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Chapter 6: War, Phase II


"Well whoop de fuckin' do. It's big, bad Deathstroke. What the hell do you want?" Sionis said as he leaned back in his leather chair with a gun trained on Deathstroke. Deathstroke walked over to the desk."I want my money. I want my 250 thousand. Give that to me now and I won't burn your entire buisness to the ground and leave your corpse on top of the ashes."

End Recap

Roman Sionis was pissed.

First, Penguin had the BALLS to declare war on him, an insult if he ever heard of one. Second, this damn cock-up had to drain, MASSIVELY he might add, on his organization's bank account. Then, when he tried to SAVE money, THIS happened. But of course, him being the man he is, Roman didn't voice his complaints. Instead, he chose to insult the world's most lethal assassin.

"What'cha gonna do,Slade? Shoot me? You don't have the balls."

Slade Wilson was beyond livid.

The money, that's one thing. A sign of respect via perceived worth, important only in that it was important to other people. But kidnapping his wife, Penguin had overstepped his bounds this time, and since it was Roman Sionis who had dragged Penguin to this level, he was indirectly responsible.

Indirectly responsible is still responsible.

Without flinching, or even any outward sign of emotion or hesitation, Deathstroke lowered the gun and shot Roman in his shoulder. A cry of pain echoed throughout the high-end office, and Sionis' gun hit the floor. Roman immediately put his hand on the wound, swearing up a storm. Slade walked around the desk, tearing his helmet off. He holstered the gun and grabbed the back of Sionis' head, slamming it into the brazillian rosewood desk. Immediately after Sionis' head came up, Slade jammed a thumb in the bullet hole.

"AHHHH! Fucking G-Ah!" was Roman Sionis' eloquent reply. Slade leaned in closer, the sole eye level with Sionis'. "You ripped me off, Sionis. Thought you could play me like your little bitch-boy, and keep my money. Now, you still refuse when I clearly told you what would happen if I didn't. Now, I'm going to take my money, and leave."

Sionis gritted his teeth despite the pain, and grabbed his gun off the floor with his uninjured arm. "No you Fu-" But by the time he had brought it up to aim at anything, Slade had already left, helmet and all. Had Roman been more paranoid, or observant, he would have noticed the miniature USB stick Slade had stuck in Sionis' laptop.

With Sionis taken care of, at least from Slade's point of view, Slade could now focus on the Penguin, and regaining his wife.

When next Sionis checked his bank account, $250,000 lighter, he threw the laptop through the window fifteen stories up.