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A young woman with ebony hair closed the dusty old tome before her with a sigh and picked up the notebook filled to bursting with notes. She looked in the bag at her feet going over the items she had gathered. "Almost ready…" She muttered her golden hazel eyes flashing as she headed for the door.

She looked over her shoulder at the shop she had just about grown up in. "Sorry everyone…" She muttered. "Hopefully you'll forgive me one day…" With that she left the shop and ran down the street the night concealing her darkened figure.

A demon of dragons watched as the floating islands passed him. He had surrendered the demon chi he had collected to his aunts and uncles as soon as he had entered the limbo. It had earned him some favor from the demons, but only enough for them to like him just a touch more than his father. He smirked thinking about it. He was able to escape the torment his father suffered at least.

He frowned thinking about how he had gotten there though. They had been all too meddlesome. Out of all of them though, one stood out. He had followed a copy of her future self in order to protect his father's teeth, a deed he could not see himself doing ever again even if his father begged him. He couldn't believe he ever looked up to that shivering pleaser of a demon.

It was her though that led to him being trapped here. He kept running into the young child. Every time he got close to getting rid of her he would get a feeling that he couldn't. It wasn't her time; she had a bigger part to play in the future. His future, her own future, her family, the entire world even needed her to live on.

There it was. That feeling, it was like the biggest show down of good and evil was coming ever closer. He looked up at the swirls of red, yellow and orange. "It starts now doesn't it?" He whispered to no one. He stood and began leaping from stone to stone. He followed that feeling to a place far from his family and crouched down waiting.

"We're done finally…" A man said whipping sweat from his brow. "That is really a complicated piece of work, I got to admit." He said putting the protective covering on the tattoo carefully on the ebony haired woman.

"You did great work." She said looking at the design that covered the area where her heart rested in her chest, a pair of black and white dragons twisting about each other in prefect symmetry. "Lines are prefect…" She reached for her bag and pulled out her wallet.

"You already paid for it…" The man said trying to deny the money being offered him.

"An artist should be paid a tip if he exceeds the customer's expectations shouldn't he?" She asked him. She pulled on the thin long sleeve shirt and left him. She looked up to the sky as the white clouds drifted across blue. "It's time…"

Soft chanting could be heard as the thick of night descended on the forest. She was far from the home she knew. She had to be or else they would find out faster than she wanted. She used the dagger she had brought with her to crave symbols in the dirt patch she had cleared. She was the one chanting, she finished her circle and continued her chant.

Twelve symbols started to glow with magic. The shade of gold was rusted as she continued her chant.

A far older demon woke from his slumber as he felt something stir within him. He saw the first of his beloved magic talismans spring from his being. "No!" He shouted waking his brothers and sisters. "My talismans!" They shot from his being and glowed a rusted gold before they flashed disappearing before he could grab them.

The small stones came into being before the young woman and floated down onto the ground around her. Step one complete… She thought before continuing her chanting focusing on the symbol in the middle of her circle. The rusted gold color started to form a dome around the circle large enough to fit a good sized person, or demon.

The young demon looked at his feet feeling the magical pull. He raised an eyebrow as he watched the magic surround him. "So I'm being summoned is it?" He muttered as a smirk pulled at his scaled lips. "Now who would be so desperate as to summon a demon?"

Her chanting got louder as a figure began to take shape before her. She opened her eyes to look at her one time foe. "Drago…"

His smirk grew looking at the beauty before him. "You've grown Jade."

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