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IT was a normal day in konoha. The sun was shining brightly in the sky. The birds were chirping in the sky. The villagers of konoha were walking around happily in peace. They didn't have anything to be fear about since the war ended 4 years ago. The war ended when uzumaki NARUTO defeated the MADARA uchiha and sealed the juubi away from reach of all ninja villages. The hidden villages are now at peace with each other. They have signed alliance with each other.

Now all the villages are allies with each other. The ninja of different villages don't fight each other for missions. They only take missions which will keep peace with other villages. The world is in peace time. Everything was right for the world, for now.

(Scene Change – hokage office )

Tsunade senju was doing her regular job of fighting kage's biggest enemy the PAPERWORK. She was getting frustrated about doing the paperwork for all day without having a single drink. Since shizune had hidden her sake bottle. She was about to punch her working table outside the window when a gate guard entered her office while huffing which showed he came running.

"hokage-sama. There is a group iwa ninjas coming towards over villages. They look injured from the blood on their cloths." Said the guard.

"what? Go and inform the anbu to get ready for anything dangerous. And let the iwa ninjas enter the village. I am coming to gates myself." Tsunade ordered.

"hai hokage-sama" replied the guard before running out of the office.

"SHIZUNE" called Tsunade.

"hai Lady Tsunade" said shizune as she entered the room after the call of hokage.

"Prepare a team of medic nin and head to the village gate. A group of iwa ninja is approaching our village and there are some injured with them. And alert the hospital staff to be ready for surgery if needed. I am going to gates myself. Now go."-Ordered Tsunade before jumping out the window and running towards the village gates.

When she approached the gates she saw that a group of about 20-25 ninja of iwa was coming towards the leaf. There are a few injured ninja in the group. Slowly the group reached the leaf village gates. Leading the group was akatsuchi and kurotsuchi. They were injured themselves. When they saw Tsunade at the gates they approached her.

"Hokage-sama we need your help in treating our injured friends here. Can you help us?" asked kurotsuchi.

"yes. Shizune treat the wounded ninjas here and take the seriously injured ninjas to the hospital." Ordered Tsunade. Shizune who brought a team of medic nin started treating the ninjas and sent the more injured nins to hospital.

"now kurotsuchi-san tell me what happened to you and your group of ninja? Who attacked your group and why did you come to konoha instead of going to your village since I don't have any information about your group doing any missions in fire country. And iwa is a long distance away from konoha." Asked Tsunade kurotsuchi while akatsuchi and kurotsuchi were being healed.

"hokage-sama we didn't go to our village because iwagakure is destroyed. we come from ruins of our village after escaping from destruction." Replied kurotsuchi.

"WHAT? When? How? Who did it?" asked Tsunade.

"IT happened two days ago hokage-sama. The village was having a normal day when a man wearing a hood comes to our village gate. When the guards stopped him, he asked to meet my grandfather. He said he had very important information for him. It had something to do with sealing a monster child. After hearing the message grandpa becomes serious and he asked the guard to bring the hooded man to his office. When the man enters the office I could swear I saw the shinigami."


The hooded man entered the tsuchikage's office. He looked around the room and saw there was total of three persons inside the office, the sandaime-tshuchikage, kurotsuchi and kitshuchi. Then the hooded man sensed the ANBU hidden in shadows. While the hooded man was scanning the room tsuchikage himself checked him. He was wearing a hood which covered his body completely. It was hard to tell anything about his body but it could be said that the man was a young man since he is the height almost same as his granddaughter. His chakra levels were huge. His chakra level was higher than sandaime tsuchikage himself. And tsuchikage himself have the highest chakra level in the iwa. No ninja have even one third of his chakra level. And this person has two times the amount compared to tsuchikage. The man turned to tsuchikage and addressed him

"Hello tsuchikage-sama. How are you? I hope i didn't interrupt you from anything important." – said hooded man.

"Stop the sweet talk and tell me who are you? Where are you from? And what information do you have that you wanted a meeting with me?" asked tsuchikage getting impatient.

"Well. about who I am? You can call me HAKAISHA. I am from no village, And the most important thing, the information about the monster child. Well I have seen him. I know where he is, and what he is doing?" said the now named hakaisha.

