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Two days had went by, Eric and Maya were still a mushy and romantic. Zack was even more jealous than before. School had just ended and Eric was still sitting at his desk, Maya went over and sat on his lap. Zack still sat there and looked at Maya very sad. He listened to their conversation, they were going out to see a movie at 8pm tomorrow night on the sky deck. Then they kissed and Zack got up and left the classroom and then made his way back to his cabin.

Zack's POV:

I went back to my cabin and changed into my work clothes. Then I made my way up to the sky deck. I started making smoothies for customers, then picking up empty smoothie cup. I was also looking for a date for tomorrow night for the movie. Finally a tall, blonde hair girl walked by. I walked up to her and asked her to go see a movie with me tomorrow night on the sky deck, I would pick her up at 7:45pm. She agreed, her name was Brianna.


"Okay class today I'm going to assign you each a partner and you will be working on a project together, I will pull names out of a hat to determine your partner." Said Ms. T

Tut pulled the names out of the hat and started to read them off: "Group 1 Bailey, and Cody. Group 2 Woody, and Addison. Group 3 Eric, and Agnes. Group 4 Maya, and Zack. Group 5 London and Marcus."

Maya glared at Zack pissed off.

"So each of you will pretend to be a married couple. You will then have to write a paper, and demonstrate being a couple throughout this week. I don't mean kissing, or sex. I mean treating each other how you would treat you someday future husband of wife." Said Ms.T

Everybody got together with their partner.

With Zack and Maya;

Maya went and walked over the Zack's desk and stood next to him.

"So my beautiful wife .." Zack was cut off by Maya

"Zack I have a boyfriend, no flirting."

"Well excuse me for calling you beautiful, Maya I told you everything. We were going to be together forever, but we let some girl ruin our relationship. You thought I wouldn't be faithful and you thought if we broke up I would get over you and have a girlfriend that day. Well look who got that all messed up. YOU! Maya I loved you, I cared about you." Said Zack

Maya felt tears falling from her eyes and running down her cheeks. She ran out of the classroom, Zack following closely behind.

"Zack please just leave me alone. You're right, I do have a boyfriend. I got him what an hour after we broke up. Well the reason I have Eric right now is because of you. I never have ever had one of my boyfriends, treat me how you treated me. You took me out for dinner every Friday night, studied with me, thought I looked hot in sweatpants, and called me beautiful. No guy has ever called me beautiful, or said he loves me. I thought if I went out with Eric I wouldn't miss you."

"No guy has ever called you beautiful? Maya that's all you are. You deserve the best. So can we at least be friends?" Asked Zack

Maya shook her head yes. Then walked back into the classroom as Zack followed her.

Once they got back in Ms.T was talking; "So you will each be assigned homework tonight, there will be a packet of papers that you and your spouse have to fill out. You will also be doing something special tonight. The man you are married to will pick something out of this jar. You girls don't get to know what it is until he shows you."

started walking around the room and each girl pulled a piece of paper out.

Group 1: Woody pulled a piece of paper out of the jar that said "Take spouse to a movie" (Woody and Addison)

Group 2: Cody would later on have to take Bailey to a movie. (Cody and Bailey)

Group 3: Eric would later on be taking Agnes to get a smoothie. (Eric and Agnes)

Group 4: Zack would take Maya out for a romantic walk around the sky deck. (Zack and Maya)

Group 5: Marcus was taking London out for dinner. (Marcus and London)

Zack's POV:

Zack was thinking. That was so lame, I'm still in love with Maya I need to do something better. I'll talk to Tut after class.

Then the bell rang and I walked up to Tut after everybody left and said; "I got take Maya on a long romantic walk. Well can I do something more? I was wondering if I could use the Sky Deck tomorrow tonight at 10pm and have a whole bunch of candles and have a picnic under the stars. I know it should be tonight but I have a date and so does Maya."

"Well Zack I guess that would be okay."

I was so happy I thanked her and left and went to get ready for my "date" tonight with Brianna. About three hours went by and finally it was time to go pick Brianna up. I picked her up and she was wearing a strapless red dress the stopped about 8 inches before her knees. Then we walked to the Sky Deck.

End of Zack's POV

Eric went and picked Maya up at her cabin. Maya wore a simple black pencil skirt with a red strapless shirt that had silver sparkles around the top and bottom. For her shoes she wore black heels that were five inches. London had helped her pick out the outfit. Maya also put make-up on. Eric walked into her room as Maya grabbed her IPhone 5. Eric and Maya held hands on their way up to the sky deck, they sat down in the chairs there. It was now 7:57pm and the movie was about to start when Maya looked over and saw Zack sitting right next to her and his blonde girlfriend sitting next to him.

