I walked to the bed and lay down; maybe I would take Loki's suggestion to sleep. I closed my eyes and fell into dreamful sleep.

A little girl ran into a shack and then crawled out the window. A man followed her and seemed disappointed when she climbed away.

"Should have got paid up front, Banner." The man mumbled to himself.

A woman appeared from behind the curtains. The man, Banner, turned around quietly to face her.

"You know, for a man who's supposed to be avoiding stress, you picked a hell of a place to settle." She said kindly, looking around.

"Avoid stress isn't the secret." He replied.

"Then what is? Yoga?" she asked.

"You brought me to the edge of the city, smart. I uh... assume the place is surrounded?"

"Just you and me."

"And your actress buddy is she a spy too? Do they start that young?"

"I did."

"Who are you?"

"Natasha Romanoff."

"Are you here to kill me, Miss Romanoff? Because that's not gonna work out for everyone."

"No. No. Of course not. I'm here on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D."

"S.H.I.E.L.D. How did they find me?"

"We never lost you, doctor. We've kept our distance, even helped keep some other interested parties off your scent."


"Nick Fury seems to trust you. But now I need you to come in."

"What if I said no?"

"I'll persuade you."

"And what if the… other guy says no?"

"You've been more than a year without an incident. I don't think you wanna break that streak."

"I don't get always what I want."

"Doctor, we're facing a potential global catastrophe."

"Well, those I actively try to avoid."

Natasha reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone.

"This is the Tesseract. It has the potential energy to wipe out the planet."

"What does Fury want me to do? Swallow it?"

Okay, now I was really confused.

"Well, he wants you to find it. It's been taken. It omits a gamma signature that's too weak for us to trace. There's no one that knows gamma radiation like you do. If there was, that's where I'd be."

"So Fury isn't after the monster?"

"Not that he's told me."

"And he tells you everything?"

"Talk to Fury, he needs you on this."

"He needs me in a cage?"

"No one's going to put you in a-"


Banner's voice sounded like someone completely different. Natasha pulled out a gun faster than lightning and aimed it at his face. Banner stood up straight, smiling cautiously.

"I'm sorry, that was mean." He said shakily. "I just wanted to see what you'd do. Why don't we do this the easy way, where you don't use that, and the other guy doesn't make a mess? Okay? Natasha…"

Warily, Natasha lowers her hand gun after a pause.

"Stand down. We're good here." She said into an ear piece.

"Just you and me?" Banner joked.

I was woken to someone shaking me awake. I rolled over to see who it was. I was greeted to the black eyes and dirty blonde hair of Agent Barton.

"Go away." I mumbled. Barton continued shaking me till I slapped his hand away and sat up. "Happy now?"

"Loki is requesting you." Barton said.

"Tell him to wait." I groaned.

"No can do, Miss Hill." He answered.

"Fine." I mumbled.

I stood up and followed Barton out of the room. As soon as I stepped out the door, two guards had grabbed my lower arms, conforming my thoughts that there was no way I could escape. I was lead through corridors until we reached an open area. It was filled with science-y stuff at one end and weapons in another. In the middle, was an open area, where Loki stood. I was pulled towards him, so that we were mere steps away. The guards let go of my arms and stood at attention a few steps away.

"What did you see in your vision, my darling?" Loki asked.

"I didn't have a dream." I lied.

"Don't lie to me child." Loki snapped. "I am the god of lies, I always know when someone lies."

"Well then, I won't tell you." I spat.

Loki gave Barton a slight nod and he grabbed my arm, digging his nails into the cut.

"You'll have try harder than that." I gritted through my teeth.

Barton dug his fingers further in, until blood started to form on my on my hoodie and the pain became unbearable.

"Okay," I gasped, "I'll tell you."

Barton let go of my arm and I shot him a death glare, rubbing my arm. If only looks could kill.

"There was a woman, Natasha Romanoff I think her name was." I started. "She was talking to a man about the Tesseract. I think his name was Dr. Banner. He kept talking about, 'The Other Guy'."

"You have proved a worthy investment, Miss Hill." Loki smiled.

"And I don't know how many times I have to tell you you're crazy." I spat back.

"Take her back to her room." Loki ordered.

The guards grabbed my lower arm and marched me back down the corridors and to my room. I was shoved in and the door locked behind me. I was so frustrated that I swore that I heard a light bulb break just outside my door. I calmed down and went to the desk; there I pulled out a piece of paper and started drawing. When I finished hours later, I looked at the man I had drawn. He was slumped against a wall. His white shirt was splattered in blood, his lips dripped blood at the sides, and his eyes were glassed over. In his lap, was what looked like a giant flame thrower. Around him were collectable cards, with a different superhero on each one. To my surprise, both Barton and I had a card. This was just weird.

I put all the pencils away and stuck the picture next to the others. The man I had drawn kept running throw my head. Where had I seen him before, where did I know him from? I just couldn't place my finger on it.

My door opened and a man with black eyes walked in. He wore casual jeans and a t-shirt, and in his left hand, he carried a first aid bag.

"My name's Jack Harrow." He said, putting down his bag next to the bed. "I'm here to look at your arm."

I sat down on the bed and pulled off my hoodie. He pulled up a chair and sat on it. He gently grabbed my arm and started looking up and down it.

"You won't need stiches." He decided. "But you'll need a very tight bandage. Where can I get some water?"

"Bathroom." I answered.

He stood up and walked into the bathroom. As soon as his back was turned to me, I reached into his bag and pulled out some safety pins, stuffing them into my back pocket. Harrow came back and washed my cut with the water before wrapping it in a bandage. He stood up and left once he was done.

I stood up as soon as the door locked and pulled out the pins from by back pocket.

"Harrow, you may just be what I needed for a little fun."