Dear Mabel, my marshmella,

You haven't replied yet, but that's OK I'm not going to rush you. Yesterday I watched the a very romantic movie, "The Hunger Games" have you seen it? Its a twelve but I watched it anyway, I guess I'm abit of a bad boy, you like that don't you? And I couldn't stop thinking of you through the whole movie, would you say we're star-crossed lovers? I would.

Can ask you a question, how do you get your hair to smell so beautiful? It's like Cherry blossoms, all the shampoo's and conditioner's I use make my hair look nice, but not as attractive as yours.

When can I see you? I know this is abit forward but it's been so long, almost a week, and I guess that last you saw of me was when I was rolling and laughing on the floor like a spastic for some unknown reason, not my most attractive moment I realize.

Anyway I hope I see you soon,

Love from, as always,

Lil' Gideon, your star-crossed lover xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Second love letter, both sweet and creepy.

Just thought I'd let you in on a little secret...I know who wrote the books. The ones Dipper and Gideon have, Disney leaked a photo. I'm not going to say who (SPOILERS!) but if you don't know and really want to you can PM me :)

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