Eric looked over at Zack and flicked him off. Maya then looked over at Zack and said "Wow, you said you weren't coming tonight. I thought Agnes would be sitting next to you not her. Have fun screwing her over later."

The movie started and Eric had his hand on Maya's leg, slowly after about 10 minutes it slowly started to move up higher. Until her touched her ass, Maya grabbed his hand and pushed it away. Zack saw that and got mad. Brianna started to kiss Zack's neck but he was still looking at Maya.

Eric leaned over and whispered to Maya "Hey babe I'm sorry I just thought you were that kind of girl. You're not beautiful your sexy."

Maya couldn't believe what she had just heard. She was so mad at him she said back to him quiet, "So you think I'm sexy not beautiful?"

"Hell yeah!" Said Eric kissing her neck

Zack couldn't hear what was being said so he just watched the movie.

"Eric your telling me I'm not beautiful, I'm sexy well NO girl ever wants to hear that ever!" Said Maya

Maya didn't talk to Eric.

Zack glanced over at Maya and saw her with tears in her eyes. He also noticed Maya was sitting closer to him than Eric. He ignored it and pretty soon the movie was over.

Zack walked Brianna back to her cabin. Maya walked all by herself back to her cabin.

Once Zack arrived back to his cabin he realized he forgot his backpack at the smoothie. He saw Eric kissing somebody

He grabbed his cell phone and took a picture and them. Zack soon realized who Eric was kissing it was Agnes. Then all of the sudden Eric turned around and saw Zack grabbing his backpack.

"Zack what are you doing? You stole Maya from me, I heard how much of a player you were. You had sex with Agnes then Maya in the same day? DAMN dude if you were a girl you'd be called a slut." Said Eric

"I'm grabbing my backpack. I didn't steal Maya from you, Tut picked the partners. Now I never had sex with Agnes eww. You're cheating on Maya, you know the girl you love so much." Screamed Zack

"Well my plan was to treat Maya like a queen, have sex, get her pregnant, act like I care, leave her, and pay you off to stay out of her life. Marry the love of my life Agnes." Said Eric

"I met Eric after you left the Tipton and he's been my boyfriend ever since. We only wanted to hurt Maya, not you. Maya stole you from me, so I'm getting revenge." Said Agnes sounding VERY evil

"Hurt me all you want, but stay away from Maya!" Screamed Zack just as Maya entered the sky deck.

"MAYA, hey what's up?" Asked Eric

"Zack who needs to stay away from me?" Asked Maya curiously

"Agnes and Eric, Maya this is all part of their plan. They've been a couple since we became freshman. Eric wants to get you pregnant, leave you and your baby with nothing, and then pay me to stay out of your life. Maya Eric's not who you think he is. I'm so sorry you had to hear this but it's true." Said Zack with a smooth, but firm voice

"I don't believe you." Said Maya mad that Zack would try and make up a stupid story

"Than look at this picture of Eric and Agnes kissing. I can up here to grab my backpack but I saw them and took a picture to show you, so you would believe me." Said Zack giving Maya his phone to look at the picture

Maya was looking at the picture and then she finally looked up at Eric and started to cry. She then went and grabbed a full smoothie cup and dumped it over his head. Maya than ran away crying back to her cabin.

Zack went back to his cabin and went to bed. He had a hard time falling asleep. Finally he fell asleep and was woken up to his alarm at 7am, for school.

An hour later so Tut assigned each group an assignment. They had to

"Maya are you ok? Listen about last night, Maya I'm so sorry." Said Zack

"Zack its fine, we're not together. Eric and I are over; I just can't wait until this week is over. I got a call from my sister she's engaged and I'm one of her bride's maids. I talked to her for a while and she told me that my best friend had a baby with my ex. I called my best friend Kayla and she now hates me. After that I called my sister Alyssa and told her what happened. Zack everybody hates me, all my friends back home. My best friend hates me so much she had a baby with my ex." Said Maya who was crying

"Maya.." Zack was cut off

"Let's just shut up about this, and do our project." Said Maya

"Well as we have to go out on a date meet me at the sky deck at 10pm." Said Zack

"Zack why are you trying so hard to be with me? I know we have to do this fake date thing but you're actually taking this really seriously."

