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Chapter 1

Normal P.O.V

"LLLLUUUCCCYYYY! Lets go on a job!" Natsu Dragneel shouted across the guild, causing every head to turn in their direction. "Shut up Natsu!" Lucy whispered, elbowing in the ribs, blushing cherry red. "Ow! Which one hold we go for anyway?" Natsu replied, sounding a bit hurt. Ignoring this, Lucy said,"Uhhhh... one that can pay my rent."

"How about this one in ? It's 700,000 jewels and you have a lot left over."

"Wow, this ones great lets go! Come on happy!" Lucy said, dragging Natsu away while Happy flew after them.

Natsu P.O.V

''FIRE DRAGONS ROAR!" I roared at the monster and it passed out and fell to the ground, unconscious. But, all the work wasn't just me. LOKI had to help. "Thanks Loki" I mumbled. "What did you say?" Loki said, smug out of his stupid mind! "THANK YOU OKAY!" I screamed, furious. Loki smirked, walked up to Lucy up to Lucy and suddenly KISSED her real possessively, hands everywhere! "Bye Lucy'' he said and vanished. what. the. FFFUUUCCKKK? There was a fire in the pit of my stomach! What was this feeling! "WHAT THE HELL?! WHY ID HE KISS YOU?" I screamed.

"Oh, were-well, uhhh-" she stammered. I cut her off, enraged and impatient "JUST TELL ME!" even though i already new the answer..."Were going out" WWWHHHHYYYY. Wait what? WHY DID I FEEL LIKE THIS? Leo was my good friend and so was Luce. I should be happy for them...but I'm not ''N-Natsu, you're on fire y'know...'' Fuck. I quickly set off my fire and stomped off to the coach, Lucy following behind with a look of hurt and confusion on her face.

I sat in the bar, one side of my face on the table. "Someone looks down in the dumps." It was Mirajane Strauss, sweet but VERY SCARY bar maid of Fairy Tail. Wait, it was Mira! Wasn't she good with this stuff? Wait what stuff? I'm so confused! "Mira, why have I got a really creepy feeling when you see you're best friend with another guy?"

"OH. MY. GOD! ohmygodohmygodohmygod! You're so dense!" she squealed excitedly. "What! I'm not dense!" I pouted, offended by her 'comment' "but um... can you help me?" I whispered. "Jeez, Natsu! You're jealous!" she revealed slowly, like I was a FREKIN 4 YEAR OLD! "AM NOT!" I screamed. or was I...? Mirajane is the best at this sort of thing... so maybe... HELL NO! NO cuz that would mean (gulp in mind) I like Lucy. ''Pffffff. Yh right Mira, of course I like her!" I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes my eyes. She smiled, ignoring the sarcasm and silently dried some glasses. I suddenly realised that she was plotting something. ''NO! Don't even think about it Mira!" "What? Why not!?'' She asked, desperate. She looked completely innocent... But I knew better! "You know exactly what I mean. And don't even try..." I growled. By know, everyone in the guild was staring at us. I got up and headed towards the doors. ''Don't ask" I scowled at everyone. "Yo wait up Flamebrain!" Gray said as he jumped up and headed after me. Gajeel did the same. I was really in a bad mood so i didn't mind to fight them bastards. Although, these were the only people i could tell about Lucy...Not that I was gonna duh! "What did you call me, ice princess?!" Apparently, he wasn't in the mood for fighting. "Ya want to go to the stripper club with me and metalhead?'' well, i did need a break... "Sure i'll be there" as they walked past, Gajeel said the one thing I thought he didn't know about me "Lucy's on yer mind..."

Lucy P.O.V

ARG! I was so annoyed! Natsu is going out with a FREKIN PROSTITUTE! It all started...

Natsu P.O.V-Flash back*********

Metalhead, Me and Stripper walked towards the club, Rainbows. "Seriously? Are you serious?" I said to Gray. "Yh, just pick up a girl...or a few and get drunk!" Gray smirked.

