Batman and Bat-Woman Beyond. Part 3.

Chapter three, Maxine Gibson the Bat-Woman Origin story part 1:

Author notes:

This chapter is really filler not much more, don't like don't do good job, but it kinda Maxine origin story as Bat-Woman at the same time.

I am still looking for an artist and Beta is there any buyers.

How she was in that position any way.

I don't own Batman Beyond if I did we there would be DCAU spin-offs of it till we face judgment day, Dana wouldn't be there just to fill up time (at least find a used for her), and Maxine x Terry would be Canon in Batman Beyond.

Maxine/Character thoughts.

This is my first attempt

This is a story I thought of with the help of Gunman.


chocolate18/11/13 . chapter 2

Girl Max you've got it badddd. . . hopefully you don't go way overboard and allow things to play out. Thank goodness she has a multi-tasking brain or she would have blown a fuse a long time ago :) :

I wouldn't worry she a big girl, with a high intelligent her mind will stay stable; she won't have any fuses being blown, thanks for the help any way.

silverwolf 9/27/13 . chapter 1

you should have dana become like catwoman beyond to add a love triangle:

Huh I think that could work, after I tell Maxine origin story of course.

Third person POV, The next morning at the Bat-cave:

Maxine was working on her Bat Woman costume design. She would first add a black wig (she had decided against pink as her hair color was already pink) to her outfit that wouldn't look childish on her. She was reworking the wiring to make sure that there was no chance of electrocution, or anything poking her in the sides. The material was lightweight but very durable. The belt was the same black color as her suit, but her boots and gloves were the same color as that of her Bat-symbol, which was pink. Terry got her some cupboards so she can hide her tasers in her suit.

While building the suit, an idea came to Max's head, "Hey Terry can you come over. "

"Sure Max's, what do you need me to…" Terry was interrupt because Maxine kiss him, Terry was surprise by this. He eventually realizes what was happening and kiss back, he place one of his hand on her lower back, and the other one on her butt. Maxine then broke the kiss, "Look like someone is exploring to forbidden territory. " She said in a playful voice.

Terry lowers his other hand to her rear and said, "No it's not. " Before Terry started to jiggle her rear.

Maxine then said, "I guess you're right. "

Maxine mind started to wander to when she first put on the suit.

Flashback third person POV:

Terry was going to one of the three factories in Gotham that Shriek could have possibly get supplies from. He had already checked one of the three facilities, and left a piece of Bat-tech to tell if anything got stolen, which the Bat-computer would warn Terry and Maxine about IF something happened. Terry was now on his way to the second building to stop Shriek before he could get his hand on something that would shake Gotham to its knees.

Terry had taken Ace the dog along with him because Ace could help Terry while Maxine was working with the computer. Plus Maxine was a pretty afraid of dogs. She had gotten better with Ace, but still have to some way's to go.

"Max, anything?" Terry asked.

"Nothing yet, Terry, Terr, there hasn't been a sound-based crime since Shrieks escape. Do you think it's possible he is waiting for something?" She asked.

"Yeah. Waiting for me to lose interest and get sloppy. " Terry said.

"O. K. , Terry, I need you to take care of yourself during patrols. I don't want to lose you. " Max said to him.

"Relax, Max, you worry too much. " Terry said.

Terry landed the hover-capable Batmobile, and Ace immediately responded to what must have been Shriek. He whine and growled, shaking his head as he tried to block out the ear-splitting noise only he could hear.

Ace, hearing him, went down two flights of stairs past the first door on the roof, with Terry following him. Ace suddenly rushed ahead of him. Terry soon noticed that he couldn't hear Ace barking. Terry got a couple of batarangs, one for each hand, ready for the fight coming up.

Terry manage to send one of the warning message to Maxine to tell her I found Shriek, he pre recorded the message because around Shriek talking isn't exactly easy, and he thought he would never get that chance again.

We found the room that Shriek was robbing, Ace was going to make a surprise attack at Shriek right, and Terry was going to attack his left.

Shriek grab some sound tech, put it on his one his armor chest pieces and use his glove to destroy one of the walks, and several construction beams.

He uses the new device to protect himself. The whole place went down, Ace and Terry decide to leave the place before we get kill.

He manages to get himself and Ace, out of the destroyed building. Unfortunately his left leg was under some of the building rubble his leg been broke.

I heard Max talk to me though the commutator of my suit. "Terry the suit left leg isn't responding, are you OK?"

"Max I think my leg is broke, and the suit connection to the Batmobile is acting up. " It was interrupt by the sound blast that Shriek made.

Maxine said to Terry on the comm. link. "Don't worry I get the Batmobile ready, and you can use the anti-sound blast in him. "

The Batmobile was rising up, but before it could land and Terry could limp in it with Ace. Shriek blew it out of the sky, and at a frequency that damage the Bat-suit, and Batmobile online commutator system.

At the Bat-Cave:

"Terry, Terry, what's wrong, I need to know what wrong. " Maxine yells desperately.

To be continued…

Yes short but wanted to get this started first, and give something for my fans to read for a while.