Hello everyone! I'm Arenz, and this is my second fanfic (third depending on how you look at it.) and my first Gundam 00. As a long time Gundam fan I really wanted to write one, especially a 00 one. I'll say this now, this is a Setsuna x Feldt fic. While I like Setsuna x Marina to I like him with Feldt more (8 years is a big age gap). Also right now I'm not planning for this to be an action heavy story, although there will be some.

So I will say that the idea for the fanfic was from my desire to do a post-movie story an the fact that I really like Cyberslayer-00's Gundam 00 High AU fanfic. I also started reading Ayamesnow's Liberation right after i started planning this fic. It's another good Setsuna x Feldt story that you should read if you haven't already.

Another heads up is I will be retconing a few things about the series. (That means retroactive continuity for those that don't know, it means I'm changing things that happened in the series.) For example the one I'll say right now is that Gram survived the ELS battle. I am make him survive because I feel the interaction between him and Setsuna will be to meaning full and fun to write to let him have died. I will say this so no one misunderstands. His death was epic, he went out in a blaze of glory.

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So here is the first chapter of my new story Gundam 00: Alter, enjoy.

Gundam 00


By Arenz



Definition of Alter: To make different without changing into something else

Feldt Grace sat in her usual CIC chair aboard the bridge of the Ptolemaios II. Her pink hair tucked behind her ear as she skillfully completed her usual tasks. As she finished up a report she stopped to look around the room from her raised chair. The two rear consoles were currently in sleep mode, as was the other CIC on the opposite wall. The captain's chair was likewise empty. The only other chair that was occupied was one of the pilot's seats. Lasse Aeon sat relaxing with the ship on autopilot. On second thought relaxing might be the wrong word, even though all she could see was his arms and the tip of his black hair she could tell he was taking a nap.

Feldt couldn't help but giggle at the thought. The main pilot of Celestial Being, which may have been one of the most hunted and hated groups ever, was asleep while piloting. Not that anything had happened lately. It had been a little over a month since the ELS incident. Since the man she cared for, the Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei, had use the Quantize Gate to teleport to the ELS home world to stop the fighting that would have destroyed the human race. Even though she cared for him, she knew it would never be mutual. Setsuna's desire to protect would never be for just her, it would always be the whole worlds. He would protect everyone with all his might, as he had done, just like always. Maybe that is why he was the first human to undergo Innovation. He evolved into something Feldt could not understand, no matter how desperately she wanted to so she could help him.

Realizing her mind was wondering back to the same subject she had thought over countless times in the past month she focused her attention back on the console in front of her. As she went over the latest information they had received from Lockon Stratos, or Lyle Dylandy since Lockon was his codename. Usually the other crewmembers weren't supposed to know ones real name. But in Lyle's case he had replaced his late brother Neil Dylandy as Lockon Stratos, Celestial Being's sniper. Lockon was currently on earth gathering intelligence on how the world was progressing since the ELS incident. Things were chaotic at first, which surprised no one. Earth had just had its first encounter with alien life and it had almost destroyed them. The reason Lockon had gone was because the government had no time to worry about Celestial Being and he also had trustworthy contacts, otherwise they never would have sent the pilot of their only remaining Gundam to earth.

Deciding that she just couldn't focus right now Feldt stretched to unstiffen her muscles. Hearing the door open at the back of the bridge She looked to see Sumeragi Lee Noriega, the captain of the Ptolemaios float in through the door, her red-brown hair flowing behind her because of the lack of gravity. She looked up at Feldt and just as she was about to say something when Feldt placed her finger in front of her lips to signal quite before pointing at Lasse. Sumeragi rolled her eyes at the sleeping pilot but smiled nonetheless. She pushed off the deck and floated up near Feldt so that they could be quitter.

"Anything interesting?" Sumeragi asked as she grabbed Feldt's chair to stop her momentum.

"Not really, nothing new from Lockon, just the usual. Allelujah and Marie left an hour ago for the supply run. Nothing much else though." Feldt replied as she looked back at her screen. Allelujah Haptism was another of the Gundam Meister along with Lockon and Setsuna. He was also a super soldier from the Human Reform League. Marie was an ex-A-Laws pilot that was also a super soldier. The two of them had known each other from when they were kids at the super soldier institute. They had been married since just after the ELS incident.

