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I awaken,my clothes drench in sweat.I lick my lips,only to find tears have fallen into my mouth.I quickly wipe my face,as I hear foot steps coming.I put on my goofy smile,and brush my hair from my face,and in comes my brother devit.I smile when I see his pout,as he tries to get chicken to listen to him,heehee silly brother!chicken only listens to dero!brother is looking at me strange,then he sits on our bed,and hugs me."hey,jas,what's wrong?"he asks,for a moment I'm confused,until i remember,our bond,we know each others emotions,why do i always forget that?damn,i am a looks upset"jas!don't think that!"damn bond...i love it,but at times i hate it.i look at him and smile,and he seems put off,but still suspicious,that is,until i tackle him,and lick his face,he squaks,and starts scrubbing his face with his hand,as he grins"you'll pay for that!"he pounces on me,exacting his revenge,by tickling me,and licking me.i start laughing and wrestling,both of us falling and panting,our earlier worries forgotten.

then tyki walked in,followed by road."yo,jasdevi,the earl would like to see you two!"said road we get up and walk past,i hear road say something that chills my comes punishment!

that was just the beginning...

"So..."comes the sickening sweet voice of the earl,as he rocks back and forth,knitting a sweater of some kind."how many times has it been,hmm,jasdevi?how many times have you fools failed me?"he stabs his needles into the arm of his chair,the thunderous crack causes us to jump.i feel devi enter twine our fingers and squeeze,he's scared,as am i. he tightens his hold,as the earl gayly hops out of his chair,and begins to pace in front of us,and also blocking the door. brother's grip tightens,and before we can react,the earl whirls upon us,slapping me hard enough for me to go air borne,and skid into the many telephones on the floor.i taste blood,and feel the stinging of the bruise forming upon my face,my eyes sting from the unshed the ringing in my ears,i hear devit call out to me,then his own cries of pain,as i see him join me upon the ground.

it didn't end there.

he then began to beat me with the golem into my ribs again,and again,at the same time kicking my stomache with his pointy shoes,i heard devi shouting for him to stop,i just let him beat me.i was the younger one,the weaker one.i deserved long as i take this pain,devi won't have picks me up by my hair,saying that if it hadn't had made such a good handle he would've cut it all uses lero to hold my head up,as he begins pulling my stitches out,one,by,one, blood begins to flow,staining my face and inner mouth with the iron flavored liquid.i hear a catching sound,as i am thrown on to the ground,and pinned to the ground by his heavy shoe.i look up in time to see he has a lit match in his hand.i don't have time to wonder about it,as he drops it on my bare chest,burning me,as he adds match upon match,the room filling with the acrid scent of my burning flesh.i can't hold it in any longer,as he pulled out his blade,burrowing it deep into my stomache,i allow my tears to fall,and my screams to rip from my throat as he twists it to and fro.

through it all i can feel devi's anguish rolling off him in waves.i turn my head to my brother,i attempt to smile through my tears,and try to send feelings of happiness to him,as i imagine us back in our room,tickling each works a little,enough for him to lower his volume,but not by much.i'm picked up off the floor by my hair again,and thrown into the wall,causing the wall to break,and i to fall amongst the rubble.i know most of the damage will be healed very quickly,meaning only that he can continue till he is board,or that fat bastard,he won't get bored very soon,but i wonder,should i be worried?after that hit to the wall,i heard a snap pop sound from my lower spine,and after that,i don't feel my legs. he uses lero to lift my head,as he twists my arm,until i feel it snap,the bone emerging from the skin.i try to make sure not to think about it,so that devi does not get any more was insulting us the whole time,they were the truth.i am nothing.i am worthless. i am .i am unneeded.

by this point,i am on my side,in the fetal keeps going,but then he tries reaching toward me and tries to undo my belt!to this my inner noah finally snaps,and i grab his fist,standing,and throwing him in one move.

then i grab devi's hand and run,we keep running through and outside the ark,and for 2,maybe 3 miles,before my adrenaline depletes itself.i am breathing heavy,as devi is hugging and supporting me from behind."jas,what happened back there?one moment he's beating the shit out of you,then i can't see what he's doing when he bends down,and then BOOM!"he says,slapping his hands for emfices."you throw his fat ass in through the wall!"he's smiling real big,but i can see in his eyes,he wants to know what really happened,but...i can't tell him,i can't tell him what the earl had attempted to do.i just can' was then that i realized it was storming."come on jas,we're getting soaked!"he grabs my wrist,and leads me to a large tree with it's roots exposed,we crawl under,and nestle amongst the roots and dirt.

we lay there,cuddled together,just like we are at is shivering,but has fallen asleep any way.i remove my padded vest,and lay it on 's when my stomache growls loudly. leaving brother for just a moment won't hurt dero!dero's tummy needs food!i reasoned with myself,so i crawled out of our 'shelter' and walk through the forest.i begin to lose track of time,just as i find a blackberry bush,next to a raging river.

i begin to greedily take handfuls of the berries,stuffing them into my mouth till i look like a round cheek chipmunk!i was going for my ninth,or tenth handful,when suddenly,a large wave forces me under the water!

the water snatches me away,abusively sending me under the water,then ripping me back hair tangles,blinding me,choking upon the water,i cough and sputter.i only get a breath,before i am sent under once again,my body bashing in to rocks,yet unable to grab hold of one.i begin to feel as though i can't struggle any longer,noah or not,the brutality shown to my body today,added to the river's revenge makes it where i can no longer move,no longer fight the black that has edged itself to my vision.

just as i am losing myself,i am sent under once again,this time,i feel a harsh smash to my head,and i see spots,and finally,my last thought before i sank below safe devi...