The Deathly Hallows: Amazon Reviews

Chapter 2: The Resurrection Stone

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Two out of Five Stars It Works, but it is an Abomination circa 1291 CE

By Cadmus Peverell

The Itim did bring backe the Ladye that was long promesed me in Mariage, but she wast un-pleased by her returne to these Mortall Reallms, and I shared in her greving, fore I did love her greatly, and I shal sune bi joining her in the Heer-Aeftter whaer she dost beelong.

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Five out of Five Stars Don't Understand the Name, but an Heirloom circa 1923 CE

By Marvolo Gaunt

No idea why the page says 'Resurrection stone', but it has the Peverell crest on it and is therefore an important Heirloom. It has been in my family for hundreds of years as a sign of our Pure-blood heritage. It is a sign of the Gaunt, of my STATUS. Those humbugs at the Ministry and Muggle-lovers may try ta change it, but the right of the Pure-blood will prevail, and this ring symbolises that!

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Three out of Five Stars A Piece of the Important side of my Family 12 July, 1943

By Tom Riddle

Got it off my dear Uncle Morfin, I wore it for the school year, the sign of my Pure-blood ancestors. This summer, though, after I met the man who gave me my current name, I decided it could be put to a… better use. It shall help me in my quest to put wizards in their proper place over muggles. It features an elegant black jewel carved with the supposed symbol of the Ancient Peverell Family, of which I am a part, set in a thick, ornately carved gold band. It is well-worth an investment.

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Four out of Five Stars I Could See my Family, but I Shouldn't Use It 5 June, 1996

By Albus Dumbledore

I am sorely tempted to use this ring, but I am not meant to, as I was quickly reminded by a rather nasty jinx placed upon it. I would have liked to see my sister again, and my parents, but my haste has since again shown that I should not be given the control of such powerful objects. No object can truly bring back a person from the dead, but this brings them to you. You can see them again, talk to them. It should not be used, but what an extraordinary idea.

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Three out of Five Stars I've Lost it, but that's a Good Thing 2 May, 1998

By Harry Potter

I talked to my parents. It was amazing, but the people who have died, they don't belong here anymore, and we have to let them go. I talked to my parents, Sirius, and Remus, and they were with me when I met Voldemort in the Forest, but the Stone only brings back an echo. I was told many years ago that death was 'but the next great adventure' and the living need to let those who have gone on get on with their adventure. The same man told me that the dead never truly leave us, and I've come to realise how true that is, we don't need the Stone to bring them back.

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