"Really. where have you seen him? and how do you know what he is doing? And would you mind if I ask you what gain do you have in telling us his position." asked tsuchikage onoki.

"I will tell you what I know if you answered few of my questions." Said hakaisha.

"And what are those questions?" replied onoki.

"Why do you want to kill or seal him? He is the savior of the ninja world and you want to take him out? Even though he the reason the world is having peace." Asked hakaisha.

"it's a very big secret. It can't be told to you. Just know that this decision is made by the group of all the leaders of all ninja villages. We all arranged a meeting and after a long discussion we come to this decision that he has to either die or be sealed forever.

"and what the hokage said about this decision?" asked hakaisha.

"it was her idea that he is killed so could be with his parents." Said onoki.

"now I have given you all the answers you wanted now tell me what you know about him." Asked onoki.

"well yes. You have answered all my question. Now I have to tell you all I know as per our deal. So I did saw him. I met him and talked with him. He told me what he is doing. He is planning to build village himself, where he is planning to spend his entire life peacefully. He said that he don't want anything to do with 5 great ninja villages. He just wants to live peacefully." Said hakaisha.

"Well that is not possible. He cant be allowed to built a village. He is to be either killed or sealed. I think he is planning for a village because he is preparing to fight us if we try to capture him." Said onoki.

"well that can be possible. So what are you going to do when I tell you his location?" asked hakaisha.

"we will assemble a team of ninja from every hidden village to take him out either kill him or seal him. Now tell me where is he?"asked onoki now standing on his table.

"well I would love to tell you but there is a problem, a big problem." Said hakaisha.

"what problem?"asked onoki.

"me. I am your biggest problem right now. Since I am going to destroy your village, you should be concentrating on me." Said hakaisha talking as if talking about weather. The three iwa ninja tensed and hidden anbu prepared to attack him at a moment's notice.

"And may I ask why do you want to destroy our village. I don't think I have done anything against you hakaisha-san." Asked onoki while preparing for a fight.

"sorry but you will soon find out the reason. I just hope everybody in the village is prepared to die for the crimes of the ninjas. Since not even civilian will be spared. The whole village will be turned to dust which you like to use so much sandaime-sama." Said hakaisha.

"you just made the biggest mistake of your life by coming in my office and threatening to destroy my village. You are dead." Said onoki before a sword entered through hakaisha's back and exited through his chest. But instead of being shocked hakaisha started laughing.

"You are a fool sandaime tsuchikage if you thought that I will come here and tell you my plans just like that. You thought you killed me. But I am just a clone. The original is already done with preparation to destroy this pathetic ninja village." the clone said before it melted into mud.

The sandaime tsuchikage was alerted now. If a person could make a mud clone with the chakra levels of more than two kage level ninja than what would be the chakra level of that person.

Suddenly there was a blast sound outside the office. this shook onoki out of his train of thoughts. Onoki shunshined out of his office and appeared on the roof of building. What he saw made his blood boil. In the market area of village a blast has occurred. The blast has destroyed many buildings and started fire in a few of them. The civilians were running from the area in fear of the blast.

Then Onoki saw him. Hakaisha was standing on a building facing the area of blast. Onoki knew it was hakaisha's doing. He was the one behind the blast in the village.

"YOU ARE GOING TO DIE BY MY HAND."- Screamed onoki.

"No sandaime tsuchikage. I will not die by your hands. Neither I am going to die today. Cause I still have too much to do before I can allow myself to die. But you will die today by my hands. Also your precious village will follow you to hell. Now get ready to die and be forgotten forever." Said Hakaisha.

Hakaisha made a few hand seals before around 20 mud clones appeared around him. They all left in different directions and started destroying everything and killing people. The original hakaisha charged onoki.

Hakaisha took out a kunai from his robes and attacked onoki who was doing everything to block him. After a few seconds of blocking onoki got tired of blocking and jumped back. He started flying in the air and made a series of hand seals before a transparent square with a sphere inside appeared in front of Onoki. He threw it at hakaisha. the jutsu hurled to the ground and exploded when it made contact.

