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Zack and Maya were the perfect couple. Sure, they had a few little flaws, but doesn't every couple? They were always coming up with little surprises to make the other feel special. Zack felt good: for once he was going steady with a girl and he really enjoyed it. The whole Maya thing was making him happier and it was probably the reason of his grade improvement! Instead of straight D's, he was now averaging C- to C+. That made Miss Tutwiler happier so she stopped Cody tutoring him which made Cody happier, which made Bailey happier as Cody and Bailey had more time together. Zack stopped playing pranks on Woody which made Woody happier. And London was happier as her father was doing sensationally well in business which meant he could rise her allowance to 5 gold bars a week! So basically the whole Maya thing made everyone happier.

"Maya was sooo good that probably nothing could make it better, and NOTHING would make it worse," Zack Martin thought as he sat down to a meal, with his long-time girlfriend. Or so he thought! Maybe, there might be one little thing, or person that could ruin everything?

"Zack!" Maya gushed, "This is perfect! But it must have cost you a fortune!"

"Nothing is too good for you," Zack replied.

"Awwwwwww, Zack!" Maya said, in her usual cute way.

"HOT," Zack thought.

30 mins later,

"That was lovely Zack!" Maya complimented.

"Thanks Maya, do you want me to walk you to your room?" Zack offered.



"Hi, I'm new here on the ship; I'm starting Seven Seas High," a new girl said.

"Ah, is this your name and birthdate?" Marion Moseby asked the young girl, while pointing to his clipboard.

"Yes, that's me."

"Well, the S.S Tipton welcomes you aboard! Let me just get your room key." Mr. Moseby fumbled around for a minute. "Wait a second; we don't have a room for you!"

"Mr. Moseby, my roommate has run off! Basically, she left a note saying, London bribed her off the ship so then she could get me into her room and she would get my room all to herself!" Maya said in such a hurry that Mr. Moseby barely heard her!

"Well, I guess we found you a room, new girl!" Marion said looking relieved; he was probably not going to be sued after all!

"Hi, I'm Maya and I guess we are going to be roommates!"

"Yeah, roommates sound fun. Although, I'm an only child, so I'm not that good at sharing things!"

"That's fine. So, where are you from?"

"Boston. I've lived there all my life, "Agnes answered.

"So, why did you move here?"

"Because all the people who, lived there hated me. So, my parents said I need a fresh start!"

"Interesting. Okay, I'll leave you to unpack and settle in! Bye"

"See ya!"

Maya led her to their cabin and left the new girl to unpack while she went to tell Zack what had just happened.


"….. So then Mr. Moseby said she could be my new roommate!" May gushed hardly daring to breathe!

"Whoa, slow down, what did you say her name was?" Zack asked.

"I don't know, Mr. Moseby had another customer so he forgot to introduce us and that girl didn't tell me her name."

The "new girl" was wandering about the deck, when she saw a sight that shocked her!

A boy was standing next to a girl who was presumably his girlfriend, chatting.

But, "new girl" could have sworn that she knew the boy!

"Is that…" She wondered.

"Zackie!" the "new girl" called out, in amazement.

Zack turned and gasped.

"Is that really…."

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Chapter 2: You Again

"Agnes?" Said Zack surprised

"You guys know each other?" Asked Maya

"Yeah we have known each other since first grade before Zack came here we dated and now that we're together we can continue our relationship" Said Agnes

"Zack, you lied to me" Said Maya hurt

"NO Agnes that's BS. She was mine and Cody's creepy stalker" Said Zack

Zack ran out of the room to go find Cody. He ran to his cabin and opened the door and then locked it.

"Zack what's wrong?" Asked Cody

"SHHHH, she's here and she thinks were in a relationship and Maya I think broke up with me."

"Zack who?"

"Agnes." Whispered Zack

Cody grabbed his phone and called Bailey and told her to come to his cabin ASAP.

Zack called Maya and left Maya a message to come here without Agnes. She didn't answer her phone. Bailey arrived at Cody's cabin and she was told to stay there. Zack and Cody went to go get Maya. Zack opened Maya's door to her cabin. The twins walked in.

"Zack get the hell out of my room." Screamed Maya

"Maya will you please come out in the hall and talk to me? Cody you can go back to your room."

Maya walked out with Zack, and Cody.

"Maya, Zack's telling the truth, she is a creepy stalker actually she liked me and hated Zack. She kissed me in 7th grade. Maya please take my brother back he's in love with you." Said Cody

Zack's face turned bright red. Maya walked over to him and said "I don't believe you."

Zack ran back to his cabin and slammed the door shut. Cody followed Zack to his room and it was locked. He could hear Zack crying in his cabin. Zack opened the door and let Cody in.

"Zack I have a plan to get Agnes kicked off the boat but it will take both of us and Bailey."

Cody told Zack the plan and Zack thought it was pretty brilliant. So the twins left Zack's cabin and went to talk to Bailey. Bailey agreed and would help them out.


It was 7am and everybody was in school with Ms.T. Zack sat next to Agnes so he started talking to her as part of the plan. Someone threw a note at Zack.


Will you go out with me? I know we never dated and I was your stalker but I love you and I want you to be my boyfriend.


Maya saw what just happened, Zack never responded to her note. After school was over maya bolted out of the room and to work, at the smoothie bar. Zack followed her.

"Maya look what she wrote." Said Zack

Maya read the note and looked up at Zack.

"So it is true?" Asked Maya

"Yes Maya why would I lie to you, I love you will you please take me back?"

Maya kissed Zack on the lips. Zack picked Maya up and put her on the counter and kept kissing her until he picked her up and carried her to her cabin. When they walked in EVERYTHING was destroyed. Well Maya's things.

"Zack is this what she did?" Asked Maya

"I told you she's creepy, Zack can you help me clean up my stuff?" Asked Maya

They picked everything up and by that time Zack kissed Maya goodnight and he left. Maya went to bed and she woke up in the middle of the night with Agnes holding a knife to her throat.

"HELP!" screamed Maya

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