Author's Note

Hey Guys! So first off, I am so so sorry that this isn't an update and that it's been forever since I've updated. I really don't have any excuses; ones you'd believe in any case. But, I digress. The reason for this AN is that I kinda have some bad news AND hopefully good-ish news for all you lovely people reading and enjoying Demons.

First, the bad news: I am taking it down. Now, don't panic; the good-ish news is that It will only be TEMPORARY! – I have a good few chapters all written and ready to be posted, but I'm not satisfied with the way the story seems to be going and the length of the chapters. Actually, a lot of the story is unsatisfying to me. I just need to regroup and figure out where it is exactly I want to take the story, how I get there, how to add more depth and development and I suppose, lastly refine the story-line etc. I need to remember what I wanted from this story when I first started writing it.

I really hope you understand and don't hate me.