I've had a few names in my life; Clara. Camilla. Claire.

Clara was my original name, brushed into my being with a loving kiss bestowed upon me by my mother the day I was brought into this harsh cruel world. Since then I have learnt pain. And evil. I have become it. But I am not bound by it. My life is dictated by me, and me alone. I bow to no one yet all fall before me. As they should.

I was once the innocent bastard of a penniless fisherman. Lonely, abandoned, naive. My mother died ten years into my life, leaving me behind to fend for myself. I worked on the beaches, fixing nets and collecting half rotted offerings the pitying fishermen threw me. That all changed the day the men on the horses came. And I have never been the same since. I am not as I once was. I have become polluted and dark. Foul. Like poison itself to those around me. But I do not regret my transformation. It saved my life and secured that of my daughter, Eleanor.

We used to be innocent and normal. Just like you. We used to have hearts that danced in our chests and smiles unbroken by sadness and pain. We used to feel the world shift around us with happy smiles when it made us dizzy with it's mischief. Feeling strong and safe in the arms of our new life as it reunited us and bound us together. But that was a very long time ago. My mistake ruined that for us.

And so now we travel. Running. Always running. From our past. From our future. Always a new place. Always somewhere different, remote. Lost. Just the two of us bound eternally to keep going. We never notice the world changing and transforming around us. Too busy fleeing for our lives to concentrate on today while we escape yesterday for tomorrow. And it has changed. Yet we stay the same.

We have a secret. A code we live by. And we must keep it.