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Gundam 00




Definition of Altered: To make different without changing into something else

The past tense of Alter

Most college age people are always out partying or having fun. That was just what they did. But then again, Setsuna wasn't even close to most college students. Although this day was special, because Setsuna was going to a party, or rather a party was coming to him. It had been about two weeks since the Mankind's Purity Initiative's attack, and things had mostly calmed down. Their actions had actually backfired and turned a lot of people against the anti-Innovator protesters. But back to the party, it had just so happened that everyone had free time on the same day. So naturally the idea of everyone getting together had been brought up and unanimously, at least by those that care, decided that they would have a party at the diner.

The invited didn't just extend to Celestial being members thought, it was for anyone that knew who they were, which meant the Crossroads, as well as Graham and Billy. Sumeragi was also returning for the first time since they came down to Earth. Then there was the highlight of the party, courtesy of Ian, Feldt and Tieria. Using the training program for the Gundams as a base they had made a program for their simulators, and had, with the added help of Setsuna, Lasse, and Saji, managed to build six simulators, which were now in the back room of the diner. The simulators would be getting quite the workout once the party started.

The party was in two hours, at three o'clock. The diner had been closed a twelve-thirty so that they could clean up and prepare, although Setsuna, Lasse, and Tieria were resting since they had finished the simulator two days ago after a few all-nighters. Which was why Setsuna was currently laying on his bed with his head propped up on his hands. He had his eyes closed but he wasn't sleeping, he was doing something far more interesting, and as Feldt said, more fun.

"How am I supposed to know what love is?" Feldt's thoughts entered Setsuna's mind, along with what was probably the mental equivalent of a blush.

"I understood it from your mind," Setsuna replied by thought, still managing to sound somewhat monotone even in thought.

What Feldt had said was fun could only be understood by understanding their current situation. Setsuna was currently lying on his bed, while Feldt was doing much the same only on her bed at the Vashti's apartment. Over the past two weeks they had been experimenting with their new found connection, which was currently their connection alone since they were the only two capable of such things that they knew of. They found that between the diner and the apartment building was close to the maximum range they could connect, and it had to be Setsuna who reached out to Feldt since he had been practicing for a considerably larger amount of time. At that range surface thoughts were the best they could do, while they could go deeper at closer ranges, but only if the other allowed it. They had even managed to get it so that Feldt could hear what Setsuna heard, but it couldn't be done both ways yet since Feldt was less practiced.

"So I've been wondering, why do you think I was the first to undergo Innovation?" Feldt asked to change the topic away from love. While Setsuna understood that's what the feeling was, he had yet to fully understand what that meant, hence the embarrassing mental conversation.

Setsuna was quite for a bit, although Feldt got the feeling of him gather his thoughts. It was amazing the little feelings and sensations that could be felt through the link that made up for facial and body cues. "Well it could just be different for everyone despite you all being in the shared consciousness zones, which are dense GN particles. But if that was the case Louise Crossroad should have started full Innovation before you," he explained.

"But I did first, so why would that be?" Feldt persisted.

Setsuna thought about it some more before a thought struck him, "Maybe it's because you sat in the Qan[t] right after I returned. I had just emerged from the Quantum Gateway, so the Qan[t] might have been hyper-infused with super dense GN particles, which caused your Innovation to start." As he finished Feldt mentally nodded, noting that it made sense.

"I should start getting ready for the party," Feldt thought as she stood up and got dresses, if it was anyone else she might have felt awkward getting changed while connected to a mans mind, even if she was ninety-nine percent sure that he wouldn't be able to even know what she was doing. But it was Setsuna, and she knew that he wouldn't do something like that even if he could. Even if neither of them talked while she got ready she could still feel that they were connected, so once she was done and exited her room she spoke again.

"So are you not helping with the preparations?" she asked as she sat down next to Ian, who was as usual working on his terminal.

"I tried to but Lyle got angry and told me to go rest," Setsuna told her, which sounded even funnier since it was in his usual monotone.

This caused Feldt to giggle, both mentally and out loud, causing Ian to look up at her with a questioning look. "Sorry," Feldt apologized at the awkward situation.

"This is going to take getting used to," Ian sighed with a smile before resuming his work.

"What is?" Mileina asked as she and her mother entered the kitchen.

"Me having mental conversations with Setsuna," Feldt explained to the two of them while tapping her temple for effect.

"So Feldt," Mileina started. "Since you have this super romantic and convenient connection to Setsuna I have to ask, does he talk more mentally?"

The question caught Feldt off guard and it being referred to as 'romantic' caused her to blush, which she was pretty sure Setsuna noticed. But once she thought about it she realized that he was slightly more talkative through their link then he normally was. "I guess he sort of is," she replied, prompting what she could only figure was either a grumble or an annoyed sigh from Setsuna, causing her to giggle again.

