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*Eight Years Later*

[Konoha High-Security Prison Center]

"You know, for a missing ninja, who isn't even close to twenty yet, you were quite the burden to capture...although your little story explains why Naruto ran away, and was reported along with many Orochimaru sightings...so tell me, how did you come to the level of ability, in which you managed to hold your own against me?" sighed a tall figure, his spiky hair outlined by the dim light of the interrogation room.

You could just barely make out the color, but the even then you could tell it was a pure-snow white. It then followed down his back, in a long pony-tail fashion.

"What can I say? I was trained by a powerful woman" shrugged a figure from across the room.

Having been initially judged by her voice, the figure was obviously a young adolescent in her late teens, close to twenty, possibly.

"Alright, quite the smart ass comedian, aren't you? Who exactly trained you? You've told us that it was a woman I once knew...but to be quite frank, that narrows down very little candidates..." replied the original figure, leaning in to show his face.

The hidden girl, however, merely shook her head, as she leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms. She could've been a nervous wreck, but her impassive, yet disturbingly tranquil, demeanor was as set as a block of chakra-focused steel.

"Now, Jiraiya...you should show manners...all in due time, I will answer your questions...now, how much time are you allowed in here?" asked the teen, yawning in earnest.

Jiraiya felt his eye twitch, before shaking it off.

I need to get the information...

"As long as I need be, with whatever means I deem necessary" he answered, drawing a nod from the young woman.

"Okay, just wanted to know...so, ask away"

"Alright, let's start off first, with how your organization managed to capture Naruto! Why do you need jinchuuriki? Where are the captured jinchuuriki? Why wage war against all the Five Great Villages? How did you manage to hold together such a massive spy network? Who are your spy agents? Do you even know them? Who are all your members? What is the purpose of Akatsuki? Why are they now at war with Hoshoku? What is Hoshoku? Who's its founder?"

"Yo!..jeez, calm down!...ugh, give me some time to reply, at least..." groaned the teen, as she scratched her head, before letting out a long sigh. "Fine, let's start with the easiest...Hoshoku, is an organization that was founded upon Pein-sama's death...it was created, in an effort to hunt down the Akatsuki"

"Wait, why? Wasn't Pein, as you call him, the leader of Akatsuki? That answer makes little sense"

"Well, if you let me finish, it would!...where was I?...oh right! Hoshoku was meant to hunt down the remaining Akatsuki members, which were listed as Kisame, Satori, Deidara, Zetsu, Hidan, and Kakuzu...along with a few...more interesting members..."

"You're referring to the revived shinobi?"


"How was it, that Akatsuki managed to revive Tobirama Senju?"

"Well, for starters, you have Naruto and Narumi to thank for that...or at least managing to prevent any other more powerful shinobi from being reborn as an physical slave enemy..."

"On that note, how is Naruto tied to Hoshoku?"

"Simple, actually...he's our founder"


"Did you honestly think he was some innocent child, who was CAUGHT by enemy shinobi?"

"But...but...we didn't think he wou-"

"Would ever be able to orchestrate one of the most dangerous shinobi organizations in history? You'll have to get in line, Jiraiya...lots of people underestimated his prowess..."

That single statement was enough to draw the sage's attention.

"What do you mean?"

"Naruto was always a step ahead of you and Konoha...truth be told, he was even, in rare moments, ahead of Pein..."

"How did Naruto become an ally to Pein?"

At that very question, the young woman let out a Cheshire-like grin, as she chuckled softly.

"Now THAT, is the question I've been waiting for...with that, I can answer all your questions...prepare to continue our little story"


"Yes, time to continue the story of Naruto Uzumaki! Told by yours truly, Tayuya Uzumaki!"

"Wait, what do you mean by Tayuya Uzum-"

"Shut up and listen, I won't repeat myself more then once...where did I leave off?"

"Naruto was escaping with Kabuto..."

"Oh right, that's where everything changed! He never actually managed to meet the snake-freak, to be honest"

"Wait, what do you mean? He was constantly seen with him! I literally have dozens of reports, in which Naruto was directly assisting him!"

"Calm down, let me explain, damn!...he didn't actually meet him, at that point...that's when Konan-sensei found him, much to Kabuto's misfortune"

"What do you mean, his misfortune?..."

"Well, let me explain it..."

"Wait, KONAN? No, I thought she was dead!"

Tayuya scoffed, rolling her eyes in irritation.

