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i blinked at him,shocked."A-Adrianno...help dero?"i asked,shocking us both by using his full name."why?"

why?why help me,after everything?i went berserk before...you saw me kill all those people by myself...you should think me a demon...all i have brought is grief...why...why?!

i didn't realize that i was trembling till the soup in my bowl almost sloshed out,and spilled on the ground at my feet,getting a good amount to land on adrianno's bowed head.

I froze up,surely,i was dead now!

slowly he raised his hand to his now drenched,and beefy smelling pony-tail,twisting it causing small streams of brown broth,and small bits of corn and meat to fall out.

slowly raising himself from the ground,shoulders trembling,from what emotion,i don't know, reached his hand to me,causing me to flinch away,expecting to be punished...that is,till he streak the juice across my face!

i was shocked,and about to yell,when i heard it,it was deep,and reverberating through the air,like the echos of a earthquake...he was laughing.

I looked shocked as he continued to laugh,clutching his sides as he fell to his knees from the force of his mirth.

slowly,my own lips parted as my old "hihhihihihhhihihhihihihihihiihihihes"escaped in bubbly giggles,the seriousness leaving as we splashed the now cold broth,and chucking the veggies and meat at each other,he more then once being able to land pieces of food into my mouth,feeding me in a odd manner.
after some time,the laughter passes,and once again,he asked "so,may i find your brother?"he said,although more tentative than before.

i stopped,and tried not to scowl."why?why should dero trust someone who wears a mask?for all dero knows,you no better than the earl!"i growled.i didn't want to say so,but if people who are pretty much different parts of one soul,such as the noah,could allow,and even find joy in watching the abuse of devi and i,than why should i trust some one so secretive that they barely talk to the other villagers,other than to give orders,and that they wear a mask all the time?

I hated being so cynical,but there was no way in hell that i would allow myself to trust someone other than devi!

but...i already trust some one else...granny,amaya...and Adrianno.I can't stand this!i-i hate this! i fucking hate this!why couldn't I have been smart enough to stay by devi?!I HAD TO BE A FUCKING IDIOT,NOW WHERE AM I?!stuck with ANOTHER group of people who don't want me,wounded,separated from my brother,and with no choice but to fallow a damn caravan,going god knows where!

"what earl?"

...FUCK!i mentioned the earl too?!how stupid am i?!

not seeming pleased with my lack of response,he asked again,although more forcefully this time "what earl!?is he the one that did this to you?!"he growled,motioning to my bandages.

I growled right back,as I stood up,and said "That is for Dero's knowledge ,not your's,masked bastard!"with that i turned on my heels and began to walk away,that is,till the son of a bitch grabbed my arm.

"Wait Dero,I-"before he could finish,I yanked my arm away from his grasp,and smacked him with my other hand.

"Hands off dero,damn it!"I don't care that i'm acting like a prissy girl who's been cheated on,I don't want him to get any closer to me,he's too close already...

"god damn it,you fo-"he seemed to be cut off by the harsh ringing in my ears,and the splotches of black in my vision.

Damn...not again...i thought as i watched,almost like it was slow motion,as it seemed, like the earth rising up to me.

my knees hit the ground,then a bit of my upper leg scraped against the ground,only for something hard,yet soft stopped my decent. what felt like warm vices caught hold,and wrapped around me.

slowly,i looked up,and saw that my vision was even blearier,and,considering i need glasses,that's saying something.

i was able to make out that,still wet blue-ish pony-tail...and that blue mask,with it's wide black eye circles,where i saw one a bloody ruby color,the other a electric emerald.

his lips were moving,speaking words i couldn't hear.i was sleepy,and my stomach hurt,i think i might've whimpered a bit...

he just shook his head,before raising a jug from his waist band,and pouring a watery substance with a salty meaty taste into my mouth,before he closed my mouth with his hand and forced me to swallow.

i coughed,but soon noticed that after a moment...my hearing was better.

"I told you to eat,didn't I?you have damn near allowed yourself to go comatose from hunger!"he grumbled,oddly enough,still holding me.

oddly enough as well,i don't feel angry anymore,just comfortable.

"th-thanks adri for helping dero..."i said snuggling closer,he just looked down at me,his exposed lips smiling softly...wait...

"when did mask break at mouth?"i asked just noticing.

he turned red for some reason,before grumbling "it just...broke."

i could tell he was lying,well not really,just not saying the whole truth,just a half truth.

pouting(i didn't know i was,but i was at the time)and attempting (failing)to look stern,i said "adri tell dero real story!" in a grumble of my own,before feeling my eyes heavy,and feeling sleepy all of a sudden...wait a minute...did he just ...pressure point me?was all i thought before i slipped into sleep.

_-how did the mask break?will adrianno tell how it happened?or will dero let him join the journey?tune in next time!good night/day to you all!