Part 2 –

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"How did you know Naruto that this girl is not hinata? You left the village after hinata died and you came back from a mission. You left some time later and never even came back." Tsunade asked.

"You want to know? Then listen..."


Naruto was coming back from another mission. This was another boring mission which means he either has to deliver some things from one village to another village. And he was getting bored from it very quickly. Or he has to take out some bandits making troubles for the clients. That was the kind of mission Naruto wanted to take but Tsunade didn't allow him that kind of mission. She said something about destroying the forest and damaging the surrounding area.

Yea it's true that he burned a part of forest, but it was just a goddamn accident. He didn't do it purposefully… well in a way he did but because the bandits had a chunin level nuke nin who attacked him with a wind attack and he have to use a fire jutsu to stop the wind jutsu. And it was his bad luck that forgot the difference between his chakra level and nuke-nin's chakra level. His attack destroyed his opponents jutsu burned down some tree. The fire then started to spread and his opponent ran out of the forest. What could he say it was unwanted damage?

But now he had enough with these boring delivery missions. If he is not given a better mission next time he will not accept the mission and take a leave for unknown days.

He felt hinata's chakra. She was running in the direction of tea country. There were some other jounin level ninja following her. He thought she was going on some kind of urgent mission since she was running very fast. The team of ninja was following her few meters behind. He didn't think that she could be in danger. But then he remembered his plan about two days later. Two days later is 27 December. It is Hinata's birthday. He was making plan for her birthday. And now if she was gone on a long term mission he would not be able to turn his plans into reality. So he made a clone to follow her stealthily. He did it so her team wouldn't find him and think that he is interfering into other's mission. His clone would ask her about the length of mission.

After making the clone so that his clone could ask hinata about the mission when she is alone, he left in the direction of konoha. He reached konoha 40 minutes later and entered the gates without checking in. the guards always let him enter without checking in. the guards do his entry just like they did for jiraiya. He headed towards hokage tower. As soon he reached tower he sensed Tsunade in her office talking with the advisors. He started making his way to the hokage office. When he reached office door he saw shizune standing there to stop anyone from entering. She was looking a bit dirty like she came from a spar. She was tired and there were some cuts on her dress. He called her.

"Hey shizune-san; How are you?" he asked.

"Hello Naruto-kun. I am fine. How was your mission?" she asked him.

"It was boring. I am telling you if baa-chan gave me one more of these boring missions I am going to prank her." He said.

"Well I think she will give you more interesting mission next time. But right now she is in a very important meeting. You can wait until the meeting is over to give her your report." Shizune said.

"But I am hungry. I can't wait till she finishes the meeting." Naruto said impatiently.

"Or you can give your report to me and I will give it to her when she is free." Shizune suggested.

"You would do that? Thanks. You are the best shizune-san." Naruto said as he handed the report to shizune and ran out of the tower to Ichiraku ramen shop.

(Time skip- half hour later)

Half hour has passed and Naruto has finished eating 8 bowls of ramen. Now he was feeling a bit satisfied. He was planning to go to training. He moved towards his regular training ground when his got the memories of his clone. What his clone saw made him turn pale. The ninja he thought were member of her team were attacking her. They were wearing anbu masks. Since DANZO is dead there was no chance they were root shinobi. They were real konoha shinobi attacking her. His clone was destroyed by a wood stake before he can go to rescue hinata. The stake came from an exploded tree which was hit by hinata's AIR PALM jutsu. He was running towards her when she launched the attack at her enemy. One was hit by it but the tree in front of naruto's clone was also hit by it. And he was destroyed.

