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It's a sunny, spring day in Boston, something that's rare in this day and time, or so Peter thinks. He's barely awake and can already feel the warmth of the sun on his bare back as he gradually awakes from his slumber. When he awakes, he notices that the sun is coming up and he figures that it's time to begin the routine that he and Olivia established shortly after Etta was born.

The first thing he feels is Olivia, still asleep in his arms, breathing peacefully. She once told him that sleeping is the most peace she gets, and he gets why. With a three year old and a father that likes to self-medicate, as well as the world gradually crumbling around them, or so Walter keeps saying, they are constantly battling something and are always forced with finding new and extreme ways to save the world.

Peter decides to let Olivia have the small amount of peace she has left and leaves her asleep. He knows he can handle Etta and Walter for a while. After all Olivia goes through, Peter knows that she will thank him for it one day.

He carefully removes his arms from around her waist and gently kisses the top of her head. He sits up and stretches grabs his shirt from the floor beside his feet and slips it on. He also puts on his slippers because Walter, for some reason unknown to Peter, likes it cold at night and that makes for very cold feet on a hardwood floor in the morning. However, Peter, being the son that he is, never says anything to his father anymore about it because of the argument that ensued the last time Peter tried to mention to him that it was uncomfortable in the morning when he woke up and that the floors get very cold because the house is older and needs to have insulation added to the floors.

When Peter and Olivia decided to buy a house together, Olivia began to fall in love with this older house near the campus and no matter what Peter told her, she wanted it. One of Peter's weaknesses has always been telling his beautiful wife no. She said they would fix it up. Have a place for Walter to live and the rest could be for them and Etta. Peter agreed, only because he did in fact love the house himself, even with its faulty heating system. Something that Peter vows to get repaired before winter comes again.

Peter silently walks to the chair sitting in the corner of his and Olivia's bedroom and grabs his bathrobe, because for a spring day, the house was freezing. He quietly opens the door and walks into the hallway and quietly closes the door behind him. Peter walks up to the thermostat that controls the second level where the master bedroom and Etta's room are and turns the heat on at a temperature that will provide some form of a comfort level.

He then goes to wake up his three year old as quietly as he can, again to let Olivia have a peaceful morning that she desperately deserves. Peter quietly opens Etta's bedroom door and walks over to her bed. He squats down to Etta's level and watches her peacefully sleep. He doesn't want to wake her, but he knows within his heart that if he doesn't that she won't ever eat her breakfast before they have to take her to daycare and head to work.

He gracefully reaches out and touches Etta's arm and rubs it. "Etta, honey, it's time to wake up.", he whispers in her ear. He sees her start to move and mumble and he smiles because he knows Etta is so much like Olivia that it's scary sometimes. This is one of those times. Hard to wake from peaceful sleep, if it comes at all. She opens her blue eyes, the only thing that is clearly not Olivia and all him, and smiles up at her father. Peter smiles back and puts his index finger over his lips signaling to be quiet. Etta knows this signal well as it is one of the first things that Peter taught her. Etta nods up to her father signaling that she understands and whispers to Peter, "Good morning, Daddy. Why do we have to be quiet?"

Peter smiles back at Etta and whispers back, "Because Mommy is still asleep and I'd like to let her stay that way for right now. She had a rough night last night."

Etta nods and sits up in her bed. Peter helps her pull the covers off and puts her slippers on her feet, knowing that the downstairs is still cold, probably colder, thanks to his father. Peter picks Etta up and carries her downstairs and to the bathroom off of the living room to make sure that it is as quiet as possible for Olivia upstairs. He puts Etta down and whispers to her, "Go to the bathroom like a big girl and then we can get breakfast, OK?"

She smiles up to him and whispers back to him, "OK, Daddy" and runs off to empty her bladder like her father asked her to do.

Peter smiles back and waits for Etta to close the bathroom door before he turns around to warm up the rest of the house. After all it's his house, right? Peter has let it slide because it's his mad scientist of a father and in his older age he is becoming harder to reason with. Both he and Olivia agreed about this when Etta was born. Peter also notes that it could just be the fact that Walter is actually trying to be a grandfather, which pleases Peter, but it still bothers him.

He bumps up the thermostat and then walks into the kitchen to find his father sitting at the island reading the paper. A normal occurrence in the Bishop household only that Walter is naked, which Peter has explained many times should not be a normal occurrence.

Peter sighs when he sees the situation. "Walter, what have I said about this?" he asks in a lower register.

Walter looks down and then looks at his son and says, "Good morning, son. Why are you up so early?"

Peter looks at Walter and says, "Walter, its 6:30 am. It's time for us to get Etta ready for daycare so we can head either to Massive Dynamic, the lab, or the federal building, depending on where we are needed today. Oh, and by the way, go put at least your boxers on and a robe. Etta's already awake. You'll scar her for life if she sees her grandfather in the buff."

"Yes, son. Where's Olivia?" the older Bishop asks before he turns towards his bedroom to do as Peter has asked.

"She's still asleep, which by the way is the way I want her to be for a while, she had a rough night", Peter responds to the question.

Walter nods his head in understanding and disappears in his bedroom just in time for Etta to stroll into the kitchen.

Peter lets out a sigh of relief at the situation and goes over to Etta and picks her up and places her in the seat nearest him so he can keep an eye on her while he cooks her favorite meal, pancakes and bacon. It seems to him that Etta can't get enough of bacon, which it seems is right after his own heart, as neither can he.