"I care about you, this could have been our real future if I only get a week to pretend this is my future I'll take it."

Maya was about to respond to Zack but Ms. T started to talk.

"Well class it seems that class is going to be cut short today. I don't feel good and there's no one else to take my place. So go have fun having the rest of the day off."

Everyone got up and left the classroom and went on with normal activity. Zack went and worked at the smoothie bar, Cody at the towel station, London went to the spa, Bailey and Maya went and did their math homework. Woody went and took Addison out for pizza. Eric and Agnes went and got a smoothie.

Eric and Agnes sat down and Zack made them each a banana fofanna smoothie.

"So Zack I heard Maya's going to kill herself this week. She said she can't take this anymore. Have fun losing the love of your life." Said Eric

Zack threw the smoothie in Eric's face. Zack then jumped over the counter and ran to Maya's cabin. He heard Bailey taking to Maya who was crying. Zack knocked and Bailey answered the door.

"Hey bailey is Maya ok?"

"Well.." Was all Bailey could say before Zack walked right past her and saw Maya sitting on her bed bawling her eyes out.

"Bailey can you give us a minute?" Asked Zack

Bailey left the room closing the door behind her. Zack sat down on Maya's bed next to her.

"Maya what's wrong?"

Maya ignored Zack.

"Maya what's the matter?"

"Everything." Screamed Maya

Zack then hugged Maya and after about a minute Maya stopped crying, and Zack let go of her.

"Maya I care about you, remember if you feel like you've lost everybody just remember you'll always have me." Said Zack

Zack got up and left Maya's room. Then Bailey walked back in and Zack went back to the smoothie bar, and finished his day working there until he got off at 9pm.

After that Zack went back to his cabin and got ready for their date on the sky deck.

An hour later:

Zack had candles on the sky deck and he was wearing jeans and a nice shirt. He had a blanket with a picnic basket on it. It was 10pm and Zack grabbed a rose he had to give Maya. He looked up and found Maya standing there. She was wearing a black pencil skirt with a blue strapless shirt.

Zack walked over to her and gave her the rose.

"Wow Zack you did all this for me?" As a fake couple, a fake date?" Asked Maya

"Well this would have been one of our real dates." Said Zack

Maya smiled right as Zack led Maya over to the blanket on the floor of the sky deck. They both sat down next to each other. Zack and Maya talked for a while then Zack pulled out strawberries and went and made them each a smoothie.

"So I just found out I got accepted into the Peace Corps in Africa, and New York University, and BU. I turned down two of them; I'm going to the Peace Corps."

"I haven't turned any of them down yet but that's what I'm going to do after we graduate. Zack earlier thank you for saying that. I will always remember that."

"Well Maya you know I'd do anything for you."

Zack and Maya talked for a while about their paper that they had to write. Then around 10:45pm Zack started to clean everything up. He put the blanket back on the towel station. Zack then walked Maya back to her cabin.

"Goodnight Maya!" Said Zack

Maya shut the door and Zack went back to his cabin. They both fell asleep and the saw each other the next day at 7am, for school. Today their last day of pretending to be married. Each married couple wrote a paper about what they learned, and then they read them out loud to the class.

Cody and Bailey went first, their paper said:

Well through this assignment we learned that we can't wait to get married someday in the future. The thing about being married is you both fully trust each other and never have to worry about anyone looking at the other spouse and thinking that their cute or hot. Your rings tell people that you're taken and you will be forever. You know no matter what happens you'll always get through it. If your dating and times are tough you might break up because it's easy, well getting divorced is a lot bigger decision and that's something we both hope will never happen to us. In the future we would like to have six kids, live in Boston and have three girls and three boys.

Woody and Addison:

Well we learned that I'll get many rings that are made of candy from Woody.

"Addison, Woody: see me after class." Said Ms.T cutting them off

Zack and Maya:

We learned that marriage isn't easy, but it's all worth it. Now we're the only fake married couple who's not even together. This is what I learned, I learned how lucky I am for getting Maya as my partner and fake wife. I also know someday if Maya and I get married I'd be the luckiest guy on the planet. I made some mistakes, and so did Maya but even as a fake married couple we got over them because being married makes you realize that you married this person for a reason. I now know the reason why I fell in love with Maya. I'm not going to share that with all of you but Maya. Someday I hope to really be married to Maya, have kids, and live wherever Maya wants to. Maya you're the love of my life and I'm so sorry for everything that happened. Will you please take me back? I love you!

(Zack read the letter)

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