"Alright," Johanna began, her eyes flashing wickedly, "Let's get to it. Whose turn is it now?"

"Mine," chorused Rue, Finnick, Katniss, and Clove at the same time.

"I'd like to spin?" Marvel murmured, but his please fell upon deaf ears.

"Guess I'll have to spin. See whose fate arrives next." As Johanna's strong hand gripped the axe handle, everybody looked on in amazement. The weapon spun once, twice, thrice, four... It landed upon... Marvel.

"Um," he said nervously, "Annie left."

"Where'd she go?" Finnick questioned.

"I believe to get some fro-yo."

"... What's fro-yo?"

Marvel looked at the others despairingly. "Don't you know what fro-yo is, people?"

"Nope," sniggered Glimmer. "I guess you done and thought we all were peasants, HM, Marvy?"

"Not peasants, exactly. More like a servant's ranking?"

"AVOXES!" Johanna screeched angrily.

The District One male blanched further, obviously not intending to offend so, so much. "Not like that... You see, I meant that you don't enjoy the luxuries a man such as I does..." Clove narrowed her eyes. Glimmer cracked her knuckles. Katniss's nostrils flared. Johanna let out a low, meaning groan. Everybody else leaned back and smirked quietly... Well, except for Thresh. Thresh had a toenail clippers and was absentmindedly clipping the end of his nose, without much success. Prim, on the other hand, was arrogantly stabbing Cody Simpson earrings through her poor little ear lobes.

"At least I'll die happy," Marvel moaned as the four teenaged girls advanced on him.

Clove's ears perked up. "Kill you? That wasn't the plan, but I'd sure be happy to!"

"What was the plan, then?" Gale asked.

"Tie 'im up with my glitter headband, use Johanna's stress balls as an interior gag, an' drag him to my uncle's house in the Bronx. Nobody can hear him scream, just what we want," Katniss replied methodically.

"How'd you all figure that out?" Peeta asked in amazement.

"Oh, it's a girl thing!" Glimmer countered happily. "Nothing you idiotic little boys would understand. Obviously, Peeta, I thought you were smart."

"I am!" the baker boy retorted, panting quickly. "If you don't like it, then you're not getting Starbucks with the group. And I was going to be paying today. For your information."

"It was Finnick's turn to pay," murmured Rue.

"Shush!" Finnick clapped a hand over her small mouth, eyes glancing around furtively, "Thursday is the day Glimmer orders the venti, and I am SO not paying for four of her large lattes."

Rue shrugged. "You guys should just order tall hot chocolates minus whipped cream. Does wonders for me."

"I enjoy the strawberry-banana smoothies!" Prim countered.

"I AM PAYING," hollered Peeta above all the noise.

"WE WERE TYING UP MARVEL?" Katniss screamed, tearing a small lock of brunette hair out with a tug.

"Yeah, get back to that," grumbled Clove.

"Can't we all just get along?" Cato asked helpfully.

"I'm not giving up a free caramel frappe," Foxy snapped.

"People," trilled Glimmer. "Mar-vellll."


Beetee narrowed his eyes. "I'd thank you kindly not to insult me in front of your peers," he growled. "Just for that, I'm ordering not a tall but a venti. Take that, Peeta!" Peeta's baby blue eyes widened.

"I only earn minimum wage," he murmured, sinking down onto Thresh's lap. The bulky man promptly began stroking his hair comfortingly.

"Well?" pleaded Finnick, his own eyes piercing everybody. "What will it be? Hog-tying Marvel, continuing Truth or Dare, or getting Starbucks and placing the bill on Peeta?"

"MARVEL!" shrieked Katniss, Clove, Johanna, and Glimmer.

"STARBUCKS!" hollered Rue, Thresh, Foxy/Kit, and basically everybody else.

"Truth or Dare!" Peeta cried, all alone. A smile crept up Finnick's award-winning face.

"I have a thought... How we can do all of them."

"How the heck could we?" Kit asked, an eyebrow raised. "Hog-tie Marvel..." This phrase earned tons of screams and adoring wails by the mouths of the four teenaged girls. "... As we make our way to STARBUCKS..." this received bucketfuls of cheers and applause. "... And after we get our drinks and food and assorted muffins, we continue Truth or Dare in... Starbucks." Peeta didn't even crack a smile, simply calculated the cost of over a dozen venti drinks in his head and began sobbing.

"Sounds good to me," chirped Prim. "When can we go?"

"As soon as those four tie Marvel."

"DONE!" roared Johanna, slinging the bound body over her shoulder. "To the coffee shop we go!"

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