He immediately started running towards her direction. When he was out of konoha's walls he started using KYUBBI's cloak. He was running at full speed. It took him 15 minute to reach the place he remembered from the memory of his clones. He tried to sense hinata's chakra but it was not there. He made around 20 clones and sends them in different direction to search for her. He sensed the chakra of anbu team. They were going in the direction of konoha. Their chakra level was low then last time he sensed their chakra. But hinata's chakra signature is not with them. And right now his highest priority is hinata. He could always get these anbu back in konoha. A few minutes later one of his clone dispersed telling him he sensed hinata's chakra but it is too weak signature. That's why he could not sense her. He started running towards her direction. He followed her chakra signature towards the edge of sea. Her chakra signature is coming from down from the sea. He could not see her from his position. He jumped towards the water and started running on the side of the edge of cliff. He was at the bottom of cliff when he saw her. She is lying on the rock. The rock is inside a hole inside the cliff wall. It is not large but enough deep in the wall so it does not show from the top. When he reached near her he saw she is injured. She was bleeding; her clothes were covered in blood. There was a stab wound on her stomach. He reached her and saw she is unconscious. He carried her in his arms and climbed the cliff wall. When he reached the top he moved towards in the direction of nearest village to get her to a medic. A few minutes later she woke up. When she saw its Naruto who is carrying her she relaxed a bit. She saw her wound was bandaged with some bandages. It wasn't much but it will stop the blood leaking from her wound.

"Naruto-kun; what are you doing here? You were on a mission." She asked.

"I finished the mission early hinata-chan. I was coming back to konoha when I sensed you and those anbu after you. I thought they were you team for a mission. But I sent a clone after you to talk to you about something. When they attacked you my clone tried to help you but was destroyed before it could." He said.

"Hinata-chan; why they were attacking you? They were konoha anbu so they were ordered to attack you. But why would somebody in konoha want to kill you? And why were you running from konoha?" he asked hinata. Hinata was about to answer when she saw they were near a village.

"Stop Naruto-kun; we can't go there." She said.

"What? But why? Why can't we go there?" Naruto asked her confused. He stopped his running towards the small town and sat on a tree branch. Hinata sat in his lap with her head resting on his shoulder.

"Naruto-kun that is the reason I was running from konoha. There are ninjas from other villages in every village in every country. They are there so if you enter the village they will inform the kages of 5 great villages." She told Naruto.

"But why would they place ninja in all villages if I am in konoha all the time. I don't go outside the village unless on a mission. Are they expecting me to run from konoha?" He asked her.

"No they are trying to keep you in konoha for sometime before they initiate there plan. They are planning to kill you." She explained.

"WHAT? Who is behind this plan hinata-chan?" Naruto asked.

"All the leaders of the every country and ninja villages are behind this plan. They all arranged a meeting to talk about the last war. They were concerned about how someone revived Madara uchiha. And the power Madara uchiha showed and how you defeated him. They are scared that you are the strongest ninja in the world. Also you have kyuubi inside you and all other bijju are sealed away. They think you could turn like Madara and there will be no one to stop you. They think it is better if either you are sealed or you are killed. Cause if you die then kyuubi will not reform since its half chakra is gone with your father. And if you are sealed the kyuubi will be sealed away as well. They think if kyuubi is released again it will destroy everything with no one to fight it." She explained.

"What? That is bullshit. I will never become like Madara. And kurama is not evil anymore. He doesn't want to fight humans anymore. He just wants to live peacefully. What about Baa-chan? What she said about this?" he asked hopefully wishing that his baa-chan would never betray him.

"It was her idea that you are killed so you could stay with your parents in the afterlife. She didn't want that you are sealed for eternity unable to die, unable to pass to afterlife." She told him sadly.

"She wants to kill me? How can she do this to me? How? I thought we were like family?" Naruto asked himself in shock that his baa-chan also betrayed him. Tears started to drop from his eyes at the betrayal of his unofficial family. He kept thinking about all this for some time than he asked her a question he could not understand.

"How did you found this information hinata-chan?" he asked.

"I was on the guard duty at the hokage tower that day. I had information about the meeting but not about the reason. One by one the leaders started to came. They were discussing about you in very low voice. When they all arrived they were sent to meeting chamber. Since all the ninja villages are at peace they didn't thought about putting a privacy barrier. I was curious what they were talking about you so I used byakugan to see the meeting room. When I read their lips moment to understand what they were saying I was shocked to find out what they were planning."

"They are making a seal with the help of sealing expert from kumo and konoha. First they will poison your food with a highly effective poison which will make you unable to use chakra for a short amount of time. Then they will seal you with the seal made. If the seal failed to keep you sealed then they will try to kill you since you will be weak after breaking the seal. After finding this I was about to run out of konoha to inform you about this when shizune found me using my byakugan to spy on the meeting. She called some anbu to capture me."

