Author's Note: I recently read a self-insert Naruto fanfiction in which the protagonies awaken as Uchiha Sasuke. Of course, he remembers the storyline and decided to be an entirely different happy-go-lucky Sasuke (see 'Naruto What If', by Blade8821). The story is fascinating but i had a thought. What if instead of OC, another 'emo'/broody character, similar to Sasuke awaken as Sasuke. What if this character have no prior knowledge to naruto-verse. Hence, this story is born.

Disclaimer: I owned nothing here except this story itself.

Prologue: The Awakening

Tsukoyomi. The ultimate genjutsu. Able to trap target's mind inside complex un-escapable illusionary world. Very few individuals who have the strength of will to endure the strain of the technique upon their mind, much less the torture inflicted during the illusion.

For one Sasuke Uchiha, subjected to the technique at such a young age, by right his mind would have been destroyed. But something very unexpected happened instead. His very soul reach deep to save itself, and inadvertently strip the layers to his past life.

Bu Jing Jui slowly opened his eyes to a white, clean ceiling. For a long moment he just stared unfocusedly, his mind a jumbled mess. After a while he realized he cannot recall anything of his situation, and he slowly turned his gaze around, noting the unfamiliar furniture and layout. He slowly sit up, and in the process noticed the weird piece of clothing he is wearing. That led to his body. For some reason he felt really small. He held his hands in front of him and distantly note the fact that they really seemed smaller and unfamiliar. He felt like he should be alarmed, but his mind felt like it was wrapped in sand. Thoughts flow slowly and confusedly.

Moving slowly he put his feet on the floor and tried to stand up. Vertigo assaulted and for a moment he almost fell flat to his face. He closed his eyes until the world steadied. Opening his eyes again, he decided to walk to the only window in the room, attracted by the play of lights upon the window's glass. Upon reaching it, he stared bemusedly at the clear glass until a reflected image caught his eyes.

He stared at the unfamiliar black haired, onyx eyes, pale boy that was looking back at him and suddenly, memories of two lifetime assaulted him.

He was Sasuke, learning various Shuriken-Jutsu. He was Bu Jing Jui, learning the No Name Sword Styles.

He was Sasuke, his first successful attempt at the Great Fireball Technique. He was Cloud, his first successful attempt to do the last move of the Cloud Fist.

He was Sasuke, walking in the Uchiha compound, dead bodies all over the place. He was Bu Jing Jui, watching from a hidden place as his foster family was massacred, a dead Chi Hung in his arm.

The eyes in the reflection turned blood-red with black seed-like irregularities and he screamed in panic and anguished. Suddenly white figures burst into the room and hands tried to restrain him. In panic he assaulted the figures, hands and body moving in the familiar movement of the Cloud Fist. More hands appeared and effectively trapped his struggling body. A hand descended towards his neck and he knew no more.