Chapter 2 ~ Nalu – Drabble

Summary: What If Natsu and Lucy met each other as kids? AU Genre: Friendship


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A little pink haired boy stood in front of an ice-cream. In his hands, he held tightly the exact amount of money necessary for a waffle-coned, choc-chip ice-cream with a waffle.

The sun was setting over the park giving this beautiful effect; a wonderful photo could've been taken right here, right now. And the photographer would certainly earn a fortune for this photo.

The pink haired boy was the last person in the line. His parents were in their car waiting patiently for their son to return so they can go home. Once it was the boy's turn, he stood on his tip-toes and looked at the ice-cream man.

"Hello Natsu." The ice-cream man said to the boy with a gentle smile. "Would you like another waffle-coned, choc-chip ice-cream with a waffle again?" he asked they boy –Natsu –the gentle smile never leaving his face.

"Yes please, Zeref-san!" ((I MADE ZEREF THE ICE-CREAM MAN! Now you know what their connection is. *smirk*)) Natsu said with a grin spreading ear to ear.

"You're lucky Natsu. This's the last ice-cream that I have left." Zeref said and handed the little pink haired boy, his ice-cream.

"Thank-you Zeref-san!" he said in a happy voice. Just as he was about to leave when a blonde little girl, about his age, came running up to the ice-cream truck.

"One….choc-chip…….cream…..please….." She said in between puffs.

"I'm sorry little girl. But this little boy." He said and pointed to Natsu. "Took the last one." He finished and gave the girl a sad smile.

The big grin that was once on her face immediately disappeared and she looked at the ground with tears forming in her eyes. Natsu felt extremely guilty, seeing as he always has this ice-cream.

He looked at his ice-cream, and then at the girl. He did this a few times and put the ice-cream in her eye vision.

"Here…" Natsu mumbled with a tint of pink o his cheeks, he looked the other way so she couldn't see.

Her face immediately brightened and she took the ice-cream.

"THANK YOU!" she said to Natsu. Natsu only blushed harder. "I have to go now but here." She said and extended her hand with the money in it. "Take it."

Natsu shook his head. "U-Uh, no. Y-You can keep it."

"Thank you again. But I have to go. Bye bye!" Before running off she stood on her tip-toes and gave Natsu a kiss on the cheek. Natsu's blush, which had disappeared, reappeared even redder than before.

As Natsu watched the girl walk away he felt strange. His heart was beating fast and it was a feeling he'd never felt before. The girl turned around with ice-cream all over her face.

"BY THE WAY! MY NAME IS LUCY HEARTFILIA!" She yelled in the distance.


In the background Natsu's parents were standing there. Tired of waiting for their son, they went to check on him. They smile and looked at each other.

"Love at first sight." Natsu'S father said. His mother nodded and rested her head on her husbands's shoulder.


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