"They kept me locked in a cell for 2 days before shizune come to my cell and told me that Tsunade has ordered her to bring me to her. She and 2 anbu were escorting me to tsunade's office when I took the anbu by surprise since they didn't seal my chakra but only tied my hands cuffs. I killed one by gentle fist strike to his heart and knocked other unconscious and I tried to run but shizune blocked my path. After a short fight with her I was able to beat her but made a mistake by going near her. She used a poison gas on me. After the poison gas attack I ran out of village a few minutes later the anbu started chasing me. Because of poison I was unable to use byakugan to full range."

"When the anbu team surrounded me on the cliff they told me that they were ordered to bring me back to konoha so my memory about the meeting could be erased. But I refused and fought them. I fought them for few minutes but I was getting weaker by using too much chakra in fight. A was unable to see the explosive tag on the kunai near me. I was thrown down the cliff from the blast. Now I am poisoned and will probably live for 20-24 hours at most. And the only ones to know the cure for this poison are Tsunade, Shizune and Sakura. And the moment you enter with me konoha they will capture you and throw in a cell. Please Naruto-kun; leave me and run away from here. I will slow you down. " she said to with tears running from her eyes.

"NO I will not leave you. I can't leave you." Naruto said while tears started fall from his eyes. He started crying.

"I can't leave you. Hinata you are everything to me in this world. You are the only one who loved me truly. You are the only one who cares for me. Please YOU can't leave me alone. I won't be able to live. I you leave me I will die too." Naruto said.

"I am sorry Naruto-kun. But there is nothing that could save me. I don't want to leave you, I want to stay with you; live with you; but it's not possible." Hinata said while crying.

She wanted to stay with her love but it was not possible. The poison was affecting her. Her body was getting a bit numb. She could not move her toes. She knew the poison was going to kill her slowly and painfully. But if the she has to face pain to have some more time with Naruto then she will endure the pain.

"I am going to kill them all." Naruto said suddenly.

"w-what?" hinata asked surprised her voice weaker than before.

"Hinata-chan; if anything happened to you I swear I will kill all who are responsible for this. I won't show them any mercy. They used me to get what they wanted then they are trying to kill me. I would have left them alone for this but what they did to you; I won't forgive them. I will kill every one of them and erase them from the world. This I promise to you. And I will keep my promise." Naruto said

(Flashback end)

"That's how I become HAKAISHA. I have destroyed all other ninja villages. Only konoha is left. And I will destroy it now. I will fulfill my promise to Hinata-chan. I would have left you alone. But you took away the most precious person from me. Now I will take everything from you." Naruto said before he made a hand sign with his fingers and said. "KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU." And around 100 clones appeared in the area; and rushed the ninja living in Konoha.

The original jumped in the direction of hokage tower. He reached the hokage tower and stood on the roof of the tower. He was watching the ninja fighting his clones. They may be shadow clones but with the amount of chakra they have made them really strong opponent to fight. The clones were using every jutsu he knew. They were destroying their opponent by using RASENGAN and HIRAISHIN jutsu. But the clones were taking hits too. Three clones are already dispelled. He watched the clones kill more and more of konoha ninja.

Suddenly a punch came from behind him. He ducked and jumped away from his attacker. He saw it was Tsunade. She looked furious and she glared at Naruto.

"Naruto; until now I never thought that you could do what other leaders were thinking. I always thought you would never kill any innocent much less harm one. But now I know they were right when they thought you could become a monster just like Madara. No I think you are worse than him. He at least wanted to keep them alive even if in eternal genjutsu. You killed everybody; even children and old people." Tsunade said.

"HAHA; you are really funny Tsunade. You are calling me monster. Do you think this insult will affect me? I destroyed a few ninja villages and you are calling me monster. But do you know I was called monster, demon, hell spawn and other nasty things since the day I was born. Now I became one and world doesn't have anything new to name me. It is funny how a child a few hours old is called same thing as a person who killed thousands." Naruto laughed.

"Sarutobi-sensei and your parents would be ashamed of you Naruto. They hoped you would be a good person. They would be rolling in their graves now." Tsunade said.

