Hello! It's TechnoDee but 2020. This story is the first in the "Minion project", mostly revolving around OCs, where I aimed to publish a chapter each day. This format was heavily inspired from another author on this site, Nate-kun - I read one of his Pokemon fics and he's a very talented author, I think, so check him out if you have the time.

Before we begin, I'll have to preface this terribly long (very sadly written) with a few notes:

1. I was 11 when I wrote this; I was very unwise, probably very ignorant, probably also very obnoxious, I don't know how anyone dealt with me, but thank you to my old reviewers/readers for doing so anyway. You are truly wonderful people. That being said, I've tried going through my chapters but it's a lot - so I'm not sure if I've been able to remove everything possibly offensive that I've written. As an example: I used the word "retarded" to mock one of my OCs in later chapters, about 3 times in the entire story. I don't have an excuse for this, I was a stupid and uneducated kid who just followed everything everyone did around me, and there happened to be a lot of people who used it as an insult. So. I have not removed or revised it yet, but I plan to! Hopefully if you're reading this, by this time I would have already made the changes. I'm sorry for the trouble caused here.

2. After writing the first point I forgot everything else I wanted to say already.
Oh. Adding onto that I was 11, (12 by the time I finished this "story"), please don't expect any quality work here. For a good amount of the first half (or more) of the chapters, the characters have personalities more stale than dry cement and more inconsistent than my grades. I rewrote the first few in 2014 but I'm not sure why I did? I was still 12 and it was still terrible? Why did I think such a thing had a point? Anyway, I don't want to rewrite them, but I won't take this off the internet, either. Just read this and have a good laugh.

3. I have noticed I was incredibly angsty when I was 11 and you will probably find many A/Ns about me just being a pretty terrible and annoying person. Please. I don't know her either. Please ignore it please
Also, it was awfully common back then for authors to say "leave a review" or "flamers don't review" or whatever... very cringe. Very embarrassing. I have no excuse for myself. 11, stupid and uneducated. I sincerely apologise.

Basically, the root of all evil was because I was 11. Anyways. Enjoy to the best of your ability!

REWRITTEN (16 October 2014)

1: The Game

A form of play or sport.

When you come to Castle Dedede, you get interviewed, you get accepted, you are deemed as a minion.

(Well, that's the term said minions use for themselves. The owner of Castle Dedede doesn't care enough to give them a proper status name, so they made up of one themselves.)

And as a minion, you are deemed as a pawn.

This is a game.

They come to Castle Dedede, they get interviewed, they get accepted, they are deemed a minion, also deemed as a "pawn". This is known as The Cycle. (Or what the minions like to call The Cycle.)

In this game, there are pawns. The ones who do the bidding of stronger, more powerful ones. These stronger, more powerful ones are the leaders. They fight for dominance. For the quest of world domination.

Their leader, though, happened to be satisfied doing evil to his own people. There was no quest of world domination from the start, and there weren't any alarm bells to sign it, either.

Pawns help the leaders. They do their bidding, no matter how unreasonable it is.

Once the pawn is useless, the pawn is gotten rid of.

"Useless" means when the enemy has defeated them, which is when the pawn has no more health and cannot do anything anymore. The leader does not care for the pawn. He will mercilessly destroy it and snatch it out of existence.

They have gone through The Cycle. They are pawns. They get in their enemy's way, but they never win.

Yet they never become useless. They are never fully destroyed. Their enemy is a benevolent enemy. He does not destroy anything fully, unless he has to. They always come out alive. Injured, but alive.

Pawns get healed overtime, so long as they don't get injured again.

These pawns, that have survived through The Cycle, and are still playing in The Game.

Their ruler is none other than King Dedede.

And they are none other than Waddle Doo and Bandana Dee.