Onoki stayed in the air knowing that his enemy is still alive, injured hopefully but alive. Since the last attack was strong but not strong enough to take a kage level opponent. He looked everywhere but was unable to find hakaisha. he tried to sense him. And the result made his heart almost stop. Onoki felt hakaisha's chakra signature throughout the entire village in a specific pattern. And the man hakaisha himself was standing on the front of kage tower. Hakaisha was making seals for jutsu when he spoke.

"sandaime tsuchikage. You are the oldest kage alive. You have faced even Madara uchiha and survived. Now I challenge you to survive my next jutsu. I think you know this from shinobi wars. After all this jutsu was reason of death of more than 500 ninja of to remember it from your memory." Said hakaisha before he finished making hand seals and slammed his hands in the ground.

The ground shook before a giant made of rocks rose from the earth. The giant started to destroy everything around it. In a few seconds the giant had turned a quarter of the village in debris and rubble. Onoki turned pale after seeing the giant. He knew that jutsu. It was not doton jutsu but a summoning jutsu. Hakaisha has summoned a giant from hell. He had seen this jutsu in use before, in the first and second ninja wars. This jutsu was used by that clan. There is only one man alive from that clan who could be that that mean the hakaisha is…

"AAH. I think you got it all figured out sandaime tsuchikage. I think you figured out who I am." Said hakaisha.

Onoki knew he could not defeat his enemy if his guess is correct. So he did the logical thing he could do at the time. He turned to kurotsuchi who was standing a safe distance away from them but also ready to step in anytime if needed.

"Kurotsuchi. Take as many people out of the village as much you can. Leave the village and go to konoha. Tell them that hakaisha is…" was all onoki said before he was blasted by a wind bullet from hakaisha.

"No-no-no sandaime-sama. That is not something I will allow. You cannot tell my identity to anyone. I want to keep my real identity safe. Now as the giant has already destroyed about half part of village I will finish my work here. And as for you kurotsuchi-san I suggest you should run as fast as you can since the longer you are in the village the more risk of your dying increases. I don't want you dead not now at least. You have deliver the news of iwa's destruction to other villages. And inform them that I am coming for them. Now RUN" said hakaisha.

"but grandpa, I will not run. I will help you fight against him." Cried kurotsuchi.

"NO. you can't fight him. He is too strong. Not even our whole village could stop him. Now run before he do anything to harm you. You must go inform Tsunade senju about the rock giant. She should know about it and what to do to stop him." Ordered Onoki.

After hearing this and getting order from her grandfather Kurotsuchi ran for the gates of village. A few ninjas were following her but as she was about to reach the gates the ground started to shake once more but this time there was a sealing array glowing on the ground. It was so large that it was surrounding the whole village. The seal started to glow red more and more every second. Kurotsuchi and her following ninja tried there fastest to reach the gates but as soon they reached gates the ground exploded and they were thrown away from the village while the whole village was exploded like it was sitting on a explosive note.


"That's what happened to Iwa, hokage-sama. That man Hakaisha destroyed our village. Our group survived because we were almost out of the blast range but even we were injured from it." - Said kurotsuchi.

"Alright rest now kurotsuchi-san. We will help you. You can stay here as long as you need. My ninjas will make arrangements for your ninjas stay." Said Tsunade. On the outside she was calm but on the inside she was getting freaked out. She knew that jutsu from somewhere. Now it become important for her to remember where she heard about this jutsu that could summon giants made of rocks.

'I know I read about that jutsu somewhere. I was also heard to be used in second ninja war. but who used it? i must look through the hokage's personnel library to see if Sarutobi-sensei had put something about the jutsu in the records.' Thought Tsunade, before she left for hokage tower to research about the strange summoning jutsu.

(Scene change – Council chamber)

It was only two hours later that Tsunade was facing the member of council of konoha. They were all talking about the attack on Iwa and what to do with the survivors. The civilians were obviously against the idea of letting them stay in the village.

"Hokage-sama, why do we have to take them in our village? They should go back to their own allies or their daimyo for help. Why should we spend our money on them if they aren't our allies." asked a civilian council member. All the other members of civilian council agreed with him. They didn't wanted their money wasted on the iwa ninja.

