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My arm hurt a lot so I decided to go to sleep.

My dream was of a man I instantly recognised as Iron Man. The armour landed and Stark walked down the landing pad and into the penthouse, having his armour stripped off him. As he did, a computer spoke to him.

"Sir, I have Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the line." JARVIS informed him.

"I'm not here, I'm actually out." Stark smirked.

"Sir, I'm afraid he's insisting." JARVIS said.

"Close the line JARVIS. I got a date." Stark smiled.

He walked in and Pepper Potts was staring at a monitor.

"Levels are holding steady… I think." He mumbled.

"Of course they are, I was directly involved." Stark said confidently. "Which brings me to my next question: how does it feel to be a genious?"

"Well, ha, I really wouldn't know now, would I?" Pepper smiled.

"What do you mean?" Tony asked. "All this came from you."

"No." she pointed at the arc reactor in his chest. "All this came from that."

"Give yourself some credit, please." Stark pleaded. "Stark Tower is your baby. Give yourself… twelve percent of the credit."

"Twelve percent?" Pepper questioned.

"An argument can be made for fifteen." Stark joked.

"Twelve percent? For my baby?" She questioned.

"Well, I did do all the heavy lifting." Stark added. "Literally, I lifted the heavy things. And sorry, but the security snafu? That was on you."

"Oooooh." Pepper smiled.

"My private elevator-" he started.

"You mean OUR elevator." She butted in.

"-was teeming with sweaty workman." He continued. "I'm going to pay for that comment about percentages in some subtle way later, aren't I?"

"Not going to be subtle." She agreed, pouring herself and Tony a glass of champagne.

"Sir, the telephone." JARVIS said. "I'm afraid my protocols are being overwritten."

"Stark, we need to talk." Agent Coulson said over the phone.

Stark picked up the phone and looked at Coulson's picture.

"You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark, please leave a message." He said monotonly.

"This is urgent." Coulson persisted.

"Then leave it urgently." Stark suggested.

At that moment, the elevator doors and Coulson appeared.

"Security breach." Stark called.

"Mr Stark." Coulson greeted him.

"Phil! Come in." Pepper said kindly, standing up and walking over.

"Phil?" Stark asked. "His first name is Agent."

"Come on in, we're celebrating." Pepper ignored Tony.

"Which is why he can't stay." Tony agreed.

"We need you to look this over." Coulson said, holding out a file for Stark. "Soon as possible."

"What did Fury destroy this time?" Stark asked.

"This is about the Tesseract, Stark." Coulson snapped. "Agent Barton, Doctor Selvig and Miss Hill have been kidnapped."

"Miss Hill?" Pepper asked. "As in Maria Hill?"

"As in Indiana Hill, Agent Hill's niece."

I woke up and sat up quickly, stretching as I looked around. I stood up and walked calmly to the door, pulling out the safety pin. I bent the metal back so it was more of a pin than a safety pin. I poked it into the door and started jiggling it around.

"It's so much easier in the movies." I muttered.

The door unlocked and I opened it slowly. Outside, were two guards, standing at attention on either side of the door. This is going to be fun. One of the guards noticed to door was open and opened it further. When he put his head in the door, I slammed it shut, knocking him unconscious. The other guard moved around to face me and I punched him in the face. I got a satisfying crack as he hit the floor.

I closed the door behind me and ran quietly down the corridors and till I reached an all too familiar open area. Selvig and several scientists were working around a CMS device. Barton walked up, holding a tablet.

"Put it over there!" Selvig ordered. "Where did you find all these people?"

"S.H.I.E.L.D. has no shortage of enemies, Doctor." Barton answered. He held up a screen showing information on MUTDIRI. No, wait. I started a little closer and read it the right way, Iradium. "Is this the stuff you need?"

"Yeah, iridium." Selvig confurmed. "It's found in meteorites, it forms anti-protons. It's very hard to get hold of."

"Especially if S.H.I.E.L.D. knows you need it." Barton added.

"Well, I didn't know!" Selvig answered, then noticed Loki coming. "Hey! The Tesseract is showing me so much. It's more than just knowledge, it's… truth."

"I know." Loki answered. "What did it show you, Agent Barton?"

"My next target." Barton answered.

"Tell me what you need." Loki ordered.

"I'll need a distraction." Barton said, grabbing his bow. "And an eyeball."

"Very well." Loki agreed. "I believe I will need a partner."

Loki turned around and started walking towards the corridor. I realised his, partner, was me. I ran, unseen, down the corridor. I expected to be scared, but the whole time, I was giggling like a schoolgirl. I reached my room and opened to door, locking it behind me, then ran over to my desk and sat down, pretending to be working on a drawing.

My door opened and Loki stormed in. I turned my turso to him, hooking my arm over the back of the chair.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Why are your guards uncounsious?" he asked annoyed.

"I got bored." I answered.

"So you decided to go for a walk." Loki guessed.

"Exactly." I answered. "But I assume we're going out?"

"How did you know?" he asked.

"Was I really so good that you didn't hear me giggling as I ran down the corridor?" I asked.

"Yes." Loki answered.

I stood up and put my hands on my hips, looking at him annoyed.

"Well, I assume you're not going in that?" I asked.

"No." he answered. "But you're going in this."

He clicked his fingers and my clothes vanished, being replaced with a beautiful gown. The turso hugged my figure tightly, showing off my curves like a prize. It had one sleeve that went to my wrist. The skirt was long and flowing, with a small but effective trail. Underneath, I had heels and tights. The worst part, was that it was completely green.

I groaned loudly, just so that Loki knew well and truly that I didn't like the idea.