Batman and Bat-woman Beyond fix.

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Maxine/Character thoughts.
Thoughts Maxine/Character the character didn't want to be known.
This is a story I thought of with the help of Gunman.
Yes, I am continuing "The Return of Ahsoka" and "The Giant and the Flash" I get to work on them right after this chapter of this story. Was on vacation so that why the break.

Summary: AU: While on patrol Terry gets in major trouble with the Jokers, Maxine have to use a spare Batman power suit, but even after Terry is save, that won't be the end of Bat-woman beyond, it was merely the birth.

(The Bat-Cave Maxine POV)
I was at the bat- cave with my best friend and secret crush (where did that come from?), after I had saved him. He asked me a simple question, the question was eleven little, simply, easy words, and I have a near (if not a) super genius intellect. So this question should be easy right. Maxine you need to say something, anything. He's going to think I hate him, or wasn't good under stress.

"Maxine you been pretty quiet. Did I ask too much of you?" Terry asked. I really wish I could answer him.

Come on you have to come up with an excuse. One excuse any excuse.

"No, it was just so confusing. Do you think you can ask me it again?" I said.

Really, I have a near genius IQ and that's what I come with? Great, he must think I must be deliberately stupid, and/or just hate him. No, I just have to calm down.

"Sure, Maxine would you like to join me and the next Batwoman?" he asked.
In my mind, it was as if he was proposing, all I wanted to do was say 'if it gets me with you, I'll do absolutely anything'.
Bruce isn't in charge much more; he's barely alive anymore. Therefore, this choice was completely Terry's, and
mine... I don't deserve a friend like him or a chance to be Bat-woman.

"Terry I don't know, can I have a night to think about it?" He has to understand, he's just have too.

"You got all the time in the world, there's no real hurry. Might be better for you," he said.

"How could it be better?" Focus stop being deliberately dumb.

"It would be better if you don't feel so forced about it."

He really does care about me. I hope I make the right decision it'll affect several lives.

"Terry, would you mind if I wander around a bit before I go home?" Maybe looking at some of these souvenirs will help make up my mind. I hope I don't run into Ace. Ace is O.K. but I'm more of a cat person, and have a small, tiny, barely mentionable fear of dogs. O.K. I'm scared to death of them.

I don't mind if they're wearing a muzzle or are a few feet away. However if they come close, that's different. So becoming Bat-woman would mean I would spend hours with something I'm afraid of. I would feel better if I had some form of protection.
I need to think this thru long and hard. Maybe if I look at these trophies maybe they can help me?

Huh. A Harley Quinn costume, that a good example of what to start with? Now remove her personality and her love-interest personality, and compare her life as a vigilante and love life.

She managed to live a life focused on love, but it was torture. Maybe I shouldn't use her as an example. This, using trophies or any of these things for examples, really isn't working.

Might as well take a seat, I'm not going home until I get an idea on what to do. Let's see if I can get a few reasons whether to and/or against this, then I'll go home and think about it.

Okay, there are plenty of reasons against doing it. 1 - I'm risking my life. 2 - I might get Terry killed. So far two reasons against. Come on Max, there are many other reasons against it, I would be like abandoning my family if I go on a mission I couldn't return from because I was killed. If I do it, whenever something goes wrong, the city will gladly give me to any villain that threatens the city. They'd hand me over with a ribbon and bow attached.

O.K. so maybe I should focus on the reason for doing it. Well, I will be saving lives, like Terry's brother Matt and his mother, maybe that a reason for. So far I got the reasons against are winning by two. Well, I get to keep Terry out of harm's way. I get to mess around with some of the newest Wayne tech, if I do it, right I could help people all around the world but criminals will come after me, but if I become Bat-Woman, I can defend myself.

"Hey Maxine! It's getting late would you like me to give you a ride." Terry shouted.

"Sure, thing!" I shout back. I am going to need to clear my mind.

(At Max's house)
Come on Maxine, you need to focus on whether or not I should become Bat-Woman, and become Terry's lover…eh…partner. Maxine you need to focus! If Terry could hear how selfishly you are thinking them he would place you over his lap, and give your rear-end a good tanning. I have half a mind to do it myself. Did I just talk to myself in the second person, and threaten to spank myself?

Let's see if there's anything positive other than Terry helping me. I can keep the city criminals at bay. So it currently all a tie-up. I can save individuals like Terry and my own family, score one. I get to test the Bat armor to its limits and my own intelligence. Terry and I both look good in our own Bat-suits.

Well, on the other side, I would have to sacrifice a date life, but will be on dates with Terry. I don't know if I could explain to my parents why I spend my nights away from them, could he possibly get me a job with the Wayne Corporation?
I refuse to be 'Robin' for multiple reasons. I'm just not a 'boy wonder', and I'm too big for Batgirl, would hate to be mistaken for one of those. Then again, at the end of the day, all that matters are the lives I save.

Huh, if I'm going to do this, I'm making my own design. I pick my bat com Terry gave me to tell him I made up my mind. Tell Terry and start on my design.

To be continued…