It was morning. The sun began to peek across the horizon. Vivid colors of orange, yellow, and

crimsonshone brilliantly in the Australian sky. Buramudgee town was currently a peaceful place.

It wouldn't be that way for long.

"We're under attack!" Shazza cried, dodging the blow from a robot-like creation. Swarms of these

creatures were everywhere in Buramudgee. No one knew where they originated from or what species

they were. The Bush Rescue team was currently trying their best to put an end to these perilous

creatures. Ty, who was the leader of Bush Rescue, knew they couldn't defeat on their own. They

needed more help.

Jak, accompanied by his loyal ottsel companion, Daxter, headed out the door when

Samos the green sage approached the duo. He put his hands on his fragile knees, breathing heavily.

"I bring news," he huffed. "Metalheads are invading Australia."

"I'm getting a signal!" Tails the fox cried. He was currently viewing the chaos emerald radio scanner.

"There are tons of them in Australia; as if they were being used to power something." "Australia, huh?"

Sonic the hedgehog asked. "If it means a chance of retrieving the chaos emeralds, I guess we're doing

Down Under!"

Sly the Tasmanian tiger, brother to Ty, rushed over. "What's the inferno?" he said in a gruff voice. A

creature nearly shot him into the ground. He grumbled, taking out a boomerang and chucking it at the

creation. "These creatures…" Ty started, a tone of anger in his voice. "They're all over Southern Rivers.

We have no idea what they are.."