Later, I was doing one thing right. Getting drunk. I was so wasted, I could hardly recognise Gray!(Of course he was in his underwear -_-) Suddenly, he shoved meinto this random girl with blonde hair. Lucy! I willing went to her and then... then...

Flashback over*********

"Hey Natsu, morning" a girl whispered in my ear. I almost fell out of bed! A quick look under the covers relived my, knowing i hadn't gone that far! Phew! Natsu? Whats wrong?" she said. I turned to her "Lu-" But i stopped. This girl WAS NOT Lucy. Her hair was died blonde while Lucys was original. FUCK! Why was i so happy I thought it was lucy anyway? "I..uh..dont um remember you." I stuttered, while i climbed out of my bed and went to the kitchen to get some aspirin for this killer hangover. It didn't work. The girl followed me and said, unfazed, "oh,well, you were rally drunk so I'm not surprised. Im Hikari by the way." Suddenly, Happy flew in, took one look at the girl in my shirt and started laughing his little ass off "HAHAHA NATSU JUST LOST HIS PURITY TO-" "NO!" I cut him off. "This is Hikari my uuuhhhh-" "Girlfriend. Natsu Im gonna take a shower. See ya!" she cut me off, without taking a breath! As soon as she was gone, Happy hit me. "What the HELL Happy?!" "Natsu, What about..." he said "Who?" i replied. (akward silence...) "Lucy" he finally whispered. ''HOW COME EVERYONE KNOWS?! You know what, I'm fine with Hikari and I. And plus, WHY DOES EVERYONE KNOW!" I was honestly distressed and curious at the same time (Its a very strange feeling) "Duh, Mira told us by her jumping around the place! And its obvious that you llliiikkkeee each other!" Happy said, rolling his eyes. "SHUT UP! Ok, i have a ssmmaall crush on her but thats it! Plus, she dosent like me back. She's going out with Loki.'' I said, sneering the last name just a tad bit. "Oh" Happy said. It was a bit akward for a bit. Then Hikari walked out of the bathroom in a tight red dress. "See ya! I'll be back tonight!" hen she pecked my cheek and walked out." After the door closed, Happy (That annoying bastard) said "she llliikkkkeeessss you!" I tried to catch him but he flew away, laughing. "GGGGRRRR! Anyway, I'm gonna tell Lucy whats going on and that I can't go on a job with her at the moment because i have a BIG ASS HEADACHE!" I sighed grumpily. "HAHA! Natsu's got a hangover!" Happy sung. He was still singing it when we got to the guild, which didn't make my headache ANY better!

Lucy P.O.V.

Leo and I were sitting at one of the tables in the guild. I could feel Miras piercing glare burning through my back but i had no clue why and i didn't dare look at her. Suddenly, the doors swung open and I could hear happy and Natsu before I saw them (-_-) Happy was singing something about Natsu having a hangover? Then I heard Natsu shout at him to tell him to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Then they walked in looking really proud (Natsu especially). Gray and Natsu shared a look before Natsu walked over to me. My heart started beating but i had no clue why. "Oh, uh Lucy,I can't go on a job cause i got drunk at a str-bar and so my head is killing me! Oh, and I got a girlfriend." Then he walked off to get some water (He has a hangover so Mira said NO alcohol) I could hear Mira looking upset but Natsu was obviously oblivious to that as he talked animatedly about the girl. I'm so angry! No I'm not gonna do this. I'm going out with Leo, stop thinking about Natsu! I don't like him inthat way. Do I? NO! Or maybe... NO! "Hey Lucy, you okay?" Leo asked, looking worried. "Yeah, I'm fine" I mumbled as a reply, not bothered to fake smile. "Her name is Hikari and I met her at the bar!" I heard Natsu tell Mira. Ggggrrrr. "Actually, Leo, I'm sorry. It's... It's over!" I said and ran out of Fairy Tail, crying.

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