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Adriano:... only owns me,granny,Amaya,and the villagers,the rest belong to their respective owners...

wow,that's the most I'VE ever heard you say...and I'm the one who created you!

Adriano:your own fault bitch...


SPLAT!A big,fat mud pie had struck me in the face, laughter,which had permeated the air before,now silenced. I had wiped my eyes,i saw a blurry image of several children,all running from Amaya,who was sitting in the mud with a scraped knee."FUCK!I FORGOT,I NEEDED GLASSES BEFORE I WAS A NOAH,DAMN IT ALL!"I thought to myself,before I went to the sniffling little girl,to see if she was alright.
her hair was now loose from her braids,now caked in mud,and sticking to her sweet little face,she was sniffling,and rubbing grubby hands on her face,trying to rid it of the grime,only to spread more upon her fair pretty dress now torn here and there,and stained.
In pity i lifted her till she was on my hip,she was so small...
a protectiveness was stirred within me,remembering my own torment at the hands of snot nosed brats,certainly she never deserved this!I wiped her tears,and brought her back into the bathing house. i wasn't wishing to scare her,so i didn't attempt to disrobe her.I simply set her by the water,and using a rag from the bin,began to wash her tear and mud stains away,she watched me,in a almost shocked way,as though she wasn't used to such treatment.
"Mei-Mei,"I said,giving her a nickname,as I have a habit of doing so for those i am close to."Why were they hurting Mei-Mei?Dero knows Mei-Mei good girl,so why bad kids being mean to Mei-Mei?"
She simply looked down and grumbled.i pursed my lips in a pout with out meaning to,"Dero no hear Mei-Mei."she sighed before saying louder,"They -hic- do i-it because i-I'm Mon-monster..."she said now trembling as her voice shook.
Her words stunned me,until,through a tear in her dress,i saw the markings...a-A PARASITE INNOCENCE?!
rom what I could see,it was intricately woven almost like a shawl from her elbow,disappearing up her sleeves."It looks like part of a butterfly wing..."I thought,softly sticking my finger into her sleeve's tear,and tracing the risen,burn like skin. i leaned forward,i saw it tracing up and out the back of her turtle neck,and bending,and disappearing,I'm guessing,to weave around her neck,to the front of her ,i guess that's why she wears turtle neck,and long sleeves in summer...
"Mei-Mei?wanna go grab food with dero?"I asked,having cleaned her,and giving her a purple shawl to cover her torn dress,she blinked at me as i picked her up,and cradled her.i remember,when we were little,Devi and i would be cradled like this by a girl who was always gentle,with dark honey blond hair,and blue-ish green eyes covered by glasses,with rosy cheeks.i know she was not our mother,she was to young,16 at most,a sister perhaps?
Either way,i wanted to help my Mei-Mei,just like that lady helped jasdevi...i know noahs shouldn't act like this,but...now that it's just dero,and not jasdevi,i can act like how i feel,and not feel weird about it...and it scares me...like,after only a few days...Devi is fully leaving me,and...i don't want that...

i tightened my grip on Mei-Mei,and walked out of the tent,fallowing the scent of cooking meat and stew,to the center of the camp. i saw Adriano,granny,and a few others talking in hushed tones,granny and Adriano looked upset,and spoke in a rush,trying to get their point across.i hid behind a tent,Mei-Mei having fallen into a light sleep in my arms,as i listened...they were talking about a outsider...not to be trusted...killed enemy to easily...uh-oh.
i got ready to set Mei-Mei in a tent and run,until i heard granny and Adriano,in angered voices say:"NOT TO BE TRUSTED?!THAT YOUNG ONE SAVED ALL OF OUR LIVES,AND YOU WISH TO THROW HIM TO THE HOUNDS!?I SHOULD SKIN YA' ALIVE AND USE YOUR MARROW FOR BROTH,YOU TWO TIMING BASTARDS!"granny screamed in a rage,shocking me that such a nice lady,could speak in such a way,let alone defend me when we'd only just met.
then a hushed,deep voice,that could be none other than Adriano saying in a voice that commanded silence,and listening ears."He is,true,a outsider,"he said calmly"but,who among us were not outsiders at one time or another?which of us is so saintly,that they can rightly judge him,when all he'd done was defend,not only our lives,but the life of Amaya,the smallest orphan,while the rest of you have treated her none better than garbage?"He paused to see if any were willing to interrupt him,none did."I have,in only two short days, seen a boy,damaged,yet still searching for his brother,while many would have given up their hope of reunion,he still fights to live,so he may be reunited,yet,you all wish to condemn him,for what,being a good fighter,or was he being judged the moment i pulled him from the waters?"he said finally.a solemn silence filled the group,as he stood tall eyes narrowed challenging any who still thought themselves worthy to speak against me.
i couldn't stand it any longer,so,with Mei-Mei still in my arms,i ran,straight through the group,causing gasps of surprise,and sighs of guilt.i couldn't stand it!feeling their pitying eyes bore into my back as i ran,clutching this small child to my chest.i believed myself to have cried myself dry in the previous days,but i was wrong.
i ran back to the bath house,and placing Mei-Mei down on the sleeping mat by the wall,went to the water,and scrubbed the salty tracks from my face.
i didn't realize what i was doing,but i had begun speaking to my reflection,but instead of me,i imagined Devi..."Devi, -sniff- d-dero w-wanna be with Devi!-hic- it lonely here!dero- scar-scared!dero want Devi,but dero can't find Devi!"i sobbed uncontrollably,when all of a sudden,i was yanked back,and drawn into a black cape!the person was hugging me and rocking back and forth,shushing me.i didn't know who it was,until a lock of blue hair fell over their shoulder and tickled my hand..."Adri?"i sniffed,only to be squeezed tighter."ssh,dero,we will find your 'Devi'..."he said,his Italian accent showing through."you must quiet yourself,unless you want to wake Amaya."i was stunned,the man that,in only two days,has slapped me,yelled at me,tackled me,was the same man who's bandaged me,carried me,clothed me,and now,comforted me...WHAT THE FUCK MAN!ADRIANO,MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMNED MIND!i thought to myself.
after a few moments he pulled back,and said "come with me"grabbing my wrist,and pulling me with him,he led me to the center of the camp,and sat me down on a mat.a moment or so later he thrust a bowl of stew,and a hot mug of tea into my hands."it's been almost three days,eat."he said,voice going back to the strict,no nonsense voice,bipolar much?after i thought about it,he never really spoke to the others in the camp that I've seen,the only times he did,was with Mei-Mei,and those assholes who were trying to kick me out...oh!now i get it!Mr.I'm-so-mysterious was a big tough guy with the villagers,but was a big softly for kids!but wait...then why was he so nice to me?
"Dero,"he said catching my attention."We are heading for allies in the mountains,on behalf of all of the village,"he said sitting,head bowed in a samurai like manner,"please,allow me to assist you on finding your brother!"