"Because we are ally with Iwa councilman. After the fourth ninja war all the ninja villages signed an treaty. This treaty says that no ninja will attack ninja of another village unless to save himself or any innocent person. And the allied villages must help the ninjas of other village in need. We can't tell them to go from our village. This will mean that we are breaking treaty. This will make us the enemy of all the ninja villages." Said Tsunade.

"But hokage-sama who attacked Iwagakure. It was a strong village. Who could have the power to destroy a village like iwa?" asked ANBU commander.

"He calls himself Hakaisha. His origins are unknown but he said that he is going to destroy all the ninja villages. And from Kurotsuchi-san the granddaughter of Sandaime-tsuchikage told me he is really strong. According to tsuchikage the whole iwagakure combined could not defeat Hakaisha." Tsunade told them. It was silent for few minutes before someone said something which made them more depressed.

"We need the kyuubi Jinchurikki. He is the only one who could stop this Hakaisha. we must prepare a team to find the kyuubi brat." Said one councilman.

"well there is a problem with that." Tsunade said.

"What problem hokage-sama?" asked hiashi hyuga.

"He doesn't want to be involved with the 5 great ninja villages. He is planning to built a village himself. He wants to live peacefully away from all this trouble. And we don't even know where he is." Tsunade explained.

"But can't you ask your summons to locate him using toads help?" asked shikamaru who had taken his father's pace on council after his father died in the war.

"No I can't. I have already tried. But he has surrendered the toad summoning contract. They also don't know why he did it. Unless he summons them again the toads can't find him." Explained Tsunade.

"So what should we do about this Hakaisha?" asked hiashi.

"Nothing, we have no information about him other than what kurotsuchi-san has told us. We need more information about him to make a proper plan to stop him. So until we find more about him we will wait. so if there are no more topics for discussion this meeting is over." Tsunade said before exited the room while thinking how much problem this hakaisha will create for Konoha.

She didn't know that every ninja village was going to face Hakaisha and be destroyed one after one, and she must take refugees from all ninja villages.

(Time skip – two months later)

It has been two months since the first attack of Hakaisha. after that it was like a flood. He attacked small ninja villages every 2-3 days. He even took out KUMOGAKURE after 2 weeks later. No one survived that attack. They were destroyed completely. The rescue party Tsunade sent to find what happened reported about the damage done to the village. According to their reports the village was completely annihilated. Not even a single rock was left on the ground. Everything was turned to dust. Like the village never even existed at the place.

After that came the turn of KIRIGAKURE. This time a few people survived the attack. They were more or half dead when they were rescued by konoha and suna ninjas. They were talking about a monster. they water monster that killed almost half KIRI ninja. Then Hakaisha appeared and tsunami destroyed KIRI.

It continued like that. A few days later TAKI was destroyed. And two days ago the survivors of SUNA had came to konoha for refuge. Tsunade has stopped her search about the giant summoning jutsu and tried to make strategies about how to capture and kill this Hakaisha. But till now nothing seemed like a good plan. Suddenly a chunin came running into her office.

"Hokage-sama, a man is coming towards our village. He is alone and according to barrier team his chakra level is higher that all 5 kages combined." Reported the chunin while panting.

This alerted Tsunade. There are only two persons with that much chakra. One was Naruto and other is Hakaisha. since the first one didn't wanted anything with 5 ninja villages it left only one choice that the person coming towards village is Hakaisha.

"Start the alarm. Hakaisha is coming for our village. Gather every ninja we have to stop him." Tsunade ordered before she left in a shunshin. She appeared at the village gates where she could see the incoming person.

He was getting closer to village gates every minutes. A few minutes later when he was about to reach the gates konoha twelve and other ninja of konoha arrived. Kurotsuchi and other survivors of the other villages were also there.

When hakaisha reached the gates he chucked seeing the crowd of ninjas at the gates. All prepared to die fighting him.

"I am honored hokage-sama. I didn't know you would bring this large welcome party for my welcome to the village." Said hakaisha.

"you made a mistake coming here hakaisha. You will not live past today. Every ninja present here is ready to give their life if it means that you will be dead." Said Tsunade with conviction. But instead of getting ready for a fight he laughed.