"Why is everyone so hung up on me talking?" Setsuna wondered as he stood up and headed for the door to head down stairs again.

"Because no one can tell what you thinking," Feldt replied, not missing the irony of her statement. "It's one of Celestial Beings great mysteries," she joked, obviously getting no response at all though.

"Lets get going," Linda said.

"Alright!" Mileina cheered, as they all got ready to head out the door.

Back at the diner Setsuna opened the door to the main area, noting that Lasse was there along with Lyle, Allelujah, and Marie.

"Hey Setsuna," Allelujah greeted as he wiped down the tables. Lasses was setting food out and other such things, while Lyle and Marie were both cooking.

Setsuna nodded like always, "what can I do to help?"

"Hmm can you help Lasses set stuff out?" Lyle instructed from the opening behind the counter that was used to pass food through from the kitchen. "Anyone know when the Vashti's and Feldt plan to get here?" Lyle asked everyone.

After a quick thought exchange with Feldt he had the answer, "They're in the elevator headed for the lobby right now." His quick and precise reply caused all three men to look at him.

"This is going to take getting used to," All three said in unison.

Just then the door opened behind Setsuna. "I'm amazed you two have such a connection this quickly, it just goes to show the power of pure breeds," Tieria comment while setting down a box with some alcohol in it. "Here's the drink Miss Sumeragi left here," he said as he grabbed a rag and went to help Allelujah.

"Good, that saves us having to go out and buy some, since most of us don't drink anyway," Lyle replied as he went back to cooking. "Setsuna can you go make sure all the simulators are working and connected? Also did Feldt tell you what scoring system she put in?" he asked the young meister.

"Lyle wants to know about the scoring system," he sent to Feldt, not thinking much of it.

"Tell him he can wait and see," she sent back, the connection felt stronger to, so they were probably on their way.

"She said you can wait and see," Setsuna answered as he turned to go back to the back room.

Lyle look a bit taken aback, "Definitely going to take getting used to."

Setsuna spent the next few minutes starting up all six machines and making sure they connected to each other. Due to the time limit it's current selection of suits was limited to just Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, and Virtue, as well as the Tieren Taozi and the Over Flag, both of which they had "acquired" the specs for. Setsuna then realized that he could feel Feldt, which was another ability they had found when they were in close proximity. They could tell the exact location of the other while they were connected. Tieria theorized that since it was similar to what the Innovades could do, the range they could sense each others locations would probably grow.

Setsuna exited the last machine now that it was started and walked to the door. Just as he opened it the front doors also opened and the Vashti's and Feldt walked in. Feldt looked a little surprised because Setsuna was Staring at her, then she realizing that she could sense his location as well. As with most things Setsuna's ability to sense her location was stronger and clearer then hers.

Everyone greeted each other before getting right to work setting food out and getting drinks ready. Right as they were finishing up, and about a quarter to three, Miss Sumeragi walked in.

"Well now, I feel late since everyone is here already. Although I did bring alcohol," He lifted the bag in her hand and set it on the counter.

"Good to see you to," Lyle greeted jokingly. "But we already raided the stash you left here," he pointed at the contents that had come from the box.

"Well the more the merrier. So I hear there have been some interesting developments," Miss Sumeragi turned to look at Feldt and Setsuna.

"I think she is talking about us," Feldt thought to Setsuna, to which he mmhhh'd. Feldt resisted the urge to laugh at the fact that you could do that as a thought before replying. "Yes, it's very convenient."

"I'll bet," Miss Sumeragi shot back, giving her a suspicious look.

"Hey!" Feldt responded with a slight pout. Prompting everyone to laugh, and Setsuna to completely ignore it. Or so it seemed, Feldt could feel that he was slightly amused as well.

Just then the Crossroads arrived. "Hey everyone," Saji greeted as they entered.

"Saji, Louise, it's great to see you," Marie greeted while giving them a hug. Ian shook Saji's hand and everyone started talking.

Finally just before three the last of the guests arrived.

"Billy!" Sumeragi greeted the longhaired man.

"Kujo, it's good to see you," Billy greeted back before the two started talking about what they had been up to.

"Setsuna, Miss Feldt," Graham greeted the two of them.

"Graham," Setsuna replied, causing Feldt to roll her eyes.

"How have you been?" Feldt asked, making up for their lack of words.

"Good, military life is never boring at least. Although not as fun as when I have more challenging adversaries," Graham grinned at them.

"Well you'll get your chance," Tieria joined their conversation.

"Oh? How's that?" the soldier asked.

"You'll see after we eat," Feldt cut in, not wanting to spoil it.

It was then that Lyle decided to get things started. "Everyone grab something to drink!" he instructed over the conversations. Once everyone had done so he continued, "I know we aren't really the toasting kind of group so I'll keep it short." He looked around at everyone as he went on. "To friends, comrades, family, and those pesky rivals you can't seem to get rid of," he raised his drink at Graham as he said the last part.

