"What, Finnick?"

"A few of us are playing Truth or Dare. Do you want to come over and play?"


Katniss and Finnick walked outside to the small park in the middle of what was New York City. Sitting in a circle was Peeta, Foxface (Kit), Thresh, Rue, Cato, Clove, Glimmer, Johanna, and Prim.

"We need a bottle to spin," said Prim.

"How about this one?" Johanna pulled out one of Haymitch's wine bottles. Everyone shrugged.

"Sure," said Rue. "I'll go first!"

She spun it around and around and around and it landed on…


"This better be good. Clove, truth or dare?"

"Dare. Truths are for idiots."

"I dare you to…" Rue looked around, the cogs in her brain spinning. "Um…."

"Hurry up!" squealed Glimmer.

Rue glared at her. "I dare you to switch clothes with HER for the rest of the game!"

Clove looked at her camo pants and baggy blue sweatshirt, then at Glimmer's orange tutu and orange and pink leather boots and matching jacket. She heaved a huge sigh. "Fine."

After five minutes the two came out and Clove looked absolutely ridiculous in the outfit.

"How do you look better in that than me?" she angrily asked.

Glimmer sighed happily, turning so they could admire how much it hugged her curves and how the pants were creased JUST so.

"I'll spin the bottle now!" Clove eagerly grabbed the bottle with an expert flick of her wrist. It twirled around. And around. And around. And around. And around.

"Something tells me you've done this before!" said Finnick.

"I was born with it," sneered Clove.

It spun around one last time and landed on…


Clove evilly rubbed her hands together. Then she seemed to get an idea. She turned casually to Katniss.

"I bet your sister will be too chicken to pick a dare."

"I am NOT chicken!" whined Prim.

"Are you sure? Then PICK A DARE!"

"I'll do it!"



"Good. I dare you to kiss Peeta on the lips."

"NO! I want a truth!"

"Oh, but you can't chicken out. Only chickens chicken out!" Clove snickered.

"Fine! Come here, Peeta!"

"NO!" screamed the blond teen. Prim scowled.

"Cloooooooove, what if he doesn't wanna kiss me?"

"Isn't it obvious? Make him! That's how I got my first three boyfriends."

"HEY! I was your third!" Cato howled.

"Oh, yeah. Forgot about that. Um… well, then. Prim, you spin!"

"KK!" Prim was happy Clove had forgotten about her and Peeta. She twirled the bottle pathetically. It spun once and landed on Kit (Foxface).

"Truth or dare, Kit?"

"Dare." What's the worst she can do? She's twelve.

"I dare you to put peanut butter in the lemonade thermos and drink it ALL!" Rue high-fived Prim, giggling madly. Kit wrinkled her nose.


"My lemonade!" Glimmer squealed as Kit scooped some peanut butter off a sandwich, plopped it in, and began chugging. It didn't taste THAT bad, just too weird. Kit polished it off, winced at the fullness of her stomach, and spun the bottle.

It spun around fiercely, landing then on Cato.

"Cato! Truth or da-"


"I dare you to…" Kit gazed around for just a bit. "Hm… Switch clothing with Glimmer."

"WHY ME? WHY MEEEEEEE?!" Glimmer moaned.

Cato didn't complain; he could have switched clothes with Clove, who wore a skirt. Tight camo pants and a sweatshirt weren't that bad compared to those.

They emerged from the bathroom and Glimmer was wrinkling her nose. "Kit. WORST dare ever! This shirt smells like manure!"

"Correction- YOU smell like cow manure," laughed Katniss. Glimmer scowled and sat down.

"MY turn to SPIN!" Cato announced loudly and gave the bottle a huge smack.

It spun and Glimmer picked some hard, green thing off the shirt with her fingertips. "What is THIS?!"

Cato leaned over to examine it. "I think it's asparagus."

"Since when do you eat vegetables?" retorted Glimmer, and the bottle stopped. Thresh.

"Truth or dare?" Cato asked.

Thresh looked at him indifferently. "Truth?"

"Dare! OK. I da- wait, you picked a truth?"

Thresh blinked.

"Oh. WELL, then. OK. Truth. Um… What's the worst thing you've EVER done?"

People leaned in to hear the answer eagerly.

"I dropped a bushel of corn and it rolled down the hill."

Cato's triumphant smile wilted. He leaned forward to face Thresh. "You're telling me that you've never smoked, been a player, never forgot to pay your car payments?"

Thresh shook his head, sort of intrigued.

Cato shook his head. "Just spin," he muttered.

Thresh swatted the bottle, and it fell onto Prim's lap. He tried again, but without so much force, and it landed on Peeta.

"Truth!" squealed Peeta, afraid of what Thresh would do to him.

"What you most scared of?"

"You!" Peeta made out.

Thresh threw his head back and laughed- a deep, hearty, scary laugh. Everyone stared at him but Peeta, who was huddled in Clove's lap. She was trying to push him off, but Cato who thought that this was hilarious so he kept pushing Peeta back on her lap.


"Is he gone? Is he gone?" Peeta kept asking.

After twenty minutes of him hiding and persuading Peeta that Thresh was not angry, the game continued. And this time the bottle stopped on…

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