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DoNotScream; Really? You think so? Personally, I don't see it, but if you say so.

To say that Renamon was... intrigued, or perhaps, somewhat disoriented, by this conundrum was rather an understatement.

While the kitsune supposed that she ought to feel happy for her Tamer having become more open to her friends over the years, to the point that she only felt uncomfortable and not drop-dead embarrassed at the notion of playing strip poker with the other Tamers, she couldn't help but worry somewhat about this rather new, love-like feeling that was emanating from Rika.

Normally, the kitsune would've assumed it to be a simple crush that the seventeen-year old was experiencing, but somehow, it seemed as though it was directed at two people.

Rika wasn't acting uncharacteristically giddy, but there was just something about Takato and Henry's company that made her seem... Happy, at ease, in a different way than the kitsune did...

From the symbolic or philosophical standpoint, Renamon mused that the notion wasn't entirely unreasonable, as Rika, Takato and Henry could be interpreted, if one chose to do, as corresponding to contrasting-yet-complementary concepts, qualities and attributes, such as the Moon, Sun and Star tarot cards, among others.

"What do you think?" She asked Guilmon and Terriermon, who seemed fairly disinterested.

"Well, personally, I think you're on to something, but that we have no right involving ourselves in whatever this is. You know as well as I do that we can trust them to work it out for themselves." Terriermon replied.

"A commendable view on the matter, I suppose," Guilmon complimented the rabbit. "At least, it would be, if it wasn't readily apparent that you only express that view, because it absolves you of any duty to care."

Renamon and Terriermon both stared blankly at him, as this intermediate level of eloquence was not something they associated with the saurian. "What?" Guilmon asked, in response to their staring.

"Are you alright?" Terriermon asked, surprised.

"Yeah," Guilmon replied, unsure of why she asked, pondering several potential explanations, before settling on what seemed like the most rational one. "Seriously?" He chuckled. "Guys, I've been in the human world for several years now. Did you really expect that my understanding of the japanese language wouldn't improve?"

Renamon supposed that his explanation was reasonable, though it was still slightly surprising to hear him speak so eloquently. Oblivious to her musings, Guilmon spoke. "Regardless, I'm with Terriermon. If Rika has a crush on Takato or Henry, that's her business to deal with, and not ours."

"I'm aware of that," Renamon replied, mildly distant. "However, I doubt it's either of them. I think it's both, somehow."

Guilmon gave a noncommittal shrug. "Still, if they're happy that way, then isn't it a good thing?"

Renamon hesitated slightly, trying to find a fault in his seemingly simple logic, and finding none. "I suppose... But-" She began before Guilmon cut her off.

"I don't think that this is entirely about Rika," Guilmon softly said. "I think that you're somehow worried that Rika will spend so much time with them, that you'll be neglected."

"... You're not altogether wrong..." Renamon conceded after a few seconds, shocked at his display of insight. "Of course, that would never happen... So that's what jealousy feels like..." She mused quietly.

"Yeah," Guilmon softly replied. Meanwhile, Terriermon was trying to quietly sneak away, and leave the dinosaur and the fox to have their moment in peace.

Yes, they're speaking Japanese. That we read/hear/understand it as american/british English, is irrelevant.

Crap, this is a far cry from the simple-minded fashion I originally described...

Yeah, I don't really ship Renamon/Guilmon, and I don't expect anyone else reading this to do so; it's much too innocent, though when has that ever stopped a Shipper?