Chapter 3 ~ Gruvia – One-Shot

Summary: What If Gray was going to confess his secret feelings for Juvia. But just as he was about to tell her something unfortunate happened. Genre: Tragedy

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Juvia and Gray were sitting on a park bench. Juvia was as red as Erza's hair, maybe even redder. And Gray was sitting next to her in all his shirtless glory. They were watching the sun set when Juvia broke the awkward silence.

"G-Gray-sama, why did y-you ask me to come h-here with you?" Juvia asked turning redder and redder by every word.

"I just wanted to say sorry. For being so mean to you." After that he turned to his left to face Juvia. "When I first laid eyes in you I didn't know what I was feeling. There was a heavy feeling on my chest; I brushed it off because you were a member of Phantom Lord. But every time I see you my heart races and it's so hard for me to not show my blush. But listen, I love you Juvia with all me hea-"

Gray was cut off when something hit his head. Juvia looked at where the object had been thrown from and she saw nothing. Juvia started to panic when she saw Gray's head bleeding because of the object –which was a rock –hitting his head quite hard.

Juvia acted quickly and brought Gray to the guild. Since it was almost dark only Mirajane was there, she was cleaning up the place.

"What happened to Gray?" Mira asked with concern in her voice.

"He got hit in the head and….and…" Juvia broke down into tears remembering how Gray had secretly loved her. And now she would have to wait until he recovered before they could start dating and have kids etc, etc…..

Gray was immediately brought to the infirmary and Mira tended to his wounds.

"You should go home Juvia. I'll tell you if anything's wrong with him tomorrow, ok?" Mira told Juvia after a few hours. It was dark outside and the moon was high in the sky. Juvia nodded and headed home.

Whne she arrived at the guild the next day everyone had a frown on their face. The atmosphere was heavy and this was nothing like the Fairy Tail Juvia knew. She immediately had a very bad feeling about this.

She walked up to the bar where Mirajane was giving Erza her strawberry cake. Still, Erza's frown would not go away.

"Mira-san, what's Gray-sama's condition?" She asked after plucking up enough courage to break the awkward silence that was usually never at Fairy Tail.

"He's…. he's…. sahdiahf." Mira said so softly that Juvia couldn't understand her.

"What did you say Mira-san?" She asked getting a bit annoyed that no one would tell her her beloved Gray-sama's condition.

"haofhowfhaowh." Mira said even more quieter than before.

"What. Did. You. Say?" Juvia asked once again getting very annoyed.


"He's in a coma, ok!" Erza said for Mira, tears streaming down her face. This was a side of the Titania Fairy Tail didn't know. Everyone was either shocked or saddened even more. " I KNOW IT'S HARD FOR EVERYONE! He, he was like a brother to me. I might not have the closest relationship to him but I love like I would love a brother!" Erza continued.

"Erza I'm sor-"

"NO MIRA! You don't understand how it feels to lose a sibling! You don't underst-"

"YES I DO!" Mira shouted over Erza. "I've lost Lisanna! AND I'VE ALMOST LOST ELFMAN! You think I don't know how it feels, HUH!?" Mira also started crying.

Erza looked at the ground; guilty. "I'm sorry Mira, I totally forgot about all that."

"It's ok." Erza walked over to Mirajane and gave her a hug.

"Juvia, you can go see Gray. Porlyusica-san is tending to his wounds right now." Mira said in-between sobs. Juvia nodded and walked to the infirmary.

"H-How's Gray-sama?" She asked the pink-haired woman quietly.

"He'll be in a coma for about 3 months. I'll visit him every week to check on his condition."

"Thank You."

"Now, I'll be leaving. I'll come back again next week."

Juvia bowed to the aged woman and she left the room. Juvia sat on the chair next to Gray's hospital bed.

"Gray-sama…." She whispered to herself and stoked his fringe back and kissed him on his forehead.

3 Months Later

"JUVIA!" Mira shouted at the blue-haired mage. Juvia's head immediately faced towards Mira. Mira was crying and Juvia didn't know why. "I-IT'S GRAY! HE'S AWAKE!"

Juuvia's eyes widened and she sprinted towards the infirmary. When she got there she saw Gray sitting on a chair, facing the window. Her eyes became watery and she hugged him from behind.

"AH!" Gray yelled and fell on top of Juvia. Juvia noticed Team Natsu in the room and Gray quickly got off of Juvia.

"Gray-sama!" Juvia yelled and hugged Gray. He just pushed her away.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" he asked as he stared at her with no emotion in his eyes.

"T-This is a joke, r-right G-Gray-sama?" Juvia asked.

"I'm sorry Juvia, but, it's the truth." Erza said and put her hand on Juvia's shoulder. Juvia ran out of the room with tears making her vision very blurry.

Later that day Juiva payed Gray another visit.

"Hello, didn't I see you earlier today?" Gray said looking up at Juiva and simultaneously putting his book down.

"Yes, Juvia was here before."

"Listen, can I tell you something?" Gray asked Juvia with a bit of pink on his cheeks. Juvia turned extremely red again.

"Y-Yes, Gray-sama." Her heart was beating so fast she was worried Gray could hear it.

"I-I like….." Gray mumbled the last word.

"What was that Gray-sama?"

"I like Erza!" He said really fast. Juvia felt her heart shatter into a billion pieces. "Can you help me confess my feel-" Gray stopped talking when she noticed Juvia wasn't in his room.

Juvia was at the exact same park Gray confessed his love for her. She was knee deep into the lake, and was walking deeper and deeper into the lake.

For the next week no one had seen Juvia. But when Wendy went into her room to see if she was there she found a not. It said:

Dear Nakama,

I will be long gone by the time you read this. My beloved Gray-sama no longer loves me and therefore I have no reason to live anymore. I will have died with what I am made out of, water. I will have closed my eyes for the last time by the time you read this. I just want to say,



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