"Thought?...or hoped? You Konoha residents tend to have a habit of feigning responsibility for your own subordinates, even when they're allegedly...close to you..."

"...just start the story..."

*Back to Present Time*

"W-wh-who are you?" stuttered the small blonde eleven-year old Uzumaki, as he stumbled backwards; falling on his rear, directly into the dirt.

She had seemingly appeared from the midst of thin air, in a swirling blur of paper. Knocking out Kabuto, a feat that Naruto would've struggled to accomplish with his abilities, in one swift motion. The silver-haired assistant to Orochimaru was never even given the chance to utter a sound.

Now he, Naruto, was staring directly into her cold, unforgiving amber-hued irises.

I think I want to vomit...

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, I presume?" asked the mystery woman, not bothering to blink even once.


Oh Kami, here it comes...

"Shut up, and stay put...move from where you stand, and I'll kill yo-"

Before the woman could finish, Naruto bent over to his side, heaving everything he had eaten for lunch, prior to leaving the village.

It had been one thing to claim his bluff over Kabuto, but with a true shinobi emanating her intent to kill, just feet from you...it was on an entirely different level.

It was not something he could hide.

"...pathetic..." scowled the woman, turning away from him.

"You're obviously not the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki...you can't even hold your stead against a simple gaze"

"Wh-what do...y-you...know about...Ku-Kurama...?" asked Naruto, as he spat out the remaining vomit from his mouth, wiping away the sour and bitter liquid from his chin.

The woman froze in mid-step, not even moving her chest to breathe.

"...what did you just say?"

Looking up at her from his feeble position, Naruto took a few deep breaths, regaining a little of his normal composure.

D-dang...that was a wake up call...

Watch it, boy...don't reveal so much vital information to that woman. She isn't a regular kunoichi, she even reacted specifically to my name...any human that holds that information, without my knowledge, isn't somebody to take lightly...


"Ku-Kurama...y-you mentioned the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki...wh-why are you looking for...them..."

Good, don't reveal your sister's name, or even her gender...it's the only leverage we have as of now...

"That's right, you're the Yondaime's first child, his son, aren't you? You know who the jinchuuriki is, don't you?" replied the woman, drawing a step closer to him.

Naruto nodded, before scurrying away from her, the fear from her first approach fresh on his mind.

Now you see what a true shinobi can do to you, child


She hasn't even laid a finger on you, yet you move away from her like a frightened mouse from a prowling cat...pathetic

Naruto bit his lip, pushing back a tear, as he shut his eyes tightly, realizing the helplessness of his position in the situation.

"What is wrong?..." asked the woman, her eyes having softened considerably.

It was a strange, and rather nostalgic, sight.

For years, she had been in the same form as the boy at her feet, curled up in fright at the presence of a more terrifying human being.

She had despised them, the ones who frightened and terrorized the weaker, for no true purpose.

And for this single moment, she had become one.

"I apologize"

Naruto looked back up, seeing her once cold face, warn up into a rather black expression.

She was holding out her hand, to help him stand up.

He took it.

"I apologize for the unnecessary act of cruelty, and for the derogatory remark to your situation" she continued, never once breaking her mask of indifference.

Naruto merely nodded, before gasping softly as the woman picked him up, tossing him over her back in a piggy-back fashion.

Dad hasn't held me like this in years...

"Wh-where are we going?..." he asked, looking back at Kabuto's limp form.

"To take you back to your village"

"Wh-what!? No!"

The woman immediately came to halt, turning her head slightly to look at him, causing him to gulp.

"Why not? It is your home village, is it not?"

"Yes- I mean no! I don't have anybody there!"

"You have a family, do you not? You're the Hokage's son, you most likely having children lining up to be your friends"

"N-no!...I'm not really popular...my sister is, but not me...besides, that'd simply be political affiliation...not real friendship..."

The woman raised an eyebrow, a but surprised at the boy's use of words.

"Not many children would come to that conclusion"

"Not many children spend countless hours reading and teaching themselves, because their parents are too busy with their daughter..."

"You're family ignores you?"

This had truly caught her by surprise, as many people outside Konoha had envisioned, and envied, the Namikaze family as picture perfect.

"Yeah..that's why I ran away...there's no family...not for me, anyway..."

Much to the shock of the young boy, Naruto felt the woman turn away from their former direction, instead heading West.

"Where are we going?..."