"Ok. Well don't work yourself to hard, it's not like anything big is going to happen. Take a queue from Lasse, he is the king of not working hard, and the computers will alert you of anything important." Sumeragi half joked with a smile. Feldt joking rolled her eyes at her commander's relaxed attitude. "Still ever the serious one about your job." Sumeragi continued to joke at Feldt's mock reaction.

"I heard that by the way." Lasse spoke up from his seat, now awake.

"Does that mean your denying it?" Sumeragi asked with a raised eyebrow, visibly enjoying herself.

"Of course not." Came Lasse's completely serious sounding reply, causing all three of them to laugh. The two continued to poke fun at each other while Feldt looked at her console once more. Suddenly it started to beep.

Sumeragi once again floated up to Feldt. "That wasn't an approach alarm." She stated. Both her and Lasse watched Feldt waiting for an explanation. She continued to watch her screen before suddenly gasping.

"It's the locator on Harute's GN drive!" Feldt cried out in surprise and joy. "And according to the data the drive is still intact!" She continued as she looked at the others with a shocked look.

"Really?! It wasn't lost when the suit was destroyed?!" Lasse asked, just as surprise as Feldt.

Sumeragi, while just as surprised as the others, wore a more analytical look. "Maybe all the debris from the battle was interfering with the signal." She theorized to herself, before realizing that there were more important things to think about. "Lasse, fly us in that direction, someone will have to go out in a shuttle to retrieve it."

"Roger!" Lasse acknowledged as he turned back to the ship controls and changed their course.

"Hmm, none of the pilots are here, maybe Ian could do it." Sumeragi mumbled to herself.

"I'll go." Feldt told her, floating down from the CIC. "I've had Lasse give me piloting lesson beyond the basics we learned since there was nothing else to do, I can do it." She explained. Sumeragi looked from Feldt to Lasse for confirmation.

"She can handle it." Lasse agreed with a nod.

"Alright, I'll get Mileina to handle the CIC instead. Go get a suit and head to the hanger, I'll have Ian prep the shuttle." Sumeragi consented as Feldt rushed out into the hallway. She pushed off the wall and grabbed one of the handles that came out of the slot in the wall and pulled her along down the hall. Mileina, with her flowing brown hair, emerged from the dining hall and grabbed a handle like Feldt but going towards the bridge.

"What's the commotion about?" She asked Feldt as they floated towards each other.

"We found Harute's GN drive, and it's intact!" Feldt excitedly told her as they floated past each other.

"Of my!" Feldt heard Mileina exclaim as she went around a corner. As Feldt neared the hanger she went into one of the locker rooms. She floated to one of the lockers and pulled a white space suit out. Slipping it on over her usual pink and white Celestial Being uniform. He clicked the helmet into place and sealed it before exiting the locker room and continuing on to the hanger. As she entered she saw Ian Vashti, Mileina's father, and the Haros attaching two devices to the bottom of the blue shuttle.

Ian turned to Feldt once he noticed her. "I've attacked magnetic cable launchers to the bottom. Just fire them at the drive and you should be able to pull it to the underside and drag it back. Once it's in the hanger the Haros will handle the rest from there." He instructed as she entered the shuttle.

"Understood." She replied, starting to feel nervous and excited at the same time. As she sat down at the controls she recalled all the stuff Lasse had taught her.

As the hanger bay doors opened Mileina's face appeared on the screen. "Shuttle you are clear for take off." She told Feldt.

"Shuttle Taking off." Feldt replied as she eased the shuttle out of the hanger.

A Map appeared on the screen next to Mileina's face showing the Ptolemaios' position, the shuttle, and a dot a little ways away. "The GN drive is one point three kilometers from here. According to the data from its locator chip it ejected from the destroyed torso of the Gundam. Watch out for debris out there." Mileina reported in her cheerful yet serious voice.

"Roger." Feldt confirmed as she moved the shuttle towards the indicated point. All around her she could see wreckage from a month ago. Free floating arms and legs of GN-XIII's, a torso or sword of a GN-XIV. Chunks of ships could be seen floating around. There were also silver pieces of metal, remains of ELS that had been destroyed. Some of the pieces took the form of mobile suits, while others were completely foreign. Feldt gave a shudder at the reminder of that terrible and horrifying battle that had claimed countless live, human and ELS. She had decided to not think badly of the ELS since Setsuna's communication had stopped the fighting, so they must have had a good reason for what they did. She just wished Setsuna were there to explain what that reason was. As she neared the designated point she saw the GN drive amidst the wreckage. Just as she was about to near it she heard Mileina yell.

