And in this last letter...He finally snaps!

Dear Mabel Pines,

You are a cold hearted witch! I can not believe you stood by and watched me get arrested! I thought what we had was special! I thought we would rule this dumb town together! But now I am in jail because of you and your wicked family! You should of stopped them, you should of helped me! But no, all you care about is yourself and your stupid family!

You don't care for me! Not the way I do for you! You never loved me, I bet you only dated me to try get my book! You're evil Mabel Pines! Evil and Selfish!

But even so I love you! I love you so much! You will make a fine queen once you've matured!

They can't keep me locked up forever! I will get out, someday, I will be free! Then, I will find you! I will hunt you down and make you mine! Don't doubt me Mabel, you may not of liked having me as a boyfriend, but you will hate having me as an enemy! And a deadly one at that. You, I would never hurt, whereas your family is a different matter.

We will be together, I don't care if it's against your will! And if you object, I'll kill Stanford! And if you still object, I'll kill your brother! And if you STILL object, I'll kill your pig and make him in to a bacon sandwich, oh how I love bacon!

I will find you Mabel! I will make you mine one day, ONE DAY!

Love from,

Gideon Charles Gleeful, as I am obviously no longer "Lil' Gideon" am I?

And no kisses, you don't deserve them! But I still love you, sooo much!

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