"To Amegakure...and call me Konan...Naruto"

Naruto nodded, accidentally letting out a small yawn, as he rested his head on Konan's shoulders.

It was most likely already midnight, and he was quickly growing tired.

"...goodnight..." he whispered, half-asleep.

Konan merely gazed in his direction, before waking onward, grabbing his legs behind her back, so he didn't fall off.

She wasn't one for emotional salutations, much less a casual 'goodnight'.

Politics, as in all things relating to government, and the management of others...tended to be drowned in volatile situations. Whether it was one person grumbling about dissatisfaction, chaining a wave of complaints...to an escaped criminal, who followed up by kidnapping your only son.

It all caused headaches...and a severe stab wound to your insecurity as a Hokage, and even more so, as a father to your child.

"This is beyond horrible...if the public finds out that one of Orochimaru's subordinates broke free, and took Naruto...they'll cause a riot...if word gets out to the other villages, our security will become the laughing stock..." sighed Kakashi, as he rubbed his temples in exasperation.

"They couldnt have gone far, though, Kakashi-senpai...judging from the camera footage, or lack thereof, Kabuto most likely broke out no more then...an hour ago, took Naruto, then erased the tapes for whatever reason he had" stated Itachi, as he walked down the dark corridor, alongside Minato and Kakashi.

As the trip made their way downwards, into the abysmal hallways, Kakashi came to a halt.

"Wait...why would Naruto even be down here, in the first place? Not only that, but how did Kabuto escape the guard's attention? Kabuto couldn't have honestly managed all this by himself..."

As the Senior Chief-in-Command Anbu Captain, and Yondaime's Primary Advisor, Kakashi had come to take a certain sense of pride in his ability to spot even the most remote details in a situation.

Itachi, however, had his own suspicions about what had happened.

And neither Minato, not Kakashi could know about it.

"Are you saying that Naruto might have had a role in the escape of Kabuto, Kakashi-senpai? Let's remember, that being charged with the aiding of a criminal is a crime punishable by a minimum of five years in prison...and as Naruto passed his Academy Finals, despite not being given a team, he is still counted as a shinobi of Konoha...thus rendering him an adult, by shinobi regulations" replied the Uchiha, who noticed Minato's face pale considerably.

Well, they always said not to underestimate the power of denial, when it came to parents...

Now if only his parents could learn that lesson.

*Back to Tayuya & Jiraiya*

*8 Years Later*

"This still leaves my questions unanswered, albeit I know now how Naruto came to be with Pein...but Konan? She was in on his conversion, too?"

Tayuya nodded, as she reclined in get chair, crossing her and behind her had.

"Look, let's say that you don't have the best track record with students, ok? Look at how He ended up..." smirked Tayuya, a she watched the older man's face contort with rage.

Jiraiya clenched his fists, but quickly relaxed himself, closing his eyes.

Tayuya merely scoffed.



Before the kunoichi could react, she felt a powerful hand fly across her right cheek, knocking her right off the chair.

"Don't push your luck, Tayuya...you know that the only reason you're alive, is because he ordered it, as part of the terms"

"Hahah! You really think so!? Damn, Konoha truly is foolish then...but what can we expect, from a village that ordered Ame to be bur-"

"I know damn well what happened at the Siege of Amegakure, Tayuya!" roared the Toad Sage, slamming his hands on the small table.

"Do you!? You think that shit makes it any better!? After all, YOU were the one who scarred him! YOU were there when Pein died!, and YOU caused him to snap! Blame yourself and your arrogant village!" screamed the redhead, as she leapt up from the chair.

Jiraiya sighed, knowing it was a lost cause to continue arguing.

"...fine...just...just continue...what happened after Konan picked up Naruto?"

Taking a few deep breaths, Jiraiya suffered as he remembered that horrible night, two years ago.

Tayuya, however, was still recovering from the disorienting blow to her face.

"...nothing much...I simply know parts of what Konan and Naruto talked about, but not all of their conversation...but what I do know, is enough to see where Naruto took his first step into who he has become today..."


"I used to fear being the jinchuuriki,

Then I grew up to the Hachibi,

You could never come close to stopping me,

As a matter'ah'fact,

You couldn't even touch my ass,

If I was blind with both hands tied behind my back,

So yeah, I'm the champ, but I had to taste the dust,

Nobody would see me as a child,

So I had to earn that trust,

Grew up oh so wild, and in that while,

I saw it was me and Hachibi, only us, so shut up with that fuss, put yo' fists up,

Life was a fight, giving up wasn't right, so I kept it locked up tight, and I fought to the dead of night, holding up my head so high, see that weight on your shoulders is too damn light, for my might, my dreams soared to the sky, and you haters could never stunt my height!