"Watch out!" She yelled, but to late. A wrecked mobile suit torso that had had collided with a large piece of a ship, causing it to pick up speed, crashed into one of the engines. An alarm went off and a red light started flashing while readouts scrolled across the screen.

"The engine is building up power and I can't shut it off!" Feldt cried out, her hands flying over the controls as she tried to stop it.

"Get out of there!" Lasse yelled, and she followed. She pushed out of her chair and towards the door, hitting the open button and grabbing a thruster pack that sat next to the door. She jumped out into the cold vacuum of space and away from the ship. She managed to drift a good distance before the engine exploded. It took most of its side of the ship with it, and probably sprayed the inside with shrapnel. Since Feldt was on the other side of the shuttle none of it came her way, but the shuttle did start to drift in her direction. She strapped on the thruster pack and used it to move out of the way of the drifting shuttle.

"Feldt! Feldt! Are you ok?!" Sumeragi was yelling over the intercom in her helmet.

"I'm ok." She finally replied. A little shaken up.

She could hear Sumeragi let her breath out in a long sigh. "Don't scare me like that aga…" She sentence was cut off as Feldt heard the proximity alarm go off in the background.

"A contact had just appeared near Feldt's current position!" Mileina reported sounding worried.

"Appeared? Is it stealth?" Sumeragi asked to clarify.

"No, it just appeared, as if it formed there." Mileina responded sounding confused herself. Feldt started looking around to see it she could find out what it was. She finally spotted something approaching her.

"What is it?" Sumeragi could be heard asking Mileina, concern clear in her voice.

"It seems to be a mobile suit, wait I'm getting a signal from it." Suddenly she gasped. "But this signal is…"

Feldt didn't hear any of this though because she was focused on the approaching object. The first thing she noticed was that it was emitting green GN particles. The second thing she noticed was that it had a mostly blue torso and a white head, while its arms and legs seemed to be missing their armor and was only gray frame. It had a blue and white shield like object on its back, with six green blade like objects attached to the side of the shield like object. Feldt felt her heart beat faster and the feeling of excitement rising. Setsuna! She screamed in her mind with joy and excitement. As the mobile suit neared she got a good look at it, the 00 Qan[t], the Innovator's Gundam, made just for Setsuna. When the Gundam was no more than twenty feet away the cockpit hatch opened. It slowly drifted towards her and a person in a blue pilot suit stepped out while holding the rim and reached out to her. She reached out and took the hand without any hesitation.

"Feldt Grace are you alright?" The pilot of the suit asked in an emotionless but strong voice as he grabbed her hand. Emotionless or not, hearing that voice made Feldt extremely happy.

"Yes Setsuna I'm fine." She replied as he pulled her into the cockpit, the happiness clear in her voice. As he sat back down she was pulled into his lap since there was nowhere else to sit, this caused her face to go close to the same color as her hair. She was hoping that Setsuna wouldn't notice when she was reminded that there was another presence in the cockpit.

A chuckle could be heard from the Veda terminal in the cockpit before Tieria appeared, fortunately he didn't comment on what he had noticed, but instead on something else. "Setsuna, that appears to be Allelujah's GN drive over there, I imagine that is why Feldt was out here." He told the pilot while indicating it on the screen.

"Roger, moving to retrieve." Setsuna acknowledged as he flew over to the drive and grabbed it in the Qan[t]'s hands. He then proceeded to move towards the Ptolemaios. Feldt sat there far to happy and embarrassed to say anything. Just as she got her blush under control when a window popped up showing Mileina in the CIC chair and Sumeragi behind her.

"Mr. Seiei, Mr. Erde! Your back!" Mileina exclaimed happily. Causing Feldt to remember she had confessed to Tieria.

"Setsuna, Tieria, your late." Sumeragi jokingly scolded them appearing on the screen. She then gave Feldt a look that said she found something very funny.

Tieria, who decided to play along, chuckled. "We got a little lost on the way." He joked back.

Sumeragi gave a little laugh before addressing Setsuna. "So did you see your handy work?" She asked him.

