Jak looked a bit confused. "Didn't you already shut the Warp gates off?" he asked, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah, mister Green Leaf," Daxter chimed in. Samos groaned to himself, wondering why he had to work with these people…. "I must've left one open," he muttered. "But that's not the issue here. I need you boys to go down under and help the Buramudgee people with the Metalheads."

"Left one open…. Left one open?!" Daxter cried, hopping down from Jak's shoulder. He sauntered up to Samos. "What if you left two open, huh big green guy?! What would've happened then?!"

Samos rolled his eyes, opening up the Warp Gate in the green sage's lab. "Just make sure no one gets hurt," he grumbled. "Will do," Jak said, flashing a smirk. "Come on Dax. It'll be like old times." He jumped into the portal, dragging his furry companion with him.

Amy the hedgehog groaned, whining and pouting. "Why can't I go with you guys?" she asked, clutching her deadly hammer. "I wanna see Australia too!" Sonic rolled his eyes. "Come on Amy. Be a good sport and let us go just this one time." "Yeah, there will be other times!" Tails chimed in. He started up the X-Tornado. "Fine. But you gotta promise!" she yelled over the noise. "I promise," Sonic winked, hopping into the plane. She huffed and ran inside. "Glad that's over with," Tails muttered. Everyone in Metropolis knew that Amy the hedgehog had a huge crush on Sonic. "Now, are you ready?" Tails asked. Sonic nodded. "I'm always ready."