"Edward! Isabella!" The photographers yelled as we got out of the car.

Bella carried our three-year-old daughter, Lizzie, and I had Cameron. Emma's hand was glued to my free one as we walked. She knew the drill while we stayed here in Chicago.

As I guided us into the entrance of The Ritz, I also caught the confused look Lizzie shot all the screaming people out front. My father and Rose's parents followedbehind us. Bella had spotted the sign for the Cullen-Hale wedding and took the lead.

"Was all that yelling necessary?" Emma huffed.

"It's your Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rosie's wedding; they want to get pictures for the papers." I tried to explain.

She raised an eyebrow and I heard my wife's giggle from beside me.

"I want down, please," Cameron begged and I set him down.

He stood looking out at all of the commotion going on behind us. I knew he was wary of it. We kept him and Lizzie away from the States if we could. Emma spent her summers with Charlie and Sue.

During her summer stays in Forks, she also visited Newton's mother. Newton had been sentenced to fifteen years in a blue-collar prison for extortion. Jessica was the current President and CEO of Newton's Outfitters.

After the sentencing, we went to family court where the judge waived all of Michael's rights and granted the adoption. Emma was now Emma Leigh Cullen. It was during our second trip to Forks a year later when Nora Newton contacted Bella.

She was humiliated by her son's behavior and wanted to meet Emma. We left that decision up to Emma and she surprised us with wanting to meet with her grandmother. She now kept in touch with her and was planning to visit with her toward the end of this trip.

Bella and I were proud that she made decisions in regards to her biological parentage. She wanted to know her grandmother. She was more hesitant when it came to Newton's other children. Emma, at this point in time, said that Cameron and Lizzie were her only siblings and we respected that. If she ever changed her mind, Bella and I agreed we'd support her.

"Daddy," Lizzie whined, reaching for me.

"Can you take her?" Bella asked with a smile. "I need to make sure Rose is holding up."

I took our daughter and watched as the newlyweds made their way through the lobby. As they walked, security surrounded them. Chicago's most eligible bachelor had just been taken off the market. It had taken them years to get to this place. Rose was hell bent on not falling in love with my brother, but he wore her down. He was patient and gentle with her. His loud rowdiness had eventually calmed her down.

The first time Emmett witnessed one of Rose's nightmares, he called Bella in a panic. She talked him through it, explaining that she needed her space. He then became determined to be there for her. That's how my goofy older brother fell in love with the beautiful broken girl.

The media had access to Rose's past and told the story of the college socialite who was raped by her fiancé and a group of his frat brothers. Emmett was infuriated about the breach of her privacy. Her parents contacted her and of course wanted to know about her new life. The daughter they had known had been catatonic and terrified of men and now she was involved with one of the wealthiest ones in America.

I watched as Rose hugged Bella and whispered something in her ear. Emmett let go of her hand before kissing both Rose and Bella's cheeks.

"Edward," my father said, suddenly by my side. "Elizabeth is growing fast."

"I'm a big girl, Grandpa," Lizzie giggled.

"I thought you were still my baby," I told her.

She shook her head, squirming. I set her down and she ran to Emma.

"She's a sprite just like Alice was," he said quietly.

I'd heard that my father and Alice had communicated some over the past few years. Jasper was the cause of this little reunion of sorts. Alice was now eight months pregnant with their first child and she changed her mind about our father when Jasper asked her to put herself in his shoes. That hit her hard as she thought about her baby not wanting to communicate with her at all in the future.

My father was right though; my daughter favored her aunt and my mother. She had her mother's feistiness though, through and through.

"Have you talked to Alice today?"

"I saw her in the church," he said nonchalantly.

I shook my head.

He'd always been stubborn, but the last few years had been better. He had become a parent to my siblings and me and a grandfather to his grandkids. He vacationed on the island and took Esme and Carlisle's children to the park. A lot had changed for him; he looked happier.

"Babe, we need you for pictures," Bella called out to me.

"I'll watch the kids," my father offered.

"Thanks," I said, patting him on the shoulder.

I made my way over to my wife. She smiled brightly as I took her hand in mine. We walked over to where the photographer and the rest of the wedding party were. Carlisle and I stood next to Emmett while Rose stood with Bella and Esme at her side. The happiness was contagious.

Rose deserved this more than anything. After everything she had been through,

now here she was, glowing.

Bella swore this was all meant to happen. I'd lived a lie my whole life. I did everything my father mapped out for me until I met Bella and Emma. If I hadn't walked in on Tanya and James that night, none of us would be here.

I watched my wife as she threw her head back in laughter at something Emmett said. She looked the same as the day I met her, but I would say more elegant in the way she carried herself. She taught me how to love not only her, but our children as well. Bella made me want to be a better man. For that I'd always be grateful.

There were no regrets.

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