Hello! This will be my first fanfic that I am writing so hope it's at least alright….Here's the intro to my character!

My OC for TVD: Anastasia Lynn Addams

Birthday: 8/29/1994

Age: 16

Looks: height is about 5'4 tall, has semi tannish colored skin, violet colored eyes. Her hair is reddish brown, and she wears glasses. She has dimples, one freckle on her right side of her lip and another on her left cheek. She has her ears pierced and her belly button pierced that she had done when she turned 14.

Family: Elena and Jeremy Gilbert are her cousins.

Jenna Sommers is her aunt.

Charles is her older brother who lives in England.

Susan and Michael Addams are her parents.

Facts: Parents abandoned her at the Gilberts house when she was 3 years old. Her mother is sister to Jenna and Mrs. Gilbert. She plays a bit of sports, mostly soccer. Likes to dance and sing a bit. Loves to read a lot, and her favorite subjects in school are History, Greek Mythology, and English.

Personality: Very over protective to those who hurt her family or people who are like family to her. Shy, quiet, sometimes blurts something without really thinking it through. Nice, a bit emotional, sometimes her friends and family think she is too fragile and try to protect her from anything.

Best Friends: Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, Matt Donovan, Caroline Forbes, and Bonnie Bennett.

Relationship: Single

She has a month old dog that is an Alaskan Huskie is named Perseus.