Chapter 1:

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"Don't let the Decepticons get through! Protect the Ark until it escape!" Yelled Optimus.

The Autobots were slowly decreasing in numbers since Megatron has found a way to destroy their defense line so he can easily crush the Autobots. Starscream and the other Decepticons took out their Neutron rifles and shot down the Autobots that were retreating and with Shockwave's sudden disappearance, the Decepticons had to use their old weapons.

Bumblebee was shot in his vocal cord was shot by a Decepticon and Rachet had to get him out of the battlefield to safety.

Optimus knew he was losing Autobots one by one and he thought We need a miracle for this. Optimus then saw three meteorites slammed into the warp cannons that were shooting the ark down as it took off.

The Decepticons soon retreated as soon as they saw the warp cannons destroyed. Optimus looked around and saw Off-lined Autobots everywhere with either disembodied parts or shot in their sparks. Ironhide walked up and said,"At least Sentinel prime got away with the pillars." They soon heard an explosion behind them and they turned around to see the Ark blown up as it disappeared. Optimus had his optics widen while Ironhide screamed,"Primus damn it!"

They soon saw Jazz approached them and he said,"Let's go check out the meteorites." The three soon headed to the three meteorites.

At the meteorites location,

Shotaro roaned as he came out of his pod and asks,"Phillip, Takumi, you two alright?" Phillip came out of the pod and said,"Shotaro! You're a robot!" Shotaro looked at himself and screamed and then he looked at Phillip and said,"You're a robot too!" Phillip looked at his hands in horror.

Shotaro looked around and asks,"Where are we?" Phillip shrugged and asks,"More importantly, where's Takumi?" They looked at his pod and saw a wolf-like robot coming out of the pod and the two said,"Takumi! Your a robot wolf!" Takumi looked at his mechanical paws and then he suddenly howled. He noticed that all the SMART BRAIN belts were on his belly area and Shotaro looked at his body and saw a lost driver attached to his waist while all the 26 memories were in memory slots found all over his body. Phillip looked down and saw his lost driver on his waist and Fang droid hopped onto his arm and turned into a blade like ARM FANG ability. The three tried to remove the belts but couldn't.

Phillip then said,"The belts must have been merged with our bodies, that's why we can't remove them and when we entered this world, we turned into robots." Shotaro then said,"That does not help explain why Takumi is a wolf robot." Shotaro looked at Takumi and said,"Although he does look kind of cute." Takumi growled and Phillip said,"This world must have made us according to the inhabitants and also based on orselves like Takumi is a wolf orphnoch and he became a robot wolf while you have all the memories that now merged with you and Fang merged with me." Shotaro nodded and then said,"If we're robots, we should come up with robot names as well." The other two agreed.

Shotaro said,"I will be called Gaiatron. Because I have the abilities of all the Gaia memories." Phillip said,"I will be called Fang because of Fang droid attached to my arm." Takumi whimpered and Shotaro said,"Do you want us to name you Takumi." Takumi nodded and Shotaro said,"How about Eclipse because you're as dark as an Eclipse?" Takumi smiled and howled in agreement.

Takumi suddenly had two Neutron rifles appeared on his sides while a missile launcher came out of his back and his tail had a blade's tip and sharpness.

Shotaro's left hand had became a Acid pellet while his right became a lightning whip. His right shoulder had a missile launcher and his left shoulder had a Sonic stun gun. His feet both had spikes on the tip of his feet.

Phillip's left hand had became a scatter blaster while his right hand stayed the same but with Fang droid attached on his wrist and turned into a blade. His shoulders both remained while his back had a jet pack and his feet were the same as Shotaro.

The weapons all soon went back inside them and the three Autobots came.

"Put your hands up!" Yelled Ironhide.

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