirin.

Dodeshita ka: How did it go?

Hari-kun o yoko ni shite kudasai: Please lie down Hari-kun.