"It's been a pleasure!" Graham called back, getting a laugh from the group, and even a chuckle from Setsuna.

Lyle smiled as he continued, "So to continued good and happy lives." Everyone clinked their drinks together as he finished. They all got food and continued their conversations, everyone having a good time. Eventually Tieria decided it was time and once again got everyone's attention.

"So now for what all the meisters have been waiting for. In the back room we have six mobile suit simulators set up, and we are going to have a contest to see who can get the top score, the scoring system was made personally by Feldt, and no one knows how it works yet," as he finished Feldt moved up to talk.

"So they scoring system took a lot of work, but to keep it simple it is based off how intense and spectacular the fight is. It gets a pit particular on how it works, so I won't bother explaining that," She finished.

Tieria moved back to talk again, "So for those spectating we have two screens set up out here for you to watch. We will start with a team battle, it will be Setsuna, Lyle, and myself versus Allelujah, Marie, and Mr. Aker," Tieria lead the way into the room as he finished. Feldt noticed Graham was practically fidgeting with excitement, and even Setsuna had a slight grin on his face. Once all six pilots were in and started up they started the battle.

As soon as it started both Graham and Setsuna went full speed at each other, causing all four other pilots to sigh as they split off to give the two space. Tieria went after Marie's Taozi while Lyle pitted his shooting against Allelujah's speed. Their was a score board for the viewers to see and as the fighting got more intense theirs scores started to rise. But none where near as fast as Graham's and Setsuna's scores. The two were so engrossed in their fight that no other thoughts were going through their minds. It left a few wondering how such a fight was even physically possible.

Finally a conclusion started to emerge, Lyle got a good hit on Allelujah, Marie forced Tieria to switch to Nadleeh, they all four were nearing defeat. On the other hand both Graham and Setsuna's suits were missing their heads and left arms, as well as bits of leg. Finally Graham got past Setsuna's guard and cut the suit in half, but it was just below the cockpit, giving Setsuna the chance he needed to cut Grahams Flag from the shoulder to the other thigh.

As the two pilots got out of their machines they realized they were the last to finish.

"I want a rematch!" Graham demanded at Setsuna.

"Fine," Setsuna responded, ready to go at it again.

"Hold it, hold it, the machines aren't going anywhere, so rejoin the party for now," Sumeragi cut in on them. Graham grudgingly did as he was asked and Setsuna followed behind.

"What about the score?" Graham remembered as he entered the main room.

Saji pointed at the screen for them to see. "You tied, at twice the score of all the others."

"You guys are crazy," Louise added on to her husband's words.

"She's right, that was nuts," Lasse concurred with a grin.

"We cleanly lost," Tieria admitted, causing Lyle to grumble something about a team battle.

"All right enough about the score, lets get on with the party," Sumeragi once again interrupted.

And so they did, everyone started talking and getting more food and drinks. The party continued, with a few more goes in the simulators, until after it was dark. Feldt looked around as things calmed down. Linda, Mileina, Marie, and Louise were talking about something. Tieria, Billy, and Sumeragi were in a heated discussion about something technical sounding. Lyle, Lasse, Saji, and Ian were talking about work. And lastly Setsuna and Graham were having what could only be called an argument about mobile suits, which Feldt found quite amusing to watch since she had never seen Setsuna argue with anyone before.

Setsuna seemed to have noticed her because she felt his curiosity. She just replied by mentally laughing at him. To which he mentally shrugged, causing her to laugh out loud.

This exchange didn't go unnoticed. Sumeragi looked between the two of them with a smile.

"It's remarkable isn't it?" Lyle said as he appeared beside Sumeragi.

"It is. Unlike how Setsuna was, Feldt seems to have gotten even more confidence since her Innovation started," Sumeragi replied.

"Setsuna has improved too. Feldt's doing ok because she has Setsuna to help her, and Setsuna, I think he's been keeping so much inside that none of us can understand. Now that Feldt is becoming like him, he can finally let it out," Lyle added to her comment.

"It's good, those two have seen far to much for their age, if anyone deserves to be happy it's them," Sumeragi finished as she took a drink from her glass and moved to talk to the others. Lyle just smiled and nodded before doing likewise.

As the night went on and the party continued to die down Setsuna came over to sit by Feldt. They just sat there when suddenly Feldt felt something touch her hand. She looked down with a surprised look to see Setsuna holding her hand. When she looked up he had a slight smile on his face, but some uncertainty at his own actions in his mind. Causing her to relax and smile as well to reassure him. She looked at all the people around her, her friends, her family, the people she cared about. And she felt one feeling in particular, contentment. Because she knew two things:

She loved Setsuna F. Seiei, and he loved her.

It might take him a while to understand what that meant, but a time he understood would come, of that she was certain.

Therefore she was content, and very, very happy.


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