"It's not me who will die today hokage-sama. It's this village that will be destroyed. And the time of ninja will end today. Today the every ninja except me will be dead. I will be the last ninja in this world." Said hakaisha.

"Don't be so confident about it. There is still one more ninja who is not here. He is also strong possibly more powerful than you. You are forgetting about NARUTO UZUMAKI. He is out there somewhere. And as long he is there is a chance that ninja world will survive." Said Tsunade.

"oh him. You don't get it than. Tell me something Tsunade do you know who used those rock giant summon?" hakaisha asked.

But after a few seconds when Tsunade didn't answer him he again asked.

"tell me kurotsuchi-san what did you saw in iwa just before the explosion?" he asked kurotsuchi.

"the ground was glowing red. There were lines likes seals." Answered kurotsuchi.

"now do you got it Tsunade-sama?" hakaisha asked.

'He used seals in destruction of iwa. And those rock giant he summoned I know about them from somewhere. But who could use fuinjutsu to this level. There is no ninja in any ninja village that could have that much level of mastery on sealing. The yondaime minato was considered the best sealing expert in konoha after grandmother and even he could not have used a sealing jutsu of that level. Grandmother was best sealing expert ever in this village. And she was from out of konoha. She was from uzushio where she learned the sealing arts' thought Tsunade before It suddenly came to her mind.

'those giant summoning were used by Uzumaki clan in second ninja war. they were used to protect the village from enemies. Grandma told me about them when I was young. How could I have forgotten that. Those summoning jutsu were used by uzumaki clan as well as sealing to the level to destroy a whole village in one blast. But there are only 2-3 uzumaki left in the world and none of them have the chakra level to do this except one. That means hakaisha is…' thought Tsunade while her face expressed how shocked she was.

"Why are you doing this NARUTO?" Tsunade asked.

"Finally you got it. You know I was waiting to see your face when you will out who I am. I was right. You are shocked. You are asking why I am doing this. I think you know the answer to that question. And it's not for the order of my sealing or execution order." Said Naruto

"What do you mean by that Naruto? Why are you doing this?" asked Kiba.

Hearing this Naruto turned to the rest of konoha 12, well what was left of it. Since neji died in the war protecting him and hinata, and sasuke sacrificed his life fighting against Madara and Juubi. He looked at all of them before his eyes stopped at HINATA. She was standing there looking shocked and afraid.

"w-why are you doing this Naruto-kun? Why did you destroyed all the ninja villages?" hinata asked.

"hinata-chan I will explain everything . but you have to trust me and come to me away from the ninja of this village." Naruto said and motioned for hinata to come to him. After a bit of reluctance she moved away from konoha ninjas. But they tried to stop her even though no one dared to move from his/her spot to do that physically.

"Hinata what are you doing? Do not go near him. He is going to kill you just like he killed everybody in other ninja villages." Screamed Ino.

"Ino yamanaka. You should know that I will not harm hinata-chan. I will kill myself before I harmed her." Naruto said fiercely glaring at the yamanaka clan head.

Tsunade watched hinata move to naruto's side and hug him. She knew what she was going to tell will shock many people of her village and it will also shock survivors of other villages. But before she could say anything she heard gasps of people and when she looked at Naruto she saw that Naruto has stabbed hinata in the heart with a kunai. Hinata fall dead a second later with a shocked look on her face.

"Naruto you monster you killed hinata. Even though she loved you, you killed her." Asked ino.

"so there is still someone who doesn't know the truth in konoha. Fine Tsunade are you going to tell them are shall I?" asked Naruto.

"She is not hinata." Tsunade finally said after watching all this happen.

"what do you mean she is not hinata? I knew hinata for year. I know that is hinata." Said ino.

"No ino. She is not real hinata. She was a main branch hyuga clan member. Her face was changed by surgery to look like hinata. Hinata died a few weeks after the war. We needed to keep this secret so we changed girls face and trained her in how hinata acted." Tsunade said.

"Why didn't you tell us about her death?" asked ino.

"cause she herself is one of the culprit for her death." Said Naruto.

"How did you know Naruto that this girl is not hinata. You left the village after hinata died and you came back from a mission. You left some time later and never even came back." Asked Tsunade.

"You want to know? Then listen.."


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