"Don't try to fool me with sentiments Tsunade. You know as well as I know that that old fool never liked me. He hated me for the death of his wife and villagers. He tried to act in front of me to make me believe he liked me but I could always see it in his eyes; the deep hatred for me and kurama. He wanted me to be loyal to konoha. And when jiraiya told him about the prophecy of toads that fool planned make me his best weapon. But he knew if I got too strong too early then I could be a risk for villagers. He thought I would become another orochimaru. That old fool also told jiraiya to keep me controlled by teaching me very limited things. And jiraiya accepted. He thought me nothing other than RASENGAN and summoning jutsu. But then Akatsuki came and jiraiya was forced to teach me to control kurama's chakra." Naruto said.

This shocked Tsunade. She thought her sensei loved Naruto like a grandson. But according to Naruto her sensei was also one of those fools who could not tell a child from a demon. He blamed a child for death of villagers. But a question came to her mind and she asked Naruto.

"How did you know sensei ordered jiraiya to keep you controlled?" she asked.

"Tsunade what do you think the books in the hokage office are for? The sandaime also kept his personal diary hidden behind the bookshelf. I found the book by accident. I was looking for a history book about uzumaki clan in his bookshelf after the war ended. You were at the hospital at that time and I was waiting in your office for you to come back." Naruto said.

"You should have looked in his diary. He had written all the dirty secrets of konoha. He also accepted in his diary that he had removed all the information about the uzumaki clan from academy course. He also mentioned where he kept the scroll with from uzumaki clan which was to be given to my mother. But he kept it hidden. The scroll came from uzushio a few days before it was destroyed. They thought that my mother would take care of the scroll. It contained all the knowledge of uzushio. They made a copy of every book in uzushio and sealed the originals in a scroll and send it to konoha."

"The sandaime wanted to take the knowledge of the uzumaki clan for the good of konoha. But he was unable to open it because it was locked with a blood seal. And he knew if he showed it to kushina she will take the scroll from him and will never share the knowledge stored in the scroll. So he decided to keep it locked away. The funny thing is he didn't put it in a locked place but he used a genjutsu to make it look like an ordinary scroll and kept it locked in hokage's vault. And even dad couldn't find it."

"After reading about a scroll from uzumaki clan I took it from the vault and kept it hidden at my apartment. After the betrayal I came back in the village to take the scroll back. Till then I never had opened it. I was able to take the scroll out of the village without anybody noticing, and then I started my journey for my mother's homeland the Uzushiogakure. It took me 3 days to reach the place without being noticed. Once I reached uzushio I opened the scroll and I found a note for mother that told her to keep the scroll safe from konoha ninja. They may be allies but the knowledge inside the scroll could be dangerous in wrong hands." Naruto said.

"So it was you who was reported by the barrior team. They thought it was a wrong reading since it was for a very short time. Then the reports of your apartment being burned down came. I thought some idiot villager did that but they did not find any scent there after all it was your apartment filled with your things which had your scent.

"At that time I was reading the scroll when I found the information about those summons. And I thought about toads. I knew that I am the only person alive who can summon them. But they were never faithful to me. They were waiting on jiraiya's order for me to fulfill the prophecy. After the prophecy was fulfilled they were asking me take the mantle of toad hermit. So I would not be able to have a family like jiraiya. And without any uzumaki available I would be forced to take kyuubi with me to afterlife. Jiraiya was a smart man but he never thought that I would found about the relation between kyuubi and uzumaki before I had to seal the kyuubi in someone else. He did not know that my father sealed some of his and my mother's chakra in my seal to explain a few things to me. My mother told me everything about the uzumaki and kyuubi."

"So after getting the summoning contract for the guardians of uzushio I signed the contract and canceled the contract with toads and sealed their summoning contract in the ruins of uzushio with blood seal. But I knew that I would not be able to fulfill my promise to hinata-chan if I had gone straight to fight the villages. After all they had the various ways to control a bijju. And the giant summons may be strong but they were not undefeatable after all they were defeated when uzushio was destroyed. So I decided to do what was in my blood. I started studying the fuinjutsu. I took me two years to learn to a level that no sealing master in any village could stand against me in sealing."