Setsuna looked out the side of the cockpit towards the giant desert flower that the ELS had formed after Setsuna's dialogue with them. He simply nodded as he looked back towards the screen.

"Ever the modest one." She sighed with a smile. Feldt turned slightly so that she could look at Setsuna. Unfortunately the tint on his helmet made it impossible to see his face. The action only served to remind her that she was siting in his lap, causing her blush again so she quickly turned back to facing forward.

As the Qan[t] flew in the open hanger doors Tieria transferred himself to the Ptolemaios' computer. As soon as the hatch opened Feldt stood up and floated out of the cockpit. A sliver of disappointment went through her at having to move despite how embarrassed she was. When she realized what she felt she felt a bit childish and once again embarrassed.

"Setsuna!" Ian called out as he floated towards the Gundam. "It's about time you got back! We were starting to worry!" He jokingly told the pilot with a smile visible through his helmet.

"Sorry to worry you." Setsuna gave his usual emotionless reply, causing Feldt to giggle at how he never did get jokes, or at least ignored that it was a joke. Once Ian and Setsuna got the Qan[t] secured and the Haros working on the GN drive the three of them moved out of the hanger. Feldt went into the female's locker room while the other two went into the male's. Once she had removed her space suit she exited the room to see the others exiting the other room. Setsuna now wore his usual white and blue uniform that they had kept clean for him. But when she looked at his face she gasped. The tips of his usually raven colored hair were white, but only the hair that fell down around his head, not what was on top, almost like a crown, but messier. Setsuna pushed off and started heading towards the bridge without saying anything. She looked to Ian but he just shrugged. As they moved Feldt noticed Setsuna glance at her briefly, but before she could ask anything they reached the bridge. As they entered they saw both Sumeragi and Lasse were leaning against the back of their respective chairs watching the door. Mileina on the other hand looked up from her screen that had Tieria on it. They had probably been talking, no surprise after Mileina's shocking confession. Linda Vashti was also on the bridge floating behind her daughter.

Sumeragi moved to stand right in front of Setsuna. "Well that's new." She flatly stated while looking at his hair. This caused Lasse to let out a poorly suppressed laugh.

"Sorry for expecting something profound or touching from our leader." He said as they looked at him.

"Eh I was never good at the sappy stuff." Sumeragi defended herself. "So what's up with your hair anyway?"

"It's a byproduct of prolonged connection to the ELS." Tieria explained from Mileina's console. "To be expected when you're connected for a month." He continued.

"What is the state of the world?" Setsuna asked, speaking for the first time since entering the bridge.

"Peaceful for now. Since the ELS incident no one has had enough time to make a move so we haven't needed to act. Since we only have a damaged Zabanya by way of fighting strength its probably for the best." Sumeragi explained. "For now we are on standby, but we can talk about that later, I'm sure your tired." She finished, and Setsuna nodded as confirmation. "Everyone is dismissed." She announced. Ian and Linda spoke to Setsuna briefly before leaving. Mileina went back to talking to Tieria. Lasse sat back down in his seat and Sumeragi smiled at Setsuna before moving to sit in the captain's chair again. As Setsuna turned and left the bridge Feldt followed him out.

Once they were out in the hall and had away from the door to the bridge Setsuna looked back at Feldt again. "A whirlwind." He stated, staring at her.

"What do you mean?" She asked with a confused look.

"The ELS's emotions are very different from humans, so I'm still getting used to sensing human emotions again. Everyone else's I can interpret. But yours are like a whirlwind." He explained in his monotone way.

Feldt felt the heat once again rising to her face. How could she have forgotten that he can sense emotions. She mentally kicked herself for what she had been feeling while sitting in his lap. "I'm just really, really happy your back Setsuna." She told him with a warm smile. He simply nodded as he turned and kept moving, apparently finding that a sufficient explanation. A slight sadness started to creep into her mind, but she pushed it away, not wanting him to be burdened by why she felt that way. She watched his back until he turned a corner, then she moved towards her own room. Once she was inside she let the sad smile show on her face. It was no lie that she was extremely happy, but she also was a little sad. She shook her head to clear it. Setsuna was who he was, she had accepted that a month again when he sortied to open dialogues with the ELS. Unfortunately no matter how much she though that, it didn't change how she felt.

She loved Setsuna F. Seiei.


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