I came in a little brat, little rookie of the year! And I'm still here, can't you hear!?

I'll never fall from this grace, never slow down my pace!

Back in dark, call me the black shinobi shark!

I tore my enemies apart! Ripped through their hearts, with a flow so sharp, it was like getting stabbed with a dart! An-"

"Bee! Enough! Just shut up, already!" roared Ei, the Raikage of Kumogakure, as he covered both ears.

The dark-skinned jinchuuriki merely grinned, his eyes hidden by his ever-lasting glasses.

"Yo, it's cool, bro! The trip to Konoha is still slow! Why the hurry to go?"

Ei let out a sigh, massaging his temple, as he felt one of his major veins nearing an aneurysm. Bee would one day cause his death from a stroke, if not a burst vein.

"I already explained it, Bee! We need to prove to the Leaf, that Kumo is solidly holding true to the treaty! Which means an annual shinobi roster trade, which unfortunately, ends in the usual disagreement that each other side's is cheating the other side..."

"Why bother with the trade? If everybody accuses of a business haze? Plus, with this war going on, isn't it a bad idea to lose shinobi?"

"Its part of the fragile treaty, that honestly...is the only thing holding Konoha and Suna from a unified attack on Kumo, and the weakened Iwa and Kiri...this continued way with the Akatsuki and Hoshoku has taken its toll on the villages...we need to maintain whatever momentum we have..."

"Ah, that make sense...but I'm still confused, I guess..."

"It's pointless, Bee, I know"

*Eight Years Earlier*

"So...why are you like you?..." asked Naruto, as he wrapped his and around Konan's shoulders, burying his face in the woman's neck.

"...I have seen many things in my life, and they shaped me as I am now...why do you ask?" she replied, barely even glancing in his direction, as she leapt from tree to tree.

"Because...my family hardly acknowledges me, and that's driven me to abandoning my village...I know you've faced far worse...so how did you grow stronger?..."

Konan closed her eyes, relying in her body's natural instinct to guide her in the right direction, as she began reminiscing of all her past memories.

"As a child, I grew in poverty and war...Ame, the Hidden Rain Village, was built upon a unmarked land, that was located right between most of the Five Great Nations...due to those conditions, we were constantly caught in the cross-fires of the surrounding villages, causing us to delve in a constant cycle of fear and anger..."

Naruto slowly took in a gradual, deep breath, attempting his best to quietly calm himself, and the things Konan said.

Kyuubi...is this common? War and poverty...is it that common?...

War and poverty? It's as common as breathing is to humanity...suffering to you, is like hatred to me...your kind enjoys expanding upon it, through means of improving your own state of living, and even through self-proclaimed "acts of kindness"...

Acts of kindness?...how do they cause suffering? Aren't they supposed to help others?

If a man is holding a bank filled with innocent people, for a ransom...is he evil?

Of course! That's an obvious answer!

And what if the ransom was for an operation, needed to save his daughter's life? Would you show him to escape with the money, or so him...and in the process, killing his daughter? Would you save the life of others, for the price of a young girl and the last remaining piece of hope left in a broken shel of a man?

...I...that's...but what if...

There are no "what if"s in real life, boy...every action you take will have negative and positive consequences...and it is a fact you will have to accept.

I...I understand...

"...how did you break out of that cycle?..." he asked, his unruly bangs covering his eyes in a foreboding shadow.

Konan didn't bother with even opening her eyes, however, as she continued her way towards Ame.

"Who says I broke from it?"

"But...you're a strong shinobi...hoe could you still be in that st-"

"Simply because one is trapped, within a negative cycle, does not mean one cannot grow strong...we grew strong, because of our dream to improve, to correct this world"

"...how? How are you going to fix hundreds upon thousands? It's impossible, Konan..."

"Then perhaps Nagato can open your eyes, Naruto"


"Yes...but we will speak of this no more, until we each the Tower of Ame, understood?"

"Yes, mam..."

Konan nodded, and for the first time in years...cracked just a millimeter of a smile, across the corner of her lips.

He's meant for great things...