"Even then it was not enough because I knew I could take out any village at my level but konoha would be hard to destroy even with all the power I had. So I had to find something which can give me an edge in my fight against this village. I thought about taking the rinnegan from your vault where you stored it after it had been taken out from obito's body. But I decided against it since it was nagato's eye and I didn't want to use his eye for destruction. He wanted peace in world not the destruction. So I abandoned that plan and thought about another thing. And after searching for about 8 months I found it." Naruto said while smiling.

'What is he talking about? What edge he have against konoha?' Tsunade thought.

"Get ready Tsunade to face my edge against konoha." Naruto said as he made some hand sign and yelled. "KUCHIYOSE: EDO TENSEI." he slammed his hand down and a seal appeared on ground before a coffin rises from it. Tsunade was turning white as the time slowed down for her as the coffin came out of the ground.

"Now Tsunade let me introduce you to someone who had something to say about your plan. Meet KUSHINA UZUMAKI. MY MOTHER." Naruto said before the lid of the coffin was removed and resurrected kushina uzumaki came out of the coffin and looked at Naruto and smiled. But when she looked at Tsunade her eyes become red, her hairs started rising. It was the natural indicator that kushina was angry.
"Hello Tsunade. I was talking with my son after he called me with the EDO TENSEI jutsu before; when he told me about a plan of all leaders including you to either kill him or seal him forever. Is that true." Kushina said gritting her teeth together. She knew about the plan but she wanted to hear it from Tsunade. She trust Naruto, but she wanted to hear what Tsunade has to say about this.

"K-kushina. Please try to understand it was not my decision. All village leaders together made this decision. I was forced to follow the decision. They thought that Naruto is too strong to control if wanted to take over the world like Madara and obito uchiha tried. And kyuubi was also a factor. They were afraid that if Naruto released kyuubi then it would destroy every village in its path." Tsunade tried to explain but was cut off by angry kushina.

"So they decided to kill my son who has saved the whole world from destruction just few weeks ago. Really they were really grateful for my son's help." Kushina said with sarcasm.

"I told minato that the world will never understand the Jinchurikkis. But even I never thought that they could be so afraid of the person who saved them to try to kill him. The RIKUDO SENNIN should be happy that he wasn't born in this time or you all would have called him monster and tried to kill him because he was powerful enough to beat even JUBI." Kushina snarled. She was infuriated. Instead of being grateful for her son's help in 4 shinobi war they tried to kill him.

"Now mom I called you in konoha before I destroyed it like I promised you. You can take out you anger on anyone you want. You can do anything you want. In this body you can't be killed and you chakra is unlimited. So enjoy destroying konoha." Naruto said and kushina smiled evilly before she formed her chakra chains and jumped to a place where the ninjas are fighting a Naruto clone.

Tsunade watched as kushina jumped between ninjas and started killing them all around. She even destroyed many buildings with her chains. This was really bad news for konoha since kushina was a strong ninja and now she could not be killed. And she was a seal master so she knew how to escape any sealing jutsu they used to seal her.

This is indeed an edge Naruto have against konoha. She looked back to Naruto and saw him cutting his palm to draw blood. She immediately knew what Naruto was doing. She jumped towards Naruto to stop him before he could use summoning jutsu but was stopped when a clone tackled her from side. the clone rolled on the ground with her. She punched the clone and he poofed out from existence. But when she looked towards Naruto he was already done with and signs and slammed his hand against the ground for second time. This time the summoning array was large that last time. And to her and survivors horror 5 giants made of rock came out of the summoning array.

"DESTROY EVERYTHING." Naruto ordered and the giants started destroying everything.

Tsunade cursed as she was unable to stop Naruto from summoning those giants. She stood up and faced Naruto. She summoned her slug partner.

"Katsuyu I want you to take out those rock giants. I will face Naruto." Tsunade ordered her summon and jumped in front of Naruto.

"you know as well as I know old hag that your summon doesn't stand a chance against my summon. they can not kill my summon." Naruto said.

" now get ready cause I am going to kill you traitor." Naruto said before he ran towards Tsunade.


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