"What's for breakfast, Daddy?" Etta whispers.

Peter turns around and looks at Etta and whispers in her ear, "Pancakes and bacon".

A huge smile forms on her face which makes Peter smile because such a simple thing as food makes her happy. Something she must have gotten from Walter, Peter assumes.

Just then Peter hears a familiar buzzing noise coming from his bathrobe pocket. He can only assume that it is one person…Broyles. He digs in his pocket and grabs his phone and answers it with his traditional answer, now that he was an agent and not a consultant. "Bishop." he says. The conversation is short and sweet to the point, which is exactly how Broyles likes it. Peter hangs up his phone and turns back around to cook breakfast when he hears Walter returning to the kitchen. He turns around and sees Walter has done as he was asked and smiles. "Next time I shouldn't have to ask, Walter", he says. "What if that had been Olivia, or even worse Etta, that came in this morning and not me?" he asks with a questioning look towards his father. "We are no longer two men living alone, we have women amongst us now and we must dress as such. By the way, there's a body on the way to the lab and Liv and I must go the federal building and get debriefed."

Walter nods his head in understanding. "So, we have a case?" he asks.

Peter nods at his father and turns his attention back towards the stove and making breakfast. He soon places a small plate with pancakes all cut up in manageable pieces and smothered in syrup and butter with small pieces of bacon on the side in front of Etta along with a sippy cup of milk and a fork that was made for small children with a napkin.

Etta smiles and whispers, "Thank you, Daddy. I love you."

Peter smiles and whispers back, "I love you too, kiddo." He also runs his left hand through his three year old's long blond hair that Olivia has insisted doesn't need to be cut. Peter gave up a while back because he knows how stubborn his wife is and there is no use in getting through to her. He then sets a plate in front his father and then makes one for himself.

As soon as Walter, Peter, and Etta are done eating, Peter puts the plates and other items in the sink, knowing Olivia will refuse to let anyone but herself wash them. That's always been the case in the Bishop family. Peter cooks and Olivia does the dishes. He thought it was a fair trade as Olivia truthfully admitted and proved to Peter a long time ago when they were dating that she couldn't cook, even with a microwave.

Peter then grabs Etta and carries her upstairs to get her dressed. Before he turns out of the room, Peter turns to his father and says, "Go get dressed Walter, you have an autopsy waiting for you."

"Yes, son. Yes, I do." Walter says with a smile coming onto his face.

Peter had never seen a man love to be around a dead body as much as his father. He can't fathom why. He's glad that after he stopped the war between the universes that Olivia had convinced Broyles to up his status from consultant to agent and give him a gun, mainly so he didn't have to dissect all those bodies. He believes that Broyles thought that Peter was needed in the field with Olivia and had proved himself worthy enough to be a full agent now that the department had full funding. Walter had insisted upon it, and when the CEO of Massive Dynamic insists upon something, he gets it. Whatever the case might be, Peter will gladly take it.

Peter soon had Etta dressed and her hair pulled into pigtails. He grabbed Etta's coat and backpack and handed them to her. "Go wait in the living room with Grandpa and I'm gonna go get dressed, OK."

"OK, Daddy." Etta replies. She goes to find her grandfather with a huge smile on her face.

Peter quietly walked down the hall to the master bedroom where he knew, or at least hoped, Olivia was sound asleep. He opened the door and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she was indeed dead to the world, at least for the time being. He knew that he had to wake her up because they had a case and he knows the rules. He can't go into the field alone and she is his partner, as well as his wife, they are a team and therefore must act as one. He sits on the edge of the bed where Olivia is still sleeping and leans over and kisses her on the cheek. He then gets close to her ear and whispers, "Livvy, honey, it's time to wake up and get ready. I have coffee waiting for you. Etta and Walter have eaten and are ready." He then kisses her on the cheek again.

She begins to wake up slowly, again Peter thinks to himself, "Like mother, like daughter." Olivia finally opens her big green eyes and smiles up at her husband. "Good morning, honey", she sleepily says. "Why did you let me sleep so long?"

"Because after the night you had, I think you deserve a little extra sleep. Your coffee and breakfast are waiting for you in the kitchen. Come on, let's get ready. We have a case and Walter has a body."

She looks at him funny and wonders when this happened, but he reads her like a book.

"My phone rang while I was cooking breakfast. I would've left you asleep, but since they passed that rule, I need to wake you." he says.

She smiles at how sweet his sentiment is. He's always been like this and she can't help but love it. She sits up and put on her slippers. Olivia knows better than to make the mistake of putting her bare feet on the hardwood floor again, even if Peter has turned the heat on.

They get dressed and grab their guns from the safe as well as the extra bullets and strap them to them like they were taught. They grab their badges and other essentials and strap them to them too.

Olivia pulls her hair back in her trademark ponytail and grabs her coat along with Peter's and tosses it to him. They walk to meet Etta and Walter in the living room.

"Well, it's about time." Walter says as he sees Olivia coming down the stairs with Peter behind her.

Peter just looks at his father with that look a father might give an unruly child, one Etta knows all but too well.

Olivia grabs her travel mug of coffee Peter made for her and her toast he wrapped up for her. He's always so caring when it comes to making sure she's eaten all her meals for the day.

Peter makes sure all the thermostats, windows, and doors are properly locked and then closes